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Avatar f tn I live in san antonio texas i know that amino acids do wrk and pretty fast i had those shots back in 1995 in mexico but i need a doctor here in san antonio texas that injects amino acids does any one know were to get amino acids injection and what is the price range here in san antonio texas
Avatar n tn Is anyone intererested in quickly and safely losing weight? I can help with HCG treatment in the San Antonio area. Please contact me if you want further information. Thanks, Joy M.
Avatar f tn I am looking for a Weight Loss Clinic where I can get B12 shots and weight loss support. Does anyone know of a Clinic in the San Antonio Area?
Avatar f tn Hi, I live in San Antonio and have been researching on the B12 injections, I heard they help with energy and weight loss and I saw postings on people who knew clinics in S.A. that gave these shots. Please let me know how I can get them. I herd about a place online also, but what do I buy and do I have to do the injections myself or how does it work.
Avatar f tn I heard there is a weight loss clinic in San Antonio on or near Fredericksburg Rd where you can get HCG injections 3 times per week. Does anyone know the name of it or have any experience with this therapy for weight loss?
Avatar f tn Anyone in the Southside of San Antonio, TX have any good or bad experiences delivering at The BirthPlace?
Avatar f tn I'm in San Antonio & due March 28th w a baby boy (:
Avatar f tn my weight is 189 just had a baby need amino acid shots to loose weight right away i live in san antonio texas if any one has information i need a doctor who injects amino acids oh and what is the price range phone number and address because i need to go back to 130 because i feel sick with this weight
Avatar n tn i heard from a friend that there is a clinic in san antonio texas that they give you a b 12 shot and some percription pills to eat less and loss weight can anyone email me information about this program
1004766 tn?1250286887 what clinics in san antonio provide weight loss services using hcg injections or presription weight loss drug?
Avatar n tn I am in San Antonio, TX. I have Alabama Medicaid for my son. Can I use it here?
Avatar f tn I know you posted your question months ago, hopefully you check in every once in a while . oh, check craigslist San Antonio under people.
Avatar f tn I need help in San antonio either a kick *** counselor or rehab facility . Also how do u get started? I don't want to taper, I don't trust myself.
Avatar n tn I am hearing good things about HCG, does anyone know how much the program cost here in San Antonio Tx. And is there a Doctor anyone can recommend. I need to lose this weight.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know a good endocronolist accepting new patients in San Antonio, Tx?
Avatar f tn Does anyone out there have personal experience with any Chiari Specialists in San Antonio? The only 2 for Texas on the list are Houston and near Houston. If not San Antonio I would appreciate hearing any personal experiences with any adult Chiari Specialists in Texas. Thanks so much fro your help!
7615538 tn?1392668171 So maybe this is a little weird, but as soon as I got pregnant all my friends vanished. I am 22, 17 weeks pregnant with a 5 year old son and I live in San Antonio. Are there any mommy to be that also live in San Antonio? Or has anyone else's friends stopped coming around? Lol I'm sure now that those "friends" were just around for the fun. I need people to talk to lol..
Avatar f tn I need to find a hcg doctor or doctor in san antonio, tx
Avatar f tn Any mamas living in San Antonio texas?