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Losing weight during radiation treatments

Common Questions and Answers about Losing weight during radiation treatments


Avatar f tn I fininshed chemo AC/Tox Oct. 29, 2009, had radiation - 28 treatments finished 1-7-2010. About 6 weeks after I finished chemo, I finished losing my hair on my head and lost eyelashes and eyebrows. Now after 3 months (they grew back even longer) I'm losing my eyelashes again. Is this normal? I'm doing nothing different before, during or after chemo/radiation.
Avatar f tn I went through 34 radiation treatments. Keep some Aquaphor Lotion on hand to help with skin problems. If its anywhere close to the throat and he starts feeling a little pain in that area get the doctor to give him the miracle mouthwash. And make sure he eats 3 meals aday if he gets sick at his stomache get something from the doctor. He will be tired out from the treatments so have him take naps. If he has trouble sleeping get the doctor to prescribe sleeping pills.
Avatar n tn Hi. Hair loss during chemotherapy or radiation therapy is usually temporary, but with repeated treatment, regrowth of the hair may take longer (sometimes as long as six months). There is a possibility that the hair loss becomes permanent, but I cannot find exact figures on the proportion of patients who experience permanent baldness. I suppose it depends on the type of chemotherapy used and the radiation dose.
Avatar f tn I have to have an MRI to determine if I have MS. have other mummys had an MRI during pregnancy?
Avatar n tn My grandmother is in her late 70s and was recently diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. She is now on chemotherapy, but during the course of her illness and her treatments which she has not completed yet, she has lost a lot of weight. She has a very small apetite and has difficulty consuming solid foods. She needs to gain weight but she doesn't have the apetite to simply eat more, what can our family do to make sure she puts weight back on? Diet suggestions?
794236 tn?1238016706 This has controlled the growth of my tumors during that time, although the sacrum tumor required radiation in January of this year. I opted for the radiation as opposed to surgery, due to the risk of becoming paralyzed. My doctor pretty much guarateed paralysis if I had the risky surgery, so the "chance" of paralysis due to additional radiation was a better bet in my case.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with mild hyperthyroidism, my uptake score was 43. My endocrinologist wants to do radioactive iodine but I am hesitant. I am leaning towards thyroidectomy because I received mantle and abdominal radiation treatments for Hodgkin's disease in 2003. I'm concerned this is more radiation than I should have. I appreciate hearing your thoughts on the issue. Am I overreacting? Thank you in advance.
Avatar n tn I would get my doc to follow it up with chemo. My aunt (now deceased) had bladder cancer and the docs told her they got it all when they removed her bladder and that there was no need for chemo. Well, 6 months later, cancer back and she died from it. She said she should have insisted they follow it up with chemo but she trusted the doc. Good luck and God Bless you!
Avatar n tn The Oncologist is correct; Radiation is always recommended after lumpectomy, clean margins or not. Some do work thru radiation but it always causes some fatigue and it doesn't stop as soon as radiation is finished. It would depend on what type of work you do and how often your treatments are scheduled. I'm just basing this on what pt.s have told me; no personal experience here. Good Luck .....
Avatar f tn After 7 rounds of cisplatin and taxotere, and 6 weeks of radiation my cancer was in remission. I am so grateful to be here. I have several post treatments problems and one is a 27lb weight gain. No matter what I do to reduce this weight, it isn't working. One of the many side effects is Hashimoto's disease and I am on synthroid which hasn't hindered my weight gain or helped me to lose. I do understand that my body needs some of this weight to heal itself.
Avatar f tn Hi, Thankyou you both for your kind replies, I am waiting to see a private doctor so that I can ask about all these other treatments, my own oncoligist knows nothing about these treatments. She did look up hyperthemia but told me it has caused kidney failure, were you told this Igeli? Because of the NHS system here in England I cant seem to get any info on treatments that arent used on the NHS.
Avatar f tn Studies have shown up to 65% of patients who receive radiation have weight loss. BOTH chemotherapy and radiation can affect appetite . I understand you aren't noticing any big changes with appetite. There is also some suggestion that fighting cancer takes caloric energy to combat the inflammatory response. So, this may be additionally contributing.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with pure tubular breast CA 04/09, had a lumpectomy with clear margins followed by 33 radiation treatments. I am doing great, lost 22 lbs just eating right and exercising without even trying. My skin is getting flabby and I've reached a plateau in the weight loss. I am 5'1" and still 154 lbs. I read about Slim Wrap which was on the Tyra Banks show and many others & is supposed to be a safe way to lose inches by tightening fat and skin.
