Losing weight in legs and thighs

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Avatar n tn Remember, if you do resistance training your thighs might not get any smaller, though they will get stronger and more toned. You could just have large thighs -- people come in all shapes and sizes -- but if it's in fact excess weight, then you have to look at what you're eating. I'd personally think that cardio would be best for losing weight, whereas weight training is best for turning fat into muscle, but proper nutrition is necessary for it to work optimally.
Avatar f tn re only losing weight really in your thighs and your but
Avatar f tn i know its a bit abnormal for me and i have most fats on my thighs, waist and butt region and would like to know of any ways to reduce it. its really hard for me to shed weight as i have a very slow metabolism..
Avatar n tn You can't really "spot reduce", but general exercise and losing weight from the entire body will definitely help. Walking is good for both the abs and the legs, actually the entire body!! I've always had rather thick thighs also and I believe that walking does about as good as anything.
Avatar f tn After I had my daughter I had put on about 45lbs and now after 6 years I'm finally beginning to lose it. Although my actual weight hasn't dropped per the scale at work, my stomach and legs look it. And now I have more stretch marks on my upper thighs more than usual. Do the stretch marks mean that I'm actually losing the fat/weight??
740456 tn?1260449809 I know that I have a pretty flat bum, but I have alot of fat in my arms, thighs and waist. When I started to gain weight I noticed that most of it gravitated toward my arms, and they will problem the last part of my body to catch up to the rest of me.
744052 tn?1236236041 Hello everyone! I have a problem with losing fat from my thighs! I have always had a small waist, and I am by no means considered fat by anyone but myself it seems. However, I am horribly embarassed by the size of my thighs. I don't EVER wear shorts, or I am so self consious I can't think about anything else. I always sit with my legs crossed because I feel like it hides the way my thighs fan out when I sit down.
Avatar f tn How can I lose weight overall, but mostly in my thighs. My hips are naturally wide, it runs in my family, but within the past two years I've gotten unfit. My hips are wider and my thighs are bigger. I don't have much of a problem with my stomach. My goal is to make my thighs smaller and lose the cellulite. I'd like to lose about 20 lbs. and tone up my thighs especially. Any suggestions on how to do this? All help thanked!
Avatar f tn That has happened to me also; my biggest concern is losing my legs and my jeans are tighter around the calves and thighs. I would like to know how that's possible as well. I have lost 14lbs since Oct 1st but my legs are getting bigger.
Avatar f tn t spot lose, losing weight all over will also help lose weight from your thighs. There are some exercises that will tone the muscles, so they will appear thinner. Try googling for thigh exercises and see what comes up.
Avatar m tn I am 23, and last few nights I have woken up mid morning with terrible aching upper legs/thighs and they have given me trouble throughout the day. I have changed nothing in my lifestyle and only exercise lightly twice a week. Anyone have any ideas or any advice?
448256 tn?1205349804 i have problem with in between my legs dark skin and between my butt cheecks and i looked it up and it says lemon takes it away! so im gona start doing it. at least 3 times a week let it dry off! hope it helps giving this tip.
Avatar m tn I have a lot of pain (especially when touched) in what seems to be the fatty tissue, especially in the upper legs (thighs) and the upper arms. I can also feel nodule underneath the skin (not sure if in fat of facia) and if these are pressed, the pain is tremendous, often radiating all over.
Avatar f tn But after they pop, the area bruises and a little mole looking thing ends up there. In between my legs is all red and bruised and it hurts. I've researched everything. It's not an STD because I've never even kissed a guy let alone had sex. I'm very overweight and I am 16 years old.
Avatar f tn The nausea is still there just not as bad as the first trimester. My beggining weight was 182 but 70% of it was in my breats and thighs. Ive lost weight in my stomach on my sides (lovehandles). My stomach is growing and you can see the baby bump but if i continue to lose or maintain the weight im at now around my stomach will it effect the baby since supposedly im supposed to gain my 20 back and plus another 12 for it being the second trimester now?
