Losing weight in a wheelchair

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Avatar n tn I am a quadriplegic in a wheelchair and am having a hard time maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight. I have gained fifty pound's since my accident in 2012. I want to loose weight, but find it difficult being in said wheelchair. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn To be brief: broke my foot (Jones Fracture) on 3/12 was in a cast NWB from 3/17 through 6/18 then due to having numerous issues with the cast was put in a boot for the last few weeks. Still NWB, still in a wheelchair. I can't be 100% NWB due to my house not being wheelchair friendly (can't use crutches, had MAJOR issues with them). but overall I am REALLY good (maybe walk a total of 30 minutes all day (when you add up all my bathroom trips!
Avatar f tn I'm looking for healthy habits to lose weight in stomach and waist area. I am in a wheelchair do to car accident 7 years ago,and I broke my spinal cord. So i have gained 40 pounds that i really want to lose.
649848 tn?1534633700 Good morning......... well here we are with another week behind us and time to weigh in again. Don't we all love it?? My week hasn't been bad, even though I'm still holding steady on the weight. There have been some more issues with my 93 yr old Auntie, whom some of you are familiar with by now.
Avatar n tn What is the percentage of Americans who are born with a hole in the lower part of the heart? Is this something that an adult should worry about beyond the recent diagnosis for type II diabetes, high blood pressure, blood clots in the back of the head, and two recent strokes. The adult is male and in his 70's. He has been going through daily Occupational Therapy and has gained strength back on the left side of his body.
Avatar f tn By learning to eat properly and a PROPER balanced diet I am SLOOOWLY losing weight (my therapist is a cognitive). BUT I started at 22 and a half stone. I am now 20 stone and it has taken me 18 months of SENSIBLE eating to do this (NO MORE DIETING FOR ME!!!!!). Today, after a battle of 3 years (to lose weight without rediculous dieting fads which help you lose, and then 2 years later put your weight lose BACK ON X2!!!) I finally got to see a bariatric surgeon at my request.
Avatar f tn And it can be hard to do aerobic exercise with just your arms propelling yourself in a wheelchair (though, worth trying imo). Perhaps a local swimming pool might provide an outlet for exercising?
1092924 tn?1257042596 Go for an examination near a neurologist to rule out any nerve issues and you have to control your weight. Increase in weight is not helping your cause. Plan a diet chart with the help of a professional and you can do upper body exercises involving your arms. With decrease in inflammation you can increase your activity and if it does not help take a second opinion for proper diagnosis through an MRI for damage of tendons and ligaments and clinical examination of complications. Take care!
Avatar m tn m out in Chiang Rai over Songkran, and want to take her out and about for a few trips. Does anyone know where I may be able to hire a folding wheelchair, so that we can make a few excursions?
Avatar f tn m losing feeling in my hands and they said that the end result without surgery is a wheelchair and a diaper.
Avatar f tn Hi i have chiair and had brain surgery in 2004 i also have MS im fighting with ss for a wheelchair my husband and i both are on ss he has brain damige really cant afford one was wonding if anyone knows were i could get one for free.?
Avatar f tn I agree with Barb135 losing weight in a month is not a magic. Exercise and diet plan are the most important things to achieve your weight goal. Exercise plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body, and it makes it possible to create a calorie deficit and lose weight without starving your body.
Avatar f tn Further to my innane ramblings about malls and balance etc, I figure if being in a chair makes me mobile, I might as well get one. The ones they hire at the malls are awful - the cheap fold-up variety and when you push yourself the backs of your arms bash into the backrest. So I was persusing online last night, and wanted to know from others who are in one what to look for. I really like the sporty-type ones, with the really low backrest and no arm rests to get on the way.
Avatar f tn For breakfast you can have a cup of oatmeal with berries and a few hours later you can have some eggwhites or a piece of fruit or a protein bar. For lunch have a tuna salad and maybe throw in one slice of wheat toast and a snack you can have a few almonds, like a handful and for dinner if you did the fish for lunch then have some grilled chicken and a side of veggies and you can even have a snack after dinner like sugar free jello.
