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Avatar f tn i have hypothyroid which makes losing weight very difficult. does the wu yin tea work?
Avatar f tn When will this be a concerned? I have tried losing weight that past 8 weeks and have now gained 5 lbs instead of losing at least something, and very upset about my hair I've never had this before...Should I consult an Endocronoglist I am concerned extremely concerned about all these symptoms?
Avatar f tn I have been gaining weight over the past 8years. I cannot seem to lose weight no matter what I try.I have done all the diets only to lose 5lbs and gain10lbs..Extremely tired all the time. I am 5ft 175lbs and 54 years of age. I do not want to be on any prescription medicine. I just lost my baby sister to breast and brain cancer and she too was hypothyroid . Is there any other alternative?
Avatar n tn I have been losing weight gradually and consistently. i recently did a blood test and my Doctor told me I had hypothyroid. When asked if this could contribute to my weight loss, he said I should be gaining weight instead! What seems to be happening?
Avatar n tn Does anyone have any secrets to losing weight with hypothyroid? Have been diagnosed now for a yr and 1/2. Have joined a gym and been eating more veg. and fruit but still can't lose any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I continue to experience joint pain, muscle weakness, fatigue, difficulty losing weight, and mental/cognitive difficulties. I am 52 and prior to this thyroid problem (3 years ago) was in excellent health. I was even diagnosed with osteoporosis within the last year! Any suggestions?
475407 tn?1228535523 As for the weight issue - I too am waiting to see how long it wil lcome off - I have only been recently diagnosed (April 08) and so am excited at the prospect of losing a little of the weight I have gained as a result of the Hashimoto's that I have. Let me know how you get on !
1244639 tn?1270984166 I had thyroid cancer and have been having trouble losing weight.My Thyroid was completely remove and I am Hypothyroid.I currently have High Blood Pressure and take 3 meds to control it. Due to my double Coronary By-pass. My endocronoligist says my labs are fine,but I am still having problems with energy. I take large amounts of vitamin B, but I feel if I continue this I will mess up my liver. I have always been pretty much obese all my life.
Avatar n tn I was diagonised has Hypothyroid patient and as i learnt one of the sypmtom for hypothyroid patient is to gain weight but actually i am losing weight and energy level. frequency of bowel movement is more also. Please advise.
Avatar n tn She is going to the doctor to be tested for the condition, but I donĀ“t even know if it is possible to lose weight on the medicine if you do NOT have a hypothyroid condition? She thinks that even if she has a normal one, she could take it and it would just boost her metabolism. Can you tell me the truth about this?
1088944 tn?1298709604 I was diagnosed today with HypoThyroid, I have gained a lot of weight in the past years. Will I see a rapid weight loss once I start taking the medication? Having this can that be a reason for my not being able to get pregnant?
Avatar n tn Keeping the TSH normal (0.5-2.5) should eliminate any thyroid impact on weight. Most weight gain, even in thyroid patients is not due entirely to the thyroid. It's primarily calories in (and calories out), but having untreated hypothyroidism makes it more difficult.
Avatar f tn fatigue, weakness, weight gain, trouble losing weight, sensitive to cold, muscle aching and cramps, constipation, depression, memory loss, odd menstrual periods.
Avatar n tn - just that the right tests need to be run. I used to suddenly start losing weight also, for no apparent reason. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a couple of years ago and it has since been figured out that I most likely had a problem for the past 15-20 yrs. I would suddenly gain a bunch of weight and nothing I did would take it off, then all of a sudden, I'd lose it (and sometimes more) just as quickly as I gained it.
Avatar m tn I have yet to find anyone that can answer my question of WHY am I losing weight but HYPOthyroid??? I have had many blood workups, labs of all kinds, xrays, tests, the works. I am an otherwise healthy, non smoker, 41 YO mother of 3. Please help!!
Avatar f tn Has anyone else had problems losing weight with hypothyroidism even tho you are on meds?
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with hypothyroid, been put on meds, still not losing weight. Hired a nutritionist, not eating any sugar and very low carb, still no weight loss. She has no idea what is happening, so I went to an Applied Kinesologist, have been off gluten and casein (protein in dairy milk) for 40 days, still no loss. I know we are getting closer to a solution, but my gosh, I feel for you. If you find out some answers, please let me know.
650685 tn?1238004750 Hi Two years ago I was diagnosed Hypothyroid for which I take 100mg Levothyroxine . At the same time because of a strong genetic link I was tested for blood sugar.. I was told I was pre diabetic & that I would almost 100% become type 2 in a few years. Since that shock report I have managed to lose weight & get fit. I am 61 years old & I feel quite well .. Question is just by losing weight & keeping fit would that stop the onset of type 2?
Avatar f tn 4, anti microsomal antibody 132... I have Hashis and hypothyroid. I currently take 300mcg of Levothyroxin and 25mcg of Cytomel, and have for years. Ive gained a huge amount of weight, hoarse voice, annoying cough, dry skin, you name it, Ive got it kinda thing. Im so frustrated, I had to have a hysterectomy due to heavy bleeding 3 years ago. I also have symptoms of both hypo and hyper. Im getting a second opinion next month, but Im at my wits end.
Avatar n tn Losing weight can be difficult, and even more difficult to maintain, if our metabolism is low due to being hypothyroid. There is a ton of good info members can give you. First let's start with you posting your thyroid test results, and their reference ranges shown on the lab report. Also please look at this listing of 26 typical hypothyroid symptoms and tell us how many you have. http://endocrine-system.emedtv.com/hypothyroidism/hypothyroidism-symptoms-and-signs.
Avatar f tn My GP had prescribed thyronorm tablet 50 mcg four times a week. Then he reduced it to thrice a week, as I am losing weight. I am awfully underweight. How to gain weight? Once I heard one endocrinologist saying that it is not good to prescribe thyroxine tablets as it leads to osteoporosis. Cannot understand.
Avatar f tn make this short i have been EXTREMELEY Tired to the point i can fall asleep anywhere, or that i drag my legs to keep up, My hair falls out in clumps, I get cold alot but can on occasion go into a sweating fit for no reason at all,I have one eye that dilates later in the day they say its exaughstion mri is clear only noting lymph nodes, I gained 20+ lbs since i was excersieng evereyday and not losing an ounce!!
Avatar f tn m having a difficult time losing the weight. I was approved for the lap band surgery and was informed that there would be a good chance that it would eliminate my need for medication as well as encourage weight loss. At this point, I just want to be healthy. Is there a healtier way for me to loose the weight without resorting to surgery while on all of my meds? I have recently consulted with a nutrititionist who informed me that because of me meds, weight loss may be difficult for me.