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Losing weight hair loss

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Avatar n tn Hair loss is actually reasonably common after weight loss surgery, believed to be related to fewer calories taken in and calories being directed toward the organ systems that need them. Hair unfortunately loses out. The exact cause is not entirely understood, and so the treatment is a bit more difficult to determine. Most doctors agree that it tends to be temporary and improves once the body re-equilibrates after the initial period of significant weight loss has ended.
Avatar n tn I am not trying to scare you, however, you need to not to delay because you do not want to lose any more weight (your hair is thinning due to weight loss) and you need to find out why.
Avatar n tn Let's see a 10 yr old cat that's losing weight and losing hair. This, to me, sounds like your cat has an overactive thyroid. Try doing a google search or yahoo search on hyperthyroidism and see if the symptoms fit. There's also a possiblility of kidney disease, as well. That could cause weight loss, too, but not hair loss. My main suspicion is hyperthyroid disease. This can be extremely dangerous because the heart rate increases big time. This can cause heart failure.
877337 tn?1249844450 If I could lose weight like I am losing hair I would be a very happy camper!!! Any suggestions?
971443 tn?1282560078 cat aids is called FeLv....I would more so be suspicious of a food or allergy to something in his environment. Have your Vet do a small skin scraping of one of these brown spots........could be a condition called eosinophilic plaque or EGC (eosinophilic granuloma complex) let us know the outcome please. good luck.
230948 tn?1235844329 Is the hair loss behind the right ear the same as the hair loss behind the left ear? Or is the hair loss random, with a patch missing here and there in the areas you described? If the hair loss is bilaterally equal from one side of the body to the other, then you need to consider a couple of things. It could be mange. It could also be hormonally triggered. It's even possible that it could be caused by Cushing's Disease, which is a tiny tumor on the pituitary gland.
Avatar m tn I am 22 years old! I am losing hair to the extreme. I can wash or brush my hair and I will pull handfulls of hair out of my head! This is concerning me. I need some help!!
304573 tn?1345577338 But the hair loss was minimal. Having said that....I still have 3 weeks left, now my hair will probably all fall out. But that'll be ok least I'm UND (and been wanting to try a red wig) I want to know how to do the hearts, too. Can we get a lesson?
Avatar n tn Hun, Get a different doc, you know, they are just ppl, and, as ppl, some are *sses, and some are not, Please have them do thyroid check!! Thyroid problems will cause depression, weight gain (or loss) as well as HAIR LOSS, i had a circular patch oh top of my head, and doc decided to check my thyroid, now i on synthroid, and hair grew back, emotions under control..
Avatar f tn My cat seems to be losing his hair from his waist down. He is not bald per se, it is just thinning. It appears as if he was shaved especially on his behind, hind legs and belly area. He appears to have lost weight, but it could be that his hair is so much less. He has taken to sleeping under my desk light. I am not sure if he like the warmth or if that is a symptom so I included it. He seems to be eating, etc normallly.
Avatar f tn Conditioner replaces these and protects your hair from damage. Changing products might help though. Hair loss is probably related to hormones. Mention it at your next OB appt and see what the doc thinks.
Avatar f tn The biggest advice I have for you is to make your goals a little smaller. There is absolutely no healthy way to lose 55 pounds in five months. A healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds a week. To lose weight and be happy about your progress you need to make realistic goals. Know your portions and try to get protein at every meal. The more fiber the better as it will fill you up and you won't feel as hungry.
504000 tn?1242500793 I am at 3 months post pardum and and realizing I am losing ALOT of hair...when i brush my hair in the morning and blow dry hair is all over the sink and floor...i have to pick it up its so much.....and if i run my fingers through my hair....i have alteast 8-10 pieces in my hand! i am hoping it stops soon!
618714 tn?1267882416 Still losing hair although I cut my hair short now.what is wrong? No stress will result in losing hair?
Avatar f tn Hair loss is a symptom of being hypo; however, weight loss is most often related to hyper, though some people who are hypo do lose weight. Fatigue and muscle weakness can also be symptoms of hyper, as is increased appetite. Helyanna, you FT3's have been leaning toward the high side, indicating slight over medication. You should retest in a couple weeks and see where your levels are. Are you still on the 2.0 grains ERFA?
Avatar f tn I guess it could be a change of season, but actually my co-worker brought up something to me that made a little sense, he said that due to my recent weight loss, I could be losing hair because I don't have enough of the vitamins and nutrients in my body. In April I started following the PALEO diet and I have lost 30 pounds since I started with GM in December. I am down to 105 lbs.
1123420 tn?1350561158 I was JUST complaining about 5 minutes ago about how much I hate the PP hair loss...I spent about 15 minutes picking hair off of my sheets and balling it up to throw away because I HATE having hair all over....It happened this way after Kahlan too. I voted it stopped 5-8 months I think it was more around 7 1/2 when it finally stopped...and then my hair went back to its normal fullness and health...I can't WAIT for that I HATE having my hair so thin and I HATE having hair everywhere...
739988 tn?1386672969 However one lady who had this problem asked her pdoc and he advised selenium and zinc for med induced hair loss when she started losing hair (she thought Lamictal was the culprit but could not be sure) her hair loss stopped falling immediately. She took 200mcg of selenium (not mg) and 50 mg of zinc a day.
1116801 tn?1292254540 I just had shot 18 out of 24, no real hair loss yet. Did I dodge this bullet or will it all fall out in the next 6 weeks? I’m on 150 mcg weekly injections and 1200mg daily riba. P.S. Definitely did not dodge the itchy bullet, damn sore spots.
Avatar m tn Have they checked for any malabsorption issues such as Celiac disease?
Avatar m tn All the symptoms you describe can be related to hypothyroidism, but may also relate to hyperthyroidism especially since you have experienced rapid weight loss.
Avatar f tn I am a 31 year old mother of 3. I have been loosing alot of my hair since after high school. At first, once in my whole life I permed my hair for my senior prom and high school graduation back in '99. After a while, I start losing my hair. It's really worst when I wash my hair or even comb it. The good news is that, I have been losing my hair, but it is still thick. I have had a thick hair since birth and still do, even tho it has been falling off alot.
Avatar m tn Didn't think about that Diane, you know the weight of my hair. Its not very thick, I have baby fine hair. No grays yet I don't think.. Haven't looked to hard though. I guess if I start losing it, that's something to consider..