Avatar n tn Hi there, Hope you are doing well. A good dietary regime and exercises all will be helpful in losing weight. Losing weight in a healthy way is important for maintaining the glow of your skin. Eat lots of fruits, dark green leafy vegetables, fruits and consume less of potato, sweetened and processed foods. Start your day by drinking lemon juice in warm water. Have fruits with lots of vitamin C in breakfast that will help you cut fats as vitamin C is a fat burner.
Avatar f tn Get a good support system that's what I'm trying to do
Avatar f tn Hello there, It would be really dangerous to you to lose that much weight, ie 15 lbs in 2 weeks. A good amount of weight is about 2 lbs per week. The middle of August is about 4 weeks away. Even in 4 weeks, unless you go on what I would call a drastic diet or a starvation diet which would probably put your body in shock, you can't lose 15 lbs in a healthy way. Some people might think that if you drastically reduce your calorie intake, the weight will just fall off you. This is not true.
Avatar f tn Its good you've set a goal and are looking to find out how to achieve it! However losing 15 pounds in a month is unrealistic and unhealthy. Did you know it takes about a year for your body to adjust to losing 10 pounds? It's important to remember weight loss is a marathon and not a sprint. In order to lose weight and keep it off, you shouldn't look at it as weight loss but a way to become healthier!
645390 tn?1338555377 I am so sorry for your predicament! I know the humiliation of needing a wheelchair. I am so sorry for your decline in function but you have been under a LOT of stress and a lot of physical activity. I know how humiliating it is to need a wheelchair,. Just remember...it's your body malfunctioning NOT your brain. Your siblings need to wake -up and smell the coffee and and step up to handle the situation. Your are not responsible for your siblings' lives ..
Avatar f tn I do feel losing 15 kg in 3 months is unrealistic if you plan to do this healthily. I've lost 15 kg but it has taken me 12 months. However, it hasn't been an onerous task, whereas diets I've done in the past have been. This time, I changed my life style as well as my eating habits. I haven't cut out chocolate altogether, and I cut it down gradually (which is why it's taken 12 months). I found that the craving for it dissolved over time, and now I rarely eat it.
Avatar f tn I cannot exercise a whole lot do to a medical condition where I suffer from daily headaches and pressure in my head. Losing weight will actually help this condition. Besides my overall health, this is why it is so important that I lose weight. I have lost weight in the past, but always seem to gain it back. I think that I was not eating enough calories. i was staying at about 1000 a day. I lost 70 pounds, but gained it all back plus a lot more.
Avatar f tn I am a little bit chubby and i want to lose 9 kg in fastest amount of time to still be healthy. So i don't support starving and belive in moderation. I want to lose this weight till the end of 2014 anybody have any ideas?
Avatar f tn m 75kg which is overweight. I just finished the 3rd month yesterday. Is there a way to lose weight without hurting the baby? Cuz it's not healthy for me to stay in this weight while I'll gain 12kg more while pregnancy. Nothing hard or hurtful, walking is hard here since I'm in saudi Arabia and the heat reach 40c. I'm looking for healthy diet that won't hurt the baby if I do it.
29837 tn?1414534648 This is the weight I weighed at 27 years old. For many years now, my weight has been 185. The now weight of 175 lbs. is a loss of 17 lbs. in less than 3 weeks after leaving the hospital. Funny thing is, my appetite is ravenous, my blood tests all came beck fine last week, as well as still cleared of Hep C. My energy level is normal I've heard somewhere that because muscle weighs, it has to be taken into consideration when weighing someone.
Avatar f tn I'm 22 weeks now an in the beginning of mine I lost 8 to 9 pounds In a month ya its a lot an I still continue to lose an gain but not to much gaining here at all they say it's normal in the beginning
9455625 tn?1412820762 But basically a pound a week is ok? I lost weight in the early stages from morning sickness but have been slowly gaining weight like normal then all of a sudden I lose 3lbs in 3 weeks.
5147790 tn?1364304489 Mostly water. I need help in the food part of it all. Now! I have been cutting back in the portions. I just need a friend and motivation. All during high school I was by myself, due to the fact that everyone judged me. It was hard I let what people say effect me a great deal. But what's important Is that I'm trying now. That's all I can do. So if anyone wants to give me tips, or a good music I can listen to while working out that would be good. Or just feel good quotes!