Avatar f tn I want to have a perfect diet plan because after my two pregnancies I have become too much fat especially the fat comes on my thighs,legs,hips, and upper arms.
Avatar m tn Exercises not only help in weight loss, but also tone the muscles and provide strength. Some of the weight loss exercises for girls are: Jogging Jogging is the simplest way of losing weight. It steadily burns the fats thereby reducing the weight. Jogging in the morning is regarded the best for weight loss as at at that time, the stomach is empty since long. The body has to burn the calories already stored to release energy. This results in faster weight loss.
Avatar f tn anyone has any suggestions on how to tone the legs? And, can you give me some suggestions on how to lose weight and tone the body? Is there any food I shld stay away from, apart from sugar and maybe carbs? Thanks a lot!!
Avatar f tn Please, help! What exercises can help in losing fat in any of my most weight-contributing body parts? Maybe anyone help please.
Avatar f tn First I was told possibly RSD, and then told I had a few pinched nerves, and spinal stenois, and then was told I damaged the nerve endings in my feet and hands. But my feet are so painful, the cold makes them worse, my ankle's swell, mostly the left side, and the pain goes all the way up into my thighs most days anymore. I get red blotchy color on the inside of my left leg as well as the thighs, and my right ankle I cant even itch, it hurts so bad.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm a 14 yr old girl who is moderately active and likes sport but I'm having trouble losing belly fat that I've had for a year or so.. I also really want to work in my legs to get them all muscly.. Help?
Avatar f tn Yes I haven gained a whole lot - 4 lbs and I'm almost 16 weeks - but I absolutely hate gaining weight and I feel jiggly and gross. I exercise four days a week, one more day then I did before pregnancy but I have been eating things I would never normally eat. Everyone's like its ok you're suppose to gain weight!
Avatar f tn s also dark there to as well as in my inner thighs, behind my thighs, and on my butt. I used to be a little overweight so I know losing weight would help and Im losing weight but how can I get the darkness to go away? I don't want to use skin bleaching creams or anything. So anything I can buy from a store like cvs or something or home remedies?
Avatar f tn Start a weight training program designed to tone and firm the muscles in your legs. Squats and lunges are exercises that target the leg muscles. Altering the size and shape of your muscles may prevent the fat from sticking out on the surface of your size. This exercise will also burn additional calories, assisting with further weight loss. The use laser and radiofrequency treatment for the legs also helps.
Avatar f tn t know where to post this) I am a plus size 22 year old female who is currently losing weight, and I have began to get this what start out like zits on my upper thighs mostly inner and upper legs and on my stomach. Which I pop (of course) I know I shouldn't and I try not to but they look horrible when their inflammed. But they are a dark purple under the whit head. Like a blood blister I sometimes get them on my vagina from shaving also but I do not shave my stomach or my upper legs.
Avatar f tn People who are successful in losing weight and maintaining it are the ones who make lifestyle changes which are acceptable to them, their palate and their working style. To do this you must look for healthier cooking options for meals you love, and slowly cut down on the fat in it so as to not irritate your taste buds much. Hope this helps. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar f tn Mary, the best exercises for the thighs, glutes, and legs in general are squats, lunges, and deadlifts. I have thicker thighs than the average woman (one is bigger in circumference than my waste) but saw them dramatically change in less than 2 months (typically one sees improvement within 4-6 weeks) with those exercises. A good tip is to measure one thigh and take pics, do the exercises, and in a few weeks measure check your progress. By the way, diet plays a big role too.
Avatar n tn Walking is some of the best exercise there is for toning legs and thighs. Yoga is also very good. Keep in mind that "nothing" works immediately, and if it does, the effects won't be long lasting, whereas exercise and building muscles will serve you all your life as long as you keep them strong.
Avatar n tn t spot lose weight. Losing weight overall and getting plenty of exercise will help lose extra weight from your thighs. There are exercises you can do that will target the muscles in your thighs and strengthen them, to give the appearance that they are thinner.