Losing weight during starvation mode

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Avatar n tn So I started not eating breakfast to lose weight (calorie reduction.) I don't drink anything but water, and my meals are basically the same as they were before I did no breakfast. But no weight loss, instead 2 more lbs gained. I read something about your body conserving calories in starvation mode when it senses the calories are not enough. But I do not have any of the fatigue and hair loss symptoms of the "starvation mode." So, what is going on, why am I not losing weight?
Avatar f tn I think Barb explained this well. Her suggestion to vary your caloric intake by a few hundred cals is sound advice. That said, I'll explain in my own words and between the responses, perhaps you'll get a better understanding of what it is. Starvation mode is an explanation, theory for why weight loss may slow down when calories are significantly reduced. Reducing 500 calories a day would lead to a one pound weight loss in a given week. A 1000calorie reduction would lead to 2 pounds.
Avatar f tn 500 cals isn't a starvation diet. In fact most 'starvation' stuff I.e. starvation diet, starvation mode isn't more than a myth. If she can maintain it healthily and go back to 'regular eating' subtly she'll continue losing weight quickly.
Avatar f tn Hi! I have been trying to lose some weight for the holidays- but I feel like it's just not happening! I'm eating 1200 calories a day, give or take 100 calories, and I'm trying to have meals based around fruit, or veg. But i'm not losing weight as quickly as I usually would. I only want to lose maybe 5 more pounds.
Dog It may be that your body has entered starvation mode since your calorie restriction is so severe. In starvation mode, your body hangs on to every bit of weight possible. It is also possible that you haven't waited long enough. I would encourage you to see a general internist with experience in weight loss--there are many out there--for more answers. Good luck!
Avatar f tn HEllo! I agree with the comment above. I had an eating disorder for years. You will only keep the weight on because your body is in starvation mode. It's going to do anything it can to keep the weight and fat so it doesn't die. Trust me. Once I started eating normally but healthy foods, I actually lost weight. Now I pretty much eat all day but healthy foods and I am in good shape. STOP doing this right now. I wrecked my body.
Avatar f tn Anyone else losing ketones and going into starvation mode? What did you do?
Avatar m tn If you eat only twice a day you will promote the Leptin resistance in your body and your body will go into the starvation mode. The intent of the HCG is to improve the communication between your hypothalamus and the Leptin hormone so that your body will release stored fat. Your body can not do this if it's in the starvation mode. Be good to your body, feed it properly.
Avatar f tn Actually, if you drastically reduce your calorie intake, your body thinking its not going to get food, goes into something called starvation mode and holds on to every calorie. This is real. This isn't an exaggeration. I would suggest making an appointment with your family doctor to discuss a realistic weight loss and a possible new food plan to achieve this new realistic goal. Losing 15 lbs in 2 weeks is not realistic and can put your health in jeopardy, big time. I wish you well.
1519805 tn?1291058650 I'm 18 yrs old & I've always been a chubby chick but my weight is increasing ridicioulsly. I'm really up for losing weight but its just so hard for me I've tried so many things & don't really see results so I give up. I want to go to a dietician or a fat camp I don't care I jus want to loose weight. Please help me!
Avatar f tn honey if you dont eat enough calories in a day your body is gonna store more than it needs to because it will go into starvation mode thus causeing you to have trouble losing weight.
Avatar f tn I have been dieting and losing weight for a little over a month now and I have been seeing results. My question is that although in the beginning I was not counting calories I noticed today that I wasn't eating very much so I figured up my calories for the day and I came out to about 850, and that's guessing high. I do not want my body to go into starvation mode, but I don't know what to do to get additional calories into my diet.
Avatar m tn Hi, You need to eat to loose weight. You are putting your body into starvation mode and therefore anything you eat goes straight into store fatsecause your body doesn't know when you are going to feed itself again. Please be careful and go and see your dr about proper weight loss on a slow and steady pace.
Avatar m tn t go into starvation mode. The week after i actually gained 1/2 a pound and i was SHOCKED. This is because my mum who is also on the slimming diet lost 2 pounds however she does not even exercise and eats pretty fatty things at times. I'm so confused how is she losing weight and i'm not. I have tried to research and people are saying that i'm gaining muscle however, how can people on the biggest loser go and work out and be on a diet but still lose tons of pounds. I AM SO CONFUSED.
