Losing weight by vomiting

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Avatar f tn I was 160 when I found out I was pregnant now at ten weeks I am down to 140. my nausea is horrible and i was vomiting a lot up until last week but it doesn't make sense to me because I haven't thrown up in over a week and have been eating good but I'm still losing weight! Did this happen to anyone else? Should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn u really shouldn't try to lose weight while pregnant. but if u get bad morning sickness u may not have a choice. try to keep ur weight the same or if it bugs u talk to ur doc. good luck dear!
Avatar n tn I am 9 weeks pregnant and this is my first pregnancy and instead of gaining weight I am losing weight. I haven't had any nausea or vomiting in the past 2 days but I am still losing weight. I am scared that this could affect my baby. Is there something wrong or is this normal ?
Avatar f tn It's usually water weight, which is normal. It can fluctuate a lot. Unless your Dr is concerned, I would not worry about your weight. Just eat healthy and take the prenatals.
Avatar f tn I am a little concerned as to why i am losing weight. I lost 7 pounds, what should i do? Is that healthy? Is it normal?
10161345 tn?1488138652 So according to my calculations using the standard by a ob's office, I should be literally six weeks pregnant today. I've been losing weight slowly but steadily for 2 years, however I'm a little concerned. During the actual weeks since estimated conception dates, I've actually lost another 4 lbs. Just some nausea, and dizziness mostly, no vomiting and no huge changes in appetite or lifestyle. Anyone familiar with this?
Avatar f tn If you have extra weight on before your pregnant you usually lose weight at the start or stay the same weight which is what happened me, I was losing weight as he.
Avatar f tn I lost 25 lbs. I was very nauseous all the time and was vomiting alot. By week 20 it finally almost stopped. I'm 25w4d today and have stopped losing but haven't gained any.
Avatar f tn Losing weight is ok as long as u eat and keep fluids down.I'm 23 weeks and only this week Iv gained weight.was same weight up till then.
Avatar f tn If I understand you correctly, you were vomiting blood at the hospital, but you are only vomiting now without the blood.
Avatar f tn ve been steadily losing weight over the past few days even though I eat at least 3 meals a day (3 normal portioned meals, or 5 small meals). When I first weighed myself when I found out I was pregnant, I was about 145. Then when I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago I was 140, now I'm 137. Anyone else going through weird things like this? Oh and keep in mind I'm constipated, so I feel like I should weigh more?
Avatar n tn He is still throwing up every time he eats and still losing weight. Almost back to where we started before he had the feeding tube. Anyone have any ideas?
Avatar f tn So I had an ultrasound today again, I'm about 11 weeks. In the last month I've lost about 8 lbs. I was a little bigger before my pregnancy. I haven't been vomiting or anything but I've been losing weight. The baby's heart beat and everything was normal. Have any of you other ladies lost weight during pregnancy without throwing up? I'm kind of worried.
Avatar f tn I have been struggling with pretty bad nausea and vomiting since week 4, but still gained weight. Just in the last week I've been vomiting a lot more .Last night I got up 6 times to puke and was spitting up blood. I am now back down to 130. When is it time to worry?
11100381 tn?1436779908 I am at week 10, and instead of the morning sickness getting better, it's getting worse. I went from massive fruit cravings, to eating pancakes now and then, to eating portions about half a sandwhich, and now, I can barely eat a piece of toast. I was drinking ensure to make up for what I havn't been eating, but now I can't stomach even that. I feel so hungry and everytime I try to eat, my stomach screams in pain at me and I usually end up throwing it up.
Avatar f tn My daughter is 6 years old, on concerta for ADHD and is losing weight. She has been on medications for adhd for over a year now. She was born at 35 weeks by c-section, hospitalized several times before age 2 for respiratory conditions. She has a congenital dislocation of her elbows, significantly more pronounced on left side, for which she is being monitored by Shriners hospital. No other significant medical history.
Avatar f tn Im 84 lbs 4"10 and i have been losing weight im 9.
Avatar f tn Ladies, I have a questions about y'all weight lost or gain. I have been losing weight ever since I found out I was pregnant. I eat six Smalls meals a day, n still not gaining no weight at all. Should I be worried at this point or this is normal?
5674598 tn?1372223422 I'm about 9 Weeks pregnant and only suffering slight morning sickness, no vomiting only the nausea. I weigh myself each week and over the last 3 Weeks I have lost weight. This week I lost 1.5 kilos!
Avatar m tn id say get him to the vet pretty soon, vomiting and losing weight while still very young can be detrimental to the puppies health and could cause serious consequences if left to long. you don't want your puppy to get dehydrated!
Avatar f tn I think your best bet is to go get checked out at the hospital, after two days and losing 4 pounds, which is probably water weight, your body has got to be feeling the effects of dehydration. Go get them to top up you fluids with an intravenous , and hopefully some gravol, and feel better soon!
Avatar n tn She is able to work but obviously gets very run down, and frustrated, and is losing weight fairly (not life-threateningly) rapidly (she is 180cm tall and now weighs 57kg). Some of the doctors (but no psychiatrists) have come up with bulimia or anorexia as the cause but this doesn't seem to add up. She works with sewage but no viruses or anything have been found.
Avatar f tn I'm 11 weeks pregnancy and I'm losing weight and I can't eat as normal . also I vomit too much is that normal?
Avatar n tn It really put a sent in my wellbeing, both physically and mentally. I ended up losing weight and my doctor was uncomfortable with the weight loss, so I've been on Diclectin for about two months now. It doesn't take all the nausea away, but it makes it so that now at least there is a break in the nausea. The best thing is to figure out your triggers. My triggers are heat and hunger, so I always make sure I have something to snack on and I don't wear many layers anymore.
Avatar f tn Bear13 is right, weight loss is common with severe depression (I've lost more than 70lbs in 18months, but that's because I lost my appetite and couldn't eat. It can't be normal to be eating more and losing weight...what about thyroid?