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Avatar f tn ve calculated your needs, you will need to subtract calories in order to lose weight. A pound is 3500 calories, so if you want to lose a pound a week, you would need to eliminate that many calories/week. That would average out to 500 calories/day (500 calories/day X 7 days/week = 3500). You can do this a couple of ways.
Avatar f tn well I to put a lot of weight on wile on methadone went from a slim 36in waist at 185 to a 44 in waist at 246lb it is very common to gain weight on this drug....for me once I got into the lower doses it started to come off.....it is different for everybody but it all boils down to metabolizem methadone slows that down with time it will come back up and the weight will start to come off.....eating right is only part of the equation...
Avatar f tn Losing 13 pounds in one month is not a safe way to lose weight. Yoyo dieting causes weight loss to become more difficult as you age and it also contributes to some pretty severe medical issues, later on.
Avatar f tn It works but not alone you have to eat right drink lots of water and also exercise. I do it once and a while but I really don't néed to because I breastfeed and I'm losing weight like crazy I'm even skinnier then I was before I got pregnant. I just know about it bcus I did it when I was a workout addict lol.. it gave me a really nice shape!! Then I got preggo and lost it hah. But I would do it after your 6 weeks postpartum is up..
Avatar f tn You didn't state what your meals consist of and you need to do strength training and cardio.
Avatar f tn I need a diet or exercises for losing waist fat!!!
664732 tn?1296823050 You are losing weight. So you definitely lost inches. I think you are measuring your waist and can’t find difference. I think you have to be careful more about your exercise in gym. You should follow the exercise which is specifically for belly or waist. And please consult a doctor to confirm that you are not loosing your muscle.
Avatar m tn I agree with louise. try some workout and lose overall weight may result in losing face fat.
Avatar f tn I don't stress I over losing weight but already lost 25 lbs I'm breastfeeding and that enough helped me lose weight. My son is 2 months now. Never worked out. But I do drink lots of water and watch what I eat. Also I wear a waist cincher from Time to time. I'm sure if you worked out a little ( since recommended anyway ) n wore a cincher on a regular basis then you would be back to your body in no time.
Avatar f tn Do not use the weight scale because as you build lean body muscle mass it will not show you are losing weight. Use a measuring tape and measure your bust, waist, and hips for trimmer waist and hips. Your clothes are a great indication that your getting trimmer and not the scale.
Avatar n tn Hello, I'm 20 years old and was recently diagnosed with polycystic ovaries after not having my period for 6 months. I've always been irregular but used to take birth control pills. A year ago I decided to stop taking them and 5 months later I stopped having my period. It's been 6 months now and 3 weeks ago I decided to go to my gynecologist who instructed me to take a regular birth control pill for 6 days to see if I could get my period back.
Avatar f tn What is the best way for me to lose inches around my waist. I'm not really sure how to go about it all.
Avatar m tn now I am back to diet and exercise (I am eating more, but the exercise makes me hungry, but its mainly more fruit, bigger salad, etc...) and I am losing weight but slower than when I did not even notice that I was losing weight. I have dieted before and I have NEVER seen myself lose weight when I was not focused. I don't get it. I am not sick or anything and I am only on allergy medication (I don't even take it much).
Avatar m tn Exercising the upper extremities is just as effective as exercising the lower extremities for fat loss. The myth of losing weight in certain areas based on selection is a common misconception. Fat loss is eliminated in the reverse order of the locations it was gained. Moderate to low level exercise for long durations such as an upper body ergometer (UBE) is similar to a bicycle for your arms will help to induce cardiovascular exercise similar to walking and biking.
Avatar m tn Hiya guy's and gals, Im a 25 yr old male currently weighing in at 16st (100 KG) 5ft 10, For the last 3 mths i have been ging to the gym 6-7 days a week for 60-120mins a time doing mainly cardio workouts burning between 500 - 900 calories per session i also sometimes do the clasess Body Attack (cardio) or body pump (weight training) i did these classes and gym routine for 11 weeks and didnt see any results for killing myself every day at the gym and 2bh its a little disheartening i was watc
Avatar f tn With exercise we build lean body muscle mass which weight more than fat so the scale reflects no weight loss when in fact the body is trimming down fat. Measure your waist and hips as a guide for trimming down. The tape measure will measure loss of inches and your clothes will start to feel looser. Hoped this helped you.
Avatar n tn I was 98lbs before I was pregnant and 145 at delivery. Have yet to have my 6 week checkup but I can tell I've been losing weight. I'm only 4'10, so thank the lord above that most of the weight was sent to my butt and boobs. I am currently wearing a waist cincher and I can tell that has helped dramatically get my body back into shape.
Avatar f tn The current weight tracker already allows you to enter in the body measurements for waist, hip and neck. We also plan on adding a few more, specifically chest, arm, calf, thigh. We'll look into calculating a body fat percentage, but we wouldn't want to mislead anyone. If there are any measurements that you would like not listed here, please let us know.
Avatar n tn As we exercise we build lean body muscle mass which weight more than fat so the scale reflects no weight loss when in fact the body is trimming down fat. Measure your waist and hips as a guide for trimming down. The tape measure will measure loss of inches and your clothes will start to feel looser. As long as the body is toning up, there is weight loss.
Avatar f tn It's not unusual to gain a little weight when first starting to exercise. When you begin an exercise program, you begin building muscle, so even though you aren't losing pounds, you might be losing inches. You might want to take your measurements - waist, bust, hips, thighs, arms - you might actually be getting smaller. You might also want to think about getting your thyroid tested to make sure it's functioning properly since hypothyroidism is a major cause of weight gain.
5773548 tn?1383947668 So bloated and my pants are already tight around the waist but i havent gained weight .. ugh. And im at work so i cant change.
Avatar m tn i exercise 4-5 times a week and i'm on the slimming world diet. I weigh 165 pounds currently and i'm 5'4. The first week of my weight loss, i lost 5.5 pounds however the next week i then only lost 1/2 even though i did more exercise but still ate accordingly so that my body wouldn't go into starvation mode. The week after i actually gained 1/2 a pound and i was SHOCKED.
1319721 tn?1276040968 You can't "spot reduce", so by losing weight, you will lose from your whole body. There are exercises you can do that will tone your muscles. Walking is just as effective as jogging is. Have you ever thought of trying yoga? It's excellent for toning stretching your muscles. I don't agree that it's good for you to be sore after a work out. If you are sore, you've overdone it and you need to give your muscles a couple of days to recover.
Avatar f tn symptoms: pain from middle back radiating down, pain across hips dominant left side, pain left thigh in again left knee and come in again left ankle, can't move smallest 3 digits in left foot up or down can't move largest 2 up but can bend them, tingling band of pain across middle back like having a TENS machine on me permanently, when I walk left foots throbs and weakens quickly, if I cycle I push with right leg, left leg throbs and fatigues after 4 - 5 revolution if I push with it, als
Avatar n tn As we exercise we build lean body muscle mass which weight more than fat so the scale reflects no weight loss when in fact the body is trimming down fat. The tape measure will measure loss of inches and your clothes will start to feel looser. When women suddenly lose body fat it may affect their menstrual cycle. I suggest you see your MD about your thyroid due to your pass history just to be sure there are no issues. Thank you for your question.