Losing weight fast need to lose 80 lbs in 6 weeks

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Avatar f tn hi, i need some help to lose weight...FAST!! i have tried everything!!! is there any diets that will definatley work?! please can someone reply...
1198369 tn?1294791928 I would love to know how to come across a secret diet that makes you lose weight fast, but inreality something that took a while to put on takes a while to take off. It feels so much better when you are fit and your body feels healthy. The best think I can recommened is eat healthy and do lots of excersizing.
Avatar f tn Thanks I've been struggling on what to eat to get optimal nutrition. Im use to eating to lose weight.
Avatar f tn If you want to lose weight in a healthy way and have a better chance of keeping it off for good, losing weight gradually is the way to go. It took me a long time to realize that, but once I started taking things a bit slower and doing it the "right way" I was finally able to lose the weight I needed to. A few things you can do to drop probably about 5-10 lbs really quickly is to limit your sodium and alcohol intake and increase your water consumption.
Avatar f tn 150 to lose how many calories a day to lose 3 lbs per week I would like to try and lose 90 lbs by October is that doable
Avatar f tn No. Some ppl lose weight n some ppl gain weight but the bigger u are it's recommended to lose weight. Besides it's the last 2 months that u gain most of the weight. I petite I started at 110 lbs n gained abt 3 lbs by 22 weeks. Now I'm 31 almost 32 n gained 15 lbs. Dr said my weight gain is excellent. So u r fine.
Avatar n tn If you've doing these things already for awhile, then no, it won't suddenly start making you lose weight. If you just started doing this, then it might. If you were completely sedentary your whole life and you're young, starting any exercise program and eating better should start showing some results quickly.
Avatar f tn At the dr. Worried bc im 15 weeks. I had gained 4 lbs but now ive lost 5. Don't know what could be wrong. I'm cramping all the time.
5891248 tn?1406410864 I don't think u should try to lose weight... If ur gaining weight too quickly try changing ur eating habits... When ur pregnant u should never try to lose weight..
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and told the same thing. I had a growth on my Thyroid that was causing quite a bit a havoc. Have they checked it out? In the meantime, the had me start taking B6 and B12 (for energy and mental clarity) and Lipotropics and Adenosine (a group of amino acids that help support the liver and move the broken down fat out of the body).. I purchased them online, you can just google Lipoden or Lipotropics.
Avatar f tn Yes it's normal to lose weight while pregnant. I lost weight the first trimester and my doctor didn't worry as long as baby is growing. Just eat healthy and stay active! !
4528412 tn?1357069833 what did you guys do besides exercise ? I want to lose a lot of weight fast.. i want to be skinnier than i was before i gave birth.
Avatar f tn Given the weight on your your tracker, it is not uncommon to lose 4 pounds in a week, here and there. When I started at 330 lbs, there were weeks that 4-6 lbs were lost and I was eating healthy and exercising regularly. However, as wonko said, the more your weight drops the more the weight loss slows and the calories needed to maintain your weight goes down. Would be happy to help you find the calories needed to maintain your current weight ..
Avatar f tn I kept losing weight at the beginning too, I wouldn't worry about it too much, I'm 30 weeks and have barely gained 15 pounds.
Avatar f tn I too have gained a lot of weight-I would like to lose about 80 lbs or more....I have started a new program on a site called sharecare and the programs that I started is called Transform you on to[ of that it gives you a lot of help on the good food to eat.....I have lost 5 lbs this week.......I started last week.....It is very simple-The transform you is online and it starts out with simple stretching and a short workout that is not strenuous at all...
Avatar f tn Yeah, I'm on the losing weight side. I have also lost 6 lbs and now 14 weeks and haven't gained anything. I did stop drinking soda all together and less fast food and walk an hr every other day. Per my ob, this is normal and my baby is healthy and measuring well.
594189 tn?1386916607 Considering you have to lose another 65 pounds in 11 weeks would be equivalent to losing about 6 pounds a week and i think it would be mentally overwhelming and not sure it is a healthy option. I am not dimissing what your doctor said to you but i think it is not that very safe. It is too much pressure on you and will test you greatly.I would recommend only losing 1-2 pounds a week and since you are walking and imagine you are sticking to a healthy meal plan, I think you would do great...
Avatar n tn Good suggestion from newleaf to get your thyroid checked. 22 lbs. is a lot of weight for only 9 weeks in. I am trying to keep off most of the weight I lost on tx, and it is hard. Had to change some habits. Suggestion to slow down weight loss? Cheesecake!
740456 tn?1260449809 ll chat with you definetely plus there are always nice people on here and there are sunday weigh-ins and all kinds of good stuff lol......and a healthy way to lose weight would be 1-3 lbs a week....so for 20 pounds about 10 weeks......
Avatar f tn And I want to lose weight so I can feel comfortable with at least one part of myself. And at least I'm fixing one thing about myself. The one and only thing I can fix about myself. I would like to discard of anything negative about myself so it's one less negative thing I will have to dwell on!!!!
Avatar m tn Losing 15 pounds in only 6 weeks, may be too much. Safe weight loss is considered to be about 1-2 pounds/wk.
Avatar f tn It's also possible that 166 was not an accurate weight or was due to water weight. Not that gaining 6 lbs in a week is impossible, but it's unlikely. That would require an extra 3000 calories per day. Extra. I doubt you're eating 4500-5000 calories per day. :) More likely, you were closer to 161-162 last week aside from water weight, so the 163 this week is right on target.
Avatar f tn It depends on your size prepregnancy usually. I was a bit over weight & lost 15 lbs due to nausea & my DR said it was ok. I'm 21 weeks & have only gained 1.5 lbs. As long as you are eating healthy when you can eat the baby will get the nutrients it needs. My little one is measureing bigger than he should even with my weight loss.