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Avatar m tn Honestly stop trying to lose weight. You are in a healthy weight range now. But you should consider eating a little more and drinking more water.
Avatar f tn I want to be healthy again and feel better about myself. I am thinking about going on a vegan diet like what ariana grande did. Any suggestions and tips losing weight quickly?
Avatar n tn The best weight loss diet I had to start for my new lifestyle healthy change. I know fresh is better but frozen is just as good and more convenient...
Avatar f tn What's the fastest way to lose weight, I know is not going to happen over night bit any tips?
Avatar n tn I've been feeling sick to my stomach lately, maybe for a week now, I thought it was the flu, but I've been losing weight and I haven't been able to eat, I typically eat normal, besides that I'm vegan, reguardless of that I take my vitamins and I eat right. I usually sleep a lot but I've felt more exhausted like I have no energy what so ever. But I'm active, I do pilates two times a week and dance everyday.
Avatar f tn My doctor recently changed my long acting insulin from lantus 90 units at night, to toujeo 90 units. Since taking toujeo I have gained 8 pound in 3 weeks. I'm so not happy. Lantus I didn't have that problem. I just had hip surgery so I can't move around as much. The doctor is like your making excuses about gaining weight. I follow a vegan vegetarian meal plan I'm not making excuses. I haven't gained weight in two years. I've been losing. She is pissing me off.
Avatar n tn I ride regularly, I do Jillean on DVD, I am a Vegan, going on 9 weeks. I have not lost one stinking pound, and somehow since between now and last June I put on 10 pounds!!! ARGH!!! I will never be a string bean, I am of stocky stature, but I should NOT be weighing 154 pounds. I have made an appointment to check my thryoid but am so scared that is not going to be it!! I try to eat frequently to keep my metabolism moving, but I eat very healthy.
Avatar f tn This is a pretty old post, not sure the posters are still around, but you're right, antidepressants don't cause weight gain necessarily by causing someone to eat more. They just cause it probably by being sedating and slowing metabolism, but nobody really seems to know why for sure. The only one I know of that is associated with eating is Remeron. Being vegan, by the way, has nothing at all to do with eating little at al. Nor does it necessarily have anything to do with weight loss.
Avatar n tn Personally I lost a lot of weight by becoming vegan. I was 143lbs 5"1 and my lowest from there was 118lbs from 5"1. Since I haven't exercised lately I'm back at about 125.5lbs but still I'm losing again.
Avatar n tn Not a pregnant female (or any other kind) but the mere fact you eat a vegan diet has nothing to do with whether you're eating a healthy diet or one suited to losing weight. You also say you work out, but don't say how much, so it might not have been enough for you to speed up your metabolism. Some people are not suited to vegan or vegetarian diets, and some are -- you might be one of them and you might not be, but most vegans eat according to ideology, not health.
Avatar f tn I am thinking the goal is to get my body into an alkaline state or close to one... and just that alone will help me lose weight... and losing weight is said to help me be more fertile and get pregnant easier... If I can go RAW, lose weight and then maintain it... better for the baby and my body!!! Again thanks for your input!!!
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Gallstones back in November of 2014 and my gallbladder was removed that Black Friday. I had already lost 25lbs during the time I was struggling with the stones and had visited the ER 6 times before they found what was wrong. After the removal I had your typical loss of about 5lbs I was at 160lbs at that point and time. Now almost two years later I am still struggling to keep weight on. I weigh a shocking 118lbs right now and I'm still losing about 2-4lbs a week.
1314425 tn?1273909880 My point is that going vegan is a lifestyle choice which is based more on personal beliefs and convictions than losing weight and being healthy. You might not get the results you want and if you don't do it properly you can harm yourself. You REALLY should talk it over with your doctor before going into it as he/she can tell you more about what you need to do to make sure you're taking in all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you need.
Avatar n tn you have a lot of options re bariatric surgery if you have failed all less invasive attempts at weight loss go to www.obesityhelp.
Avatar f tn I recommend going vegan! I recommend watching some movies especially Vegucated. And reading the book called veganist. On a vegan diet all your weight will fall off an you won't have to restrict calories or count calories. There are tons of delicious recipes. I know going vegan can seem like a religion or alien like. Most think it's sticks and leaves. But going vegan is such an adventure. You try so many new foods and they're so good.
Avatar m tn Synopsis: I'm a vegan considering going Atkins for a short time in order to lose the last bit of very, very stubborn weight. About 50lbs of it. Confession: I've been fat all my life. Most of it I've not just been fat, but obese. in 7th grade I hit 220lbs. In high school I was at 285lbs. 5 years ago I hit 320lbs. Of course, the progression hasn't been that linear. During college I once dropped to 240, and after that spent my time bouncing between 260 and 285.
Avatar f tn Okay so iv been try to lose weight. I was going great the first few weeks on going to the gym 4to 5 days and now iv lost my motivation or energy anything I can do to get that energy back or try not going off my diet something to help me not want fatty foods like burgers sweets coke etc.? Just need some advice?
Avatar f tn I weigh 195 and im trying to lose weight. I was thinking i should go on a vegan diet but my family say i just need to eat right. Sorry if this sounds like a silly question to ask. But i need help badly.
Avatar n tn t supplementing correctly. I am going try going vegan again. I will keep you updated on how it turns out.
Avatar n tn Hi - I've been vegetarian since I was 7 or 8, and about four months ago I decided to go vegan for ethical reasons. I've remained the same weight and I feel fine, but I'm worried that I'm not getting enough nutrients. I don't want to discover later on in life that I have a calcium-related problem caused by going vegan and not getting enough calcium/any other nutrient. I do really want to be vegan, but I don't want to put my health on the line.
Avatar f tn I'm on prescription medication, and went vegan 3 months ago. I was 200 pounds in October and my goal weight was 145. I reached 145 by training with a personal trainer from Oct till may. Now I'm just continuing to lose weight. The more I eat the more weight I lose. I'm down to 137 as of a week ago. I think I might have a gluten allergy and am going to get tested. My blood work came out normal. Thyroid is normal. Cholesterol normal. I was low on iron and b3.
Tbd Well, unless you take drastic lifestyle steps to change the dynamics that led you to being on the medication in the first place, it is what it is. This includes changing your diet, losing and maintaining an ideal weight and exercise. Are you doing those things? More power to you if you are! Unfortunately, that is where a lot of people fail in controlling diabetes. Uncontrolled diabetes is dangerous so you will want to control is 'somehow'.
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