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Avatar f tn I don't think so. Breasts are mostly made up of fat, so when you're losing weight that is one of the places where you will lose weight. Everyone is different, I don't really lose fat in my breasts when I lose weight, but apparently you do. There's really nothing you can do to stop it except for stop losing weight.
Avatar f tn The intermittent nipple inversion is probably not a problem, and may be due to the decrease in fat tissue in your breasts. What I am concerned about is your weight loss. How much do you weigh right now and how fast did you lose that 20 pounds? Was it deliberate or are you losing weight without your trying to?
Avatar n tn A few months ago I was 180 lbs and then I began losing weight. I noticed that my breasts were abnormally large and I thought I had gynecomastia. I saw my fmily doctor, who referred me to a general surgeon who referred me to a plastic surgeon (because the G.S. thought that there was fat as well as breast tisue in the breasts and he would not do liposuction). The plastic surgeon believes there is no breast tissue and that I have pseudo gynecomastia.
Avatar f tn t know that anything would help make your breasts perky unless you went the extreme of surgery. Losing weight will make them less heavy as breasts are primarily fat and you will at least see them get smaller, but that won't necessarily make them less saggy.
Avatar m tn It is very normal for a woman's breast to change size with losing and gaining weight and also when pregnant and breast feeding. Because she has stopped breast feeding and also has lost weight, this is the reason why the breasts have also got smaller. Lyric17 has good tips with regard wearing a good bra to reduce sagging. This can happen when losing a lot of weight over a short period of time and as we age. Best wishes.
7892775 tn?1395673991 Okay I'm on third pregnancy and my first 2 I gained a lot of weight and it was noticeable. I blew up like a balloon. But with this one I been gaining and losing entire pregnancy until about 6 weeks ago. I went for monthly prenatal and had gained 11lbs since last appointment 4 weeks prior. Then last week only 2 weeks later I done gained about 7lbs more. Only thing is I'm not much bigger than before I got pregnant I can still fit the jeans I wore at 2 months.
Avatar f tn I kept losing weight at the beginning too, I wouldn't worry about it too much, I'm 30 weeks and have barely gained 15 pounds.
1161604 tn?1388875598 julianovak-thanks for letting me know ur in the same boat too!gd luck with losing the weight!i started losing my belly faster after going back to work! Rosa20-my 1st is 10 months old!tis nice to know ur in the same boat as me!i dont feel so bad and alone now!lol!
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 26, I recently (3 months ago) had the mirena coil fitted. I started losing weight last month (unintentionally) I've gone from 8st9lbs to 7st12lbs but around the same time my breasts became tender and have grown a cup size. It's not the normal fluctuation in growth around my period... The they're permanently bigger. I wondered if either or both of these issues could be caused by the coil?
Avatar n tn You can't choose the places that you lose weight. I don't know how old you are or anything, but - well, let's face it -- gravity takes over at some point and there's bound to be a few sags........... There may be exercises that you can do to maintain muscle fitness in that area, but there's no way to know if you will regain "the mass"....... You need to work on eating right and toning your whole body not just parts of it.
Avatar f tn Trouble losing weight? Painful ovulation? When was the last time you had sex? What medications are you on? Has your diet changed? What other medical issues do you have? Is this your first abnormal cycle? Have you had children? If so, vaginally or by c-section?
Avatar f tn t have that experience but I will say my breasts look a tiny bit different. But age and losing and gaining weight can do that to you too.
Avatar f tn Well you're supposed to gain about 25-30 pounds on average. Of course, everyone is different. The baby gains weight as well as your breasts and other areas of your body. I don't think you should be concerned about losing weight. Stay focused on feeding healthy foods for your baby so he/she gets all the nutrients they need for development. Then worry about your weight after pregnancy. I started at 114 (2 months) i now weigh 132 at 31 weeks.
543435 tn?1282242679 I am now losing the weight.....25lbs gone already and when I did my self exam this month I was alarmed. Both of my breasts are now nothing but lumps, which isn't the big question. In my left breast there is one lump that is harder than all the rest and there is also an area of thick tissue in the upper outer section that isn't there on my right breast. I had a mamogram 2 years ago for a lump, had a lumpectomy and turned out to be a fibroadenoma. I guess it boils down to this.
Avatar m tn hi, i suffer from man boobs and its quite embarrasing for me, i want to get rid of them and im am ready to begin, i have heard losing weight will get rid of them, so this would mean alot of running and cycling, what shouild my diet consist of and also how to i make sure i dont become deficient in vitamins specially calcium and vit d?
Avatar n tn However, my weight fluctuates terribly, and have a lot of bloating and now I am suffering with enlarged and tender breasts. I eat a healthy vegetarian diet so why am I having trouble with losing weight.. Is there any supplements or anything I can do to speed up my metabolism?
Avatar n tn why?? also does the weight of your breasts contribute to back problems? and what does the amount of blood you shed say about your health?
Avatar f tn No.it can.help weight loss which for some women means losing weight in their breasts but breastfeeding does nor mean they'll shrink. Especially to smaller than pre pregnancy size .
1322152 tn?1282507546 Do some situps to just tone the muscles in your tummy without actually losing weight. Then your boobs should stay just the way they are.
Avatar f tn Also , is there any exercises I can do so my breasts will also tighten and I guess perk up while Im losing weight also?
Avatar n tn Stretch marks can appear when there is rapid stretching of the skin. It is common in rapid gaining or losing of weight, pregnancy, puberty, cushings syndrome and overuse of steroids. They appear red at first and then become glistening white. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar f tn Irregular menstrual cycles Irregular periods also called Oligomenorrhea Weight gain, Overweight (difficulty losing weight) Difficulty gaining weight Excess hair growth on face and body- called Hirsutism Darkened patches of skin Skin tags Infertility Thinning hair Insulin resistance Type 2 Diabetes High cholesterol and high triglycerides High blood pressure Cysts on the ovaries (multiple) Pelvic pain Depression Anxiety Sleep apnea (when breath
Avatar n tn I'm really anxious! I feel so tired all of the time I have really dry skin and eyes. I have a MUCH harder time keeping my weight down. Gained 20 pounds this year just lost 10 of it by really hard workouts. I never had a weight problem til now. I'm a 25 year old female. I just started growing dark coarse hair on my chin that I have to pluck daily. My breasts also grew a cup size even though I've been losing weight. My body keeps going through these changes.
Avatar f tn I am noticing a really radical change in the size of my breasts...there is no wright gain, but my breasts are just getting larger and larger. There is also a noticible increase in the size of my body in general from my chest to my groin. But no weight gain. I know this is not nornal and am becoming more and more concerned. I have worn bra sizes from 38C to 42DD... up and down...
Avatar f tn Hormone levels, stress, weight gain, etc can all cause an increase in breast size. You can continue to develop and grow up until your early 20s, but typically you will have a very similar size chest to that of what your mom has. If your mom has large breasts, then most likely so will you. Take care.