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Losing weight hypothyroid

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Avatar n tn Does anyone have any secrets to losing weight with hypothyroid? Have been diagnosed now for a yr and 1/2. Have joined a gym and been eating more veg. and fruit but still can't lose any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I have been gaining weight over the past 8years. I cannot seem to lose weight no matter what I try.I have done all the diets only to lose 5lbs and gain10lbs..Extremely tired all the time. I am 5ft 175lbs and 54 years of age. I do not want to be on any prescription medicine. I just lost my baby sister to breast and brain cancer and she too was hypothyroid . Is there any other alternative?
Avatar n tn I have been losing weight gradually and consistently. i recently did a blood test and my Doctor told me I had hypothyroid. When asked if this could contribute to my weight loss, he said I should be gaining weight instead! What seems to be happening?
475407 tn?1228535523 As for the weight issue - I too am waiting to see how long it wil lcome off - I have only been recently diagnosed (April 08) and so am excited at the prospect of losing a little of the weight I have gained as a result of the Hashimoto's that I have. Let me know how you get on !
Avatar f tn fatigue, weakness, weight gain, trouble losing weight, sensitive to cold, muscle aching and cramps, constipation, depression, memory loss, odd menstrual periods.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with hypothyroid, been put on meds, still not losing weight. Hired a nutritionist, not eating any sugar and very low carb, still no weight loss. She has no idea what is happening, so I went to an Applied Kinesologist, have been off gluten and casein (protein in dairy milk) for 40 days, still no loss. I know we are getting closer to a solution, but my gosh, I feel for you. If you find out some answers, please let me know.
Avatar n tn She is going to the doctor to be tested for the condition, but I donĀ“t even know if it is possible to lose weight on the medicine if you do NOT have a hypothyroid condition? She thinks that even if she has a normal one, she could take it and it would just boost her metabolism. Can you tell me the truth about this?
Avatar f tn 4, anti microsomal antibody 132... I have Hashis and hypothyroid. I currently take 300mcg of Levothyroxin and 25mcg of Cytomel, and have for years. Ive gained a huge amount of weight, hoarse voice, annoying cough, dry skin, you name it, Ive got it kinda thing. Im so frustrated, I had to have a hysterectomy due to heavy bleeding 3 years ago. I also have symptoms of both hypo and hyper. Im getting a second opinion next month, but Im at my wits end.
Avatar f tn make this short i have been EXTREMELEY Tired to the point i can fall asleep anywhere, or that i drag my legs to keep up, My hair falls out in clumps, I get cold alot but can on occasion go into a sweating fit for no reason at all,I have one eye that dilates later in the day they say its exaughstion mri is clear only noting lymph nodes, I gained 20+ lbs since i was excersieng evereyday and not losing an ounce!!
Avatar f tn I was diasnosed with hypothyroid during my first pregnancy with her and had no symptoms until they told me that i had it. Since then I have had the worst time losing weight. I am not sure what to do and it is really depressing me. I want to start dieting and exercizing but it seems like there is no hope in all the things I read about people who have this disorder and the bad luck they have in losing weight.
Avatar f tn My GP had prescribed thyronorm tablet 50 mcg four times a week. Then he reduced it to thrice a week, as I am losing weight. I am awfully underweight. How to gain weight? Once I heard one endocrinologist saying that it is not good to prescribe thyroxine tablets as it leads to osteoporosis. Cannot understand.
Avatar f tn I'm 16 weeks with my third & started showing about 8 weeks. I gained about 55 lbs with my first baby, 26 lbs with the second, & this one I've already gained 12 lbs. I'm definitely nervous about my weight. I exercise & watch what I eat but I am hypothyroid & I'm having a hard time keeping it under control so far with this pregnancy. Unfortunately, when it's not under control it causes weight gain.
Avatar n tn I think I am finally on the right dose 6 months after surgery. However, losing weight seems almost impossible for me. I have had to seriously step up my weightlifitng routine and go to an almost neandertahl type diet. I went from 187 to 212. It is slowly coming off but with a lot of extra work.
Avatar f tn I was putting in a lot of work to be healthy and felt awful. I was always swollen, tired, losing hair, gaining weight ect. After reading up on this forum, I found out that many people need to be on a T3 med. I asked my endo if I could try adding Cytomel(T3med). She agreed to lower my Synthroid and add T3. (2.5mcg twice a day). I've had to push my dr for each increase of T3. I am now on 125mcg sythroid & 7.5mcg Cytomel (twice a day).
Avatar m tn That would be a cause for low metabolism and difficulty losing weight. In addition, hypothyroid patients are frequently deficient in Vitamin D, B12 and ferritin, so you also need to get those tested and then supplemented as needed to optimize. D should be at least 50 ng.mL, B12 in the upper part of its range, and ferritin should be at least 100. As mentioned everyone is different in their need for and response to thyroid hormone.
135864 tn?1221078029 Are you wanting to gain weight for some reason? I am hypothyroid and I have no appetite and would love to be able to enjoy food. As it stands, I have to force myself to eat just to have energy. I wouldn't worry if you are not gaining any weight, just worry if you start losing it.
Avatar f tn I stopped taking it against my doctors orders because of the weight gain - I am already overweight and I need help losing, not gaining. Anyways, she tested me again and wants to be me on 50 mcg (not sure if its levothyroxine or the other one). My TCH level is 13.8 and my T4 is .80. I dont really understand this so I am hoping someone can help me understand if this is bad or borderline or what. Thanks!
Avatar f tn If your mom has been overweight and had trouble losing weight, it could be normal for her to lose weight with a dosage increase; however, if she didn't need to lose weight and is losing too fast, it's possible that her dosage is too high. Did they test her thyroid hormone levels before they increased her Thyronorm dosage? If so, can you post them for us to see?
Avatar n tn Hello,i'm 25years old and my waight is about 98 kg so i am doing walk 2tims daily( 40 mints one time ) & losing waight ,I Want to ask you about my period,my cycle is not regular. Its come 60 to 65 days after. Please sages me, how it will cure. Please sages home remedies for me, because in past i used medicines Although its effected but its not a permanent treatment so guide me. I'will be thank full to you.
Avatar f tn The main reason I went in to get tested was i have been tryin to lose weight and was successful in losing about 30+ pounds and then got stuck at the same weight for about a year. Not changing my diet or exercise regime. Now all of a sudden I started gaining weight and yet my tests came back that my thryoid was running high and they are going to reduce my medication. How can that be?
Avatar n tn m having too much trouble losing weight. I was on .175 for over a year, but my T4 jumped to 1.8 once, which is why he reduced my medicine. It has remained 1.3 or lower since - mostly around .9, but the weight issue has arisen during that time. I can't seem to find a "new normal" chart showing ranges for bloodwork that pertain to thyroid cancer patients. Thanks!