Losing weight in hot weather

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Avatar f tn I'm 36wks +3 and I live in Ft Lauderdale. I stay in mostly under the a.c. trying to keep comfortable. I SEE August in the horizon...
4850939 tn?1370543309 Im 22wks 5days we went to an outdoor flea market and walked around for awhile it was really hot I was really sweaty I live in tx but anyways all of a sudden I got super lighthea,nauseous, and dizzy and I couldn't see clearly I felt like I was about to faint has this happen to anybody do yall think it was just the heat or could it have been something more I drank a bottle of water and sat down for awhile and felt alot better but I was to the point were I wanted to cry
Avatar f tn What do you ladies do to stay fresh in this hot weather?
Avatar f tn I'm due in October also! Missouri weather is indeed crazy one day it'll be rainy and next hot its not fun!
2121037 tn?1338287555 I need help, doc said I lost two to three lbs. He didn't seem to worried about it, but on the other hand.... I am! I judt wanna make sure my lil peanut gets what he or she needs througout this pregnancy! How do I keep food down in this hot weather, whats the easiest way to gain weight?
Avatar f tn Hello. I'm a bit worried that I could have a form of cancer. Basically, I have symptoms which make me wonder whether or not it could be cancer. Could someone advise me on what to do? My symptoms are: • Stomach pains - I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) but I've had the same stomach pain consistently for a few days now. • Loss of appetite - I think this may be due to anxiety that i've been having lately as I am an anxious person.
495284 tn?1333894042 You may want to try melatonin, sleepytime tea (celestial seasonings) or benadryl for sleep - the calcium/magnesium will help with legs and creepy skin.....so will a hot bath and also a heating pad (not while in bath!!!) - lots of tricks....
334876 tn?1229979296 Hi there, what wonderful cool weather that sounds like! I too am in the deep south and the only relief is the occasional brief gusts of wind off the gulf. It's hot, warm and muggy here night and day. I'm in love with our A/C! and I stay inside where it's cool! I'm a bit like Quix though, and I don't like all that air blowing on me, so if you could see me now you see me in sweatpants trying not to freeze.
649848 tn?1534633700 Thank you. I haven't had it tested cause ive always been fine losing weight in the past. I've been taking fish oil cause its suppost to help keep your thyroid healthy. Well ill get on the scale and it'll be an outragous number like I gained 6 pounds but then ill get off then back on again and it'll say I only gained one pound. I usually do it in the morning after I use the restroom and before I eat. Thought digital scales just hated me.
Avatar n tn t been any major changes recently. 15 months ago we had our first baby but he adjusted well and only recently started losing weight. I know these symptoms could mean numerous things, but what are the most common reasons for something like this? He is still his affectionate self, and does everything else pretty normal. No throwing up, bleeding, or anything like that. Please help we are so scared.
Avatar m tn in the last week i have had pain in my lower left side behind my ribs.i dont feel hot my wife say`s.i live in michagan and i`m on ssd all i have for insurence is medicare.
8919982 tn?1400717187 I would gladly take some cold weather and rain. I am in CA where it is just hot and we are in an extreme drought. Ive seen on tv all of the storms back east though. Stay safe everyone!!
4928337 tn?1362751166 The weather in houston is super hot it tried to rain a bit earlier but since then its just been cloudy I love the rain its cuddling weather :)
5609181 tn?1375332372 It was just hot but not to hot. It's about to start raining in a lil and kinda windy.
5891248 tn?1406410864 I'm in Ohio and it's been in the negatives lately I've had major hot flashes to the point I've opened windows...I've just about froze my husband out but it's like there's nothing I can do to get comfortable. ... I'm due in 3 weeks and I've been lucky being pregnant during the winter I couldn't imagine being 9 months pregnant in the dead of summer!
Avatar f tn Ice packs I use them and I have c the ac on and 2 fans on me almost all the time. I can't stand being in the kitchen it's too dang hot! I'm in California and we've been getting heat waves off and on the worst was 110 but today is only 95.
Avatar f tn I used to live in bay area it was ok weather in summer. But man!!!! Central valley gets unbearable hot. I still dont no sex of my baby but boy or girl. This baby gone be in onesies they are comfy and cool for them. Btw this my second pregnancy im not an expert im just a mommy like you learning as i go.
4476664 tn?1361632949 Lol. Well come to the uk!!! It's the worst summer in years apparently. Would love for the sun to come out but also glad that it's not hot weather through my last weeks of pregnancy.
Avatar n tn I'm in Phoenix AZ where the weather is over 100 lol it's terrible but thank god we have a pool lol and I stay indoors for the most part :) hang in there
4545793 tn?1394592544 Crying and being miserable and sweating in the hot weather is not a good mix! Your anxiety about these things is normal, I freak over nearly everything!
2078979 tn?1332206668 Omg I'm 22&5 anyone else dying in this heat?! I'm in southern California . I'm in my underwear and a Towel.
Avatar n tn About one week ago we noticed she was losing weight but still eating normally. We found no worms in her stool. I also noticed sometimes when she goes out to go to the bathroom it sometimes is solid and sometime not? She doesnt act sick only that now you can fill her hip bones. I also have 2 other dogs that have no symptoms.
Avatar f tn Lately, I've been getting muscle twitches (more constant on my legs and they go away when I'm walking, running or doing something but when I'm at rest, it gets more prominent.) Before that, I was getting bruises and the doctor told me I may be vitamin deficient. Blood test results said that I had no serious sickness such as leukemia, etc. She prescribed me with vitamin supplements. A few weeks later, the twitching is still there.
Avatar f tn Not hot flashes but I'm super hot at night when I'm trying to sleep. DH is always all bundled up and I have absolutely no covers on me. Wait until after baby!!! I remember after having my son sweating sooooo much that I always soaked....I think it's the way you get rid of a lot of the water weight!