Avatar f tn Signs and symptoms of lymphoma include fever, unexplained weight loss, night sweats, itchiness of the skin, appearance or enlargement of lymph nodes, and splenomegaly (enlargement of spleen). Laboratory examinations helpful in the diagnosis of lymphoma are complete blood count with differential count, blood chemistry including lactic dehydrogenase. Imaging studies like chest x-ray, CT scan, and magnetic resonance imaging are also helpful.
Avatar n tn If she has cancer come back from the ovary then it is still metastatic ovarian cancer. No one knows how long someone will live with recurrent ovarian cancer. The cancer can grow very slow or very fast. Get the pathology reports and read them. What I have read is that grade 3 or undifferentiated cancers are more aggressive and generally grow faster. I also read that Serous cell type is more favorable for treating a recurrence.
Avatar m tn Proton Radiation is very different from traditional radiation.. With Proton radiation approximatlely 90% of the treatment energy is delivered to the precise spot or place being treated...thus surrounding tissues and organs are not damaged as with traditional radiation...therefore you have little to no side effects.. if you have any questions or would like more information on Proton Radiation treatments... just send me a message on here and I will get back to you...
4715985 tn?1371582997 I havent actually puke so far during the pregnancy and ive gained my normal 5 lbs during my first three months. But in between week 12 and week 13 i lost 4lbs? Im pretty sure im eating as much as i did during the last couple of weeks. During my bad days of nausea i cant fit much but its getting better. Im just wondering if there would be a reason why i would lose weight in only a week? Im so scared that something bad will happen, is this normal?
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with prostate cancer several months ago and have undergone two sessions of TomoTherapy Radiation Treatment. For the past three days I have experienced very serious burning during urination as well as having to awaken every 90-120- minutes to urinate during sleeping hours. I have 41 treatments to go and I am extremely reluctant to continue with this treatment regimen if the burning is likely to get any worse.
Avatar m tn which will go away about 6 months after the shot. Also, I had Proton Radiation treatments at Loma Linda University Medical Center in Loma Linda California.. If you have not checked out Proton, I would highly encourage you to do so...many doctors wont recommend it because they are not trained to administer it or do not have the equipment ... My numbers were almost identical to yours... psa was 4.5 and gleason of 3+3. My psa is now .03.
Avatar n tn he has fatique, headache,joint pain and difficulty concentrating. He is very slender and has been losing weight. He is still being treated for lyme, has had tick bites in the past, but no definitive positive test. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn I checked out all of the differnent types of treatments that are available and chose to have Proton Radiation treatments at Loma Linda University Medical Center in Loma Linda California. Proton Radiation is different from conventional radiation in that 90 % of the treatment energy delivered goes directly to the tumor being treated and surrounding tissues and organs are not damanged. That is not the case with conventional radiation.
Avatar f tn My mother had radiation treatments (for breast cancer) approximately 8 weeks ago (2 a day for 5 days). She suffered a sever case of radiation burn that would not heal. She was recently informed that there was "misadministration of the radition therapy dose due to an error in the measurement". She had siginificant radiation dose up to 68Gy to about 10ml of skin in the upper left breast.
Avatar n tn 2 yrs. ago, I had a lumpectomy and radiation. There was no nodal involvement and the type was stage 1 tubular carcinoma. The oncologist prescribed Tamoxifen and 4 month followup visits. The only thing he did during these 4 month visits was look at the bloodwork. My sister-in-law had breast cancer 5 yrs. ago with the same lumpectomy, no lymph node involvement, radiation and oral chemo for five years. Very recently, she had a malignant brain tumor removed.
Avatar f tn m happy to say he is doing pretty well, considering everything. He had 40+ radiation treatments, along with hormone treatments, one of which he is continuing for the foreseeable future (Lupron injections every 3 months). He has slowly gained strength following the radiation, though the worst side effects of it are mostly gone (diarrhea & painful, frequent urination).
Avatar m tn My fiance is worried to tears. She has an enlarged thyroid gland with nodules and is going to get a big needle stuck in her neck to check for cancer. We met in a diet program and if the prospect of her children losing another perent to death wasn't enough (yes she is considering the cancer worst case senario too.) she is worried we no more than get married and then she will have to have her tyroid gland removed and it will inevitably make her "fat"!