Avatar f tn Your calorie count is too low so your body is going into starvation mode and holding on to anything it can. Increase your calories to 1200 a day and you will start to see some improvement.
Avatar f tn There can be a medical reasons why you are not losing weight such as hypothyroidism so it would be a good idea to see your doctor/pediatrician. Also, do not make the mistake of skipping meals hoping that the lack of calories will help you; it actually works the opposite. When a person skips meals, the brain gets tricked into thinking that the body is in starvation mode and therefore the brain tells the body to hold onto every fat cell!! A lot of people don't know that, especially teens.
Avatar f tn Your body has probably gone on starvation mode. It's going to try and store as much fat, carbs and sugar. At your age, keep your metabolism goung by eating snacks or healthy foods ever three hours or so. Your body would stop going on starvation mode because it's going to nutrients every so often. You should be seeing weight loss results. Maintaining a steady calorie intake with some exercise wouldget the ball rolling in weight loss.
Avatar n tn If you are active you need to increase your caloric intake, you can gain weight if you consume too few calories as this puts your body into starvation mode. About how many calories a day are you consuming? It would also help to know your height and weight and what kind of foods you eat during the day.
Avatar n tn t be getting any so it can try to stay healthy (starvation mode) so really you arnt going to lose anymore weight you will actualy probably gain. And also if you drink diet pop you need to STOP it has aspartame in it wich can be deadly. And one doctor said 20 of his paitents who stopped drinking diet pop or things with aspartame in it lost 19 pounds in just a few weeks!!! So make sure nothing you eat or drink has aspartame in it for it actualy makes you gain weight.
Avatar f tn now can i lose weight easly and how can i lose weight?
Avatar f tn First if your body is not getting enough foods it can easily go into starvation mode and decide to hold or even gain weight. 1200 calories seems very low, especially given how much you exercise. So maybe you should keep your food around 1300 at minimum? It's hard to know the "sweet" spot that will keep your body healthy while loosing weight, but if you don't find it you will have a really hard time loosing weight.
1716895 tn?1308876927 If you do not eat, your body will go into starvation mode to store any fat. So you need to eat sensibly. Eat lean meats/fish, proteins--such as eggs, nuts in small amounts, whole grains, fresh fruits, veggies. Eat small amounts every few hours, so you have like 5 or 6 small meals, instead of huge ones. What you are doing is NOT NOT NOT going to work, or healthy at all. Also, those diet pills, etc. are horrible.
Avatar m tn Please be careful to eat enough calories to prevent your body from going into starvation mode and reaching a plateau or losing too much weight too quickly as you can do damage by having your body use muscle instead of fat. Remember, your heart is the largest muscle in your body. Best wishes .. feel free to join us in the Weight Loss & Dieting community .. as we're doing a year long challenge to help each other losing weight in a healthy nutritional and physical manner.
Avatar n tn I think the reason I am not losing weight is because my body is in starvation mode and is holding onto the few calories I have fed myself.. but I am too scared to take on a healthy diet because at this rate I cannot afford to continue to gain weight. In order to increase my metabolism and have a healthy diet I need to almost double what I am eating in a day at this point. However, if I do start eating more.. and I going to gain more weight? Is it impossible for me to lose weight at this point?
Avatar f tn Hey, By eating only 500-700 calories a day you're putting your body in to starvation mode. It's not healthy and will not help you lose weight and may lead to you becoming malnourished. You need to be eating double that (at least). Ensure you get a full and varied diet with all the essential fats, vitamins and nutrients. When your body goes in to starvation mode you'll did it increasingly harder to lose weight.
Avatar f tn I'm 55 years old and I have always been slim but I weight 215lbs and I'm 5'6. I have always been used to eating one meal a day if that. I eat no bread or sugar... just don't like it. I have been walking a mile a day and trying to eat breakfast. I'm losing no weight, I feel tired all the time and I can't sleep. My blood pressure is good and I'm very healthy. If anyone has an suggestion...
Avatar m tn Your having trouble losing weight, it's because you can't spell "LOSE". Apparently, you're just trying to "LOOSE" weight which doesn't involve either eating or dieting. Just kidding....... but you gotta keep track of the calories man. You should be under 1800 calories per day if ya wanna lose the poundage.