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Losing weight during ramadan

Common Questions and Answers about Losing weight during ramadan


Avatar n tn Ramadan rituals can make it hard to lose weight during this holiday, so you'll have to go your own way during the holiday to make it work for you instead of against you. Most of those observing this holiday don't eat less, they eat more because eating is such an important part of the holiday, and they compress this eating into a shorter period of time than they would usually. While you fast during the day, most then stuff themselves in celebrations after dark and before daylight.
8574772 tn?1403805320 For those of you that don't know ramadan is something muslims observe. For 30 days you cannot eat or drink between sunrise and sunset. It starts this weekend. My husband will be observing ramadan but I won't as im 6 months pregnant (pregnant women are exempt for obvious reasons) however I was talking to some of the women from my husbands side of the family and they were saying how they still did ramadan even though they were pregnant.
Avatar f tn Ramadan mubarak for all I have been fasting this day I feel fine and happy hope continue with the same level This my first ramadan pregnant
1028452 tn?1537448484 t believe not drinking water from sun set to sun down would be helpful to my health during Ramadan. So with God's permeation I won't fast during this this summer.
5727805 tn?1378193052 I am glad that you are not going to fast that would be so hard on your body and your babies. I am not Muslim but I grew up in Saudi Arabia and remember everyone else fasting during Ramadan. I hope that you will not be looked down on for not fasting.
4715985 tn?1371582997 I havent actually puke so far during the pregnancy and ive gained my normal 5 lbs during my first three months. But in between week 12 and week 13 i lost 4lbs? Im pretty sure im eating as much as i did during the last couple of weeks. During my bad days of nausea i cant fit much but its getting better. Im just wondering if there would be a reason why i would lose weight in only a week? Im so scared that something bad will happen, is this normal?
Avatar f tn I'm almost 19 weeks. I've lost quite a bit of weight during the pregnancy. Around 23 pounds actually. I'm starting to worry the baby will be malnourished. I'm trying to eat more but I get sick. Still haven't felt movement either.
Avatar f tn I lost 10 pounds In less than a month but i had problem getting food into my system because of all the queasiness but weight loss during the first trimester is normal as long as you make sure to drink your prenatal vitamins, that will help you a lot with all the nutrients you and your baby need during weight loss.
Avatar f tn Has anyone not gained any pounds at all during there whole pregnacy?? Just a bit concerned. I don't vomit I eat little snacks during the day and I feel great. But just not weight gained. So just wondering if it seems ok?
Avatar f tn I talked to my midwife about weight loss during pregnancy or just not at an average weight.
10913038 tn?1424227711 So I am 29 weeks and I have been exercising, increasing my water intake and eating healthy. I have actually lost weight. Is it safe to lose weight during pregnancy? I feel great and I have lots of energy. I was not very overweight to begin with, maybe just a little for my height. I just want to make sure it's safe. I plan on asking my dr next week but thought I would ask u guys too.
Avatar f tn All the pregnant Muslim women I know dont fast during Ramadan. They just make up for it after the baby. maybe try that? Im hungry all the time too and I couldn't imagine trying to fast! Lol. Let us know how it goes tho!
Avatar f tn Im due July 1st so I'm 12 weeks pregnant and I'm doing nothing but losing weight. Is this normal?