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Avatar f tn i've been told the same thing, Just eat balanced, ask your RE if you can see a dietician, i have one i'm working with and its great! i lost over 30 lbs, but i'm struggling to lose weight as well b/c i put the 30 i lost back on. I also have PCOS and i am also pre diabetic. They have me on 1500 of glumetza and it seems to be helping with my blood sugars.
Avatar f tn Can a woman with PCOS even think of losing weight or am I fighting a losing battle? If weight loss is possible, then how?
Avatar f tn The first thing you should do is get some simple blood tests to make sure you don't have a medical issue keeping you from losing. Those could include hypothyroidism, insulin resistance and PCOS (if you aren't past menopause). These conditions can cause weight gain and/or make losing almost impossible. The second thing you need to do is calculate the calories you actually need on a daily basis, then keep a food diary to see if you're staying within your calorie allotment.
Avatar f tn Hello! I've also heard that losing weight can help with PCOS & with getting pregnant. My RE suggested that I lose weight to help with my PCOS. I've lost about 65lbs & I feel like it has helped, but we are still not pg because of male factor issues. We will be starting our 1st IVF cycle sometime shortyly. My only suggestion is to try & lose it a healthy way!
Avatar f tn re right that losing weight with PCOS can be very challenging. Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet. Traditional weight loss measures (diet + exercise) are only prescription I know of that will get you where you want to be. And losing weight can actually help with some symptoms of PCOS too!
Avatar f tn but i have been trying everything to lose weight and get down to a healthy 120 or so. with pcos i have foud that losing weight is a struggle in itself. i eat very healthy(lean meats, high fiber, low carb) but nothing seems to work..ive even been working out 3x a week. i would like to know some of the "secrets" that people have learned when it comes to losing weight with pcos, best workouts, and anything else i should know about pcos. any information would be appreciated!
Avatar f tn I have tried and tried and was recently diagnosed with PCOS. Which makes me prediabetic and alot harder to lose weight. I dont know how to lose that much weight and stay motaviated until I start showing progress. Im a very impatient person.
Avatar f tn One symptom of pcos is gradual weight gain from puberty on as well as difficulty losing weight. Another symptom is male hair growth. Birth control can help control the hair growth problem. Other than that the biggest help my doctor gave was to tell me to lose weight.
Avatar n tn I have been initially diagnosed with fatty liver, then after a biopsy, with NASH, because of moderate scarring - no cirrhosis yet. My GI tells me that weight loss is the primary treatment for this disorder. However, I also have PCOS (poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome) AKA Stein-Leventhal Syndrome. This syndrome causes hyperinsulinemia, and hence makes it EXTREMELY difficult to lose weight.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with pcos yesterdat and it explains alot of my health problems! I was wondering if anyone with pcos has taken Metfornin 500 mg and what happened?"pregnancy weight loss etc.
Avatar n tn I have since discovered that some endocrinologists are using Glucophage, a drug for diabetics, to decrease insulin resistance, and that many patients w/PCOS who have been unable to lose weight, have been losing it in truckloads. My questions are: is Glucophage safe for me to take while I have NASH, keeping in mind it may be what helps me lose weight? Secondly, because of my PCOS I am having problems getting pregnant.
Avatar n tn when i was 14,i started losing dramatic amount of weight,n i was getting my period for almost 6 months but they wud last for more than two weeks n they were really heavy.but after 6 months,evthing stopped n i was gaining weight.when i turnd 15,my mum decided to tk me to another gynae,n she sed i was having hormonal imbalance n suggested me to take diane 35 for two months apart from asking me to do some physical activities.i got my period for two months continuously,n started reducing weight.
Avatar n tn there is always a chance it will come back unfortunetly, just have ur chckups with ur doc and he shud be able to tell u wat to eat and what excersises u can handle.
Avatar n tn is Glucophage safe for me to take while I have NASH, keeping in mind it may be what helps me lose weight? Secondly, because of my PCOS I am having problems getting pregnant. My GI suggested to me that it might be fatal for me to get pregnant, because of the strain on my liver. Is that a *real* possibility, or was he trying to scare me into losing weight? It seems I am in a circle: I am overweight (partially) because of PCOS, which has cuased liver problems.
Avatar n tn Hi, A PCOS or polycystic ovary is a symptom complex caused by change in hormones. Weight reduction will be of great help. Losing weight helps normalise hormone levels and leads to resumption of ovulation and normal menses. This may help you to conceive. If not then you may require treatment in order to conceive. Hope this helps. Take care.
3634255 tn?1347759104 My husband and I want to have a baby. Losing weight has not been easy, although I've done it! I have lost as much as my body will allow me to because although i still do the same thing i did to lose my first 17 pds it is no longer working. Is there something, anything that I can do. I want this so badly.
Avatar f tn As far as losing weight, I have pcos as well. I've been eating high protein meals and they're four smaller meals per day. It'll keep you fuller longer, will give you more energy, and help you lose weight. As far as conceiving, I don't have any answers for that. I hope this helps!
Avatar f tn Sometime back my doctor got concerned that I might be a borderline case of PCOS ( I had irregular periods and mild hirsutism aling with difficulty in losing weight) and I got the tests done but they were all clear. I was under lots of stress, still am and Ive been taking antidepressants like Escitalipram and topiramate for the last five years. I've stopped them now. I got my thyroid profile done and all readings were within range.
1641576 tn?1300811561 I would go to the doc to have the PCOS checked...Joy is right about losing weight and PCOS as I have it and after losing weight and taking meds we are currently 9wks 6days prego...
Avatar f tn Irregular menstrual cycles Irregular periods also called Oligomenorrhea Weight gain, Overweight (difficulty losing weight) Difficulty gaining weight Excess hair growth on face and body- called Hirsutism Darkened patches of skin Skin tags Infertility Thinning hair Insulin resistance Type 2 Diabetes High cholesterol and high triglycerides High blood pressure Cysts on the ovaries (multiple) Pelvic pain Depression Anxiety Sleep apnea (when breath
1003515 tn?1250193883 Welcome....................... I don't have PCOS (beyond those years), but I've read that a lot of doctors prescribe metformin to help with it. Metformin is a diabetes drug, but a lot of people find it helpful for the PCOS, as well as easier to lose weight when taking it. Have you been prescribed it? Might be worth discussing with your doctor. I'd recommend that you do a "google" search for PCOS, then look at treatments....
Avatar n tn i m 19 yrs old and recently got diagnosed with pcos. dont know wat to do.m in a dilemma.also i am not able to loose any wieght and if i try to, i get stretch marks all over me very easily.wat do i do?
Avatar f tn One thing that helps that you can do on your own is of you are overt weight losing weight and getting healthy will make a huge difference.
Avatar f tn I haven't had a period on my own since November. In February my doctor started me on Provera to cause periods. I also have panic attacks and am 14 lbs overweight. I have had trouble with my weight for the past year (I don't have PCOS though). You have to keep in mind that you are beautiful no matter what. I know it is hard to do but building self-esteem will aid in you feeling better about yourself.
Avatar f tn I'm really not sure what to do, what to try, who to talk to, what to say... I was diagnosed with PCOS about a year ago, and none of my nurses told me until I looked on the paper and saw for myself.... The stuff they tell you and the stuff you read is more than discouraging about Conceiving and losing weight and being normal. I'm close to giving up.
Avatar f tn Losing weight may not be the key motive for all who suffer from PCOS. There are thin women who suffer from this and losing weight is not the option. You have to start seeing your GYN to start knowing your options and what can be done to have a baby. BUT, if you are overweight, then yes losing weight may improve your cycles and start ovulation again.