Losing weight by vinegar

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Avatar f tn i heard drinking lemon juice and vinegar together promote quick weight loss. is this true? if not, then what can i do to gain this result. my job depends on it. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/228402'>vinegar diet</a>.
1949068 tn?1449628519 What foods will help the body burn fat? I'm working on losing weight and I would like to know. So I can eat these food(s) to aid me on my weight lose journey! Thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn I agree that losing 20-25 lbs in a month is an unrealistic goal. Safe weight loss is 1-2 lbs/week. I'd recommend that you calculate your daily calorie needs and just start losing now and see how far you get in a month, but don't stop there. Once you reach your goal, you'll be set and won't have to worry about losing in a hurry.
Avatar f tn Tips on losing or maintaining your weight when you are chronically ill with fibro or CFS: Is your thyroid low ?? According to Kent Holtorf, M.D, "close to 100% of individuals with these syndromes have low thyroid. This is, however, usually not picked up on the standard blood tests because the TSH is not elevated in these individuals due to pituitary dysfunction." So what can you do ? You have two options that I'm aware of: http://www.medhelp.
Tbd Losing weight is good but it does not necessarily lowers your A1C. You should consider restricting the intake of carbs during meals and snacks. And of course exercise always helps fight insulin resistance and reduce your weight if necessary! For me the first step was eliminating sugar from my coffee ( though in my case it was not enough-my A1C was 11.7)You can replace it with artificial sweeteners though it is not recommended by everyone!
Avatar f tn If your scalp is extremely oily, you can control that just by doing a vinegar-water rinse at the end. Probably a tablespoon of vinegar in a basin of rinse water will help your hair look thick and fluffy and not oily.
Avatar n tn I had that problem when I was overweight so if that is a problem for you I would suggest losing some weight. Other than that yea you could have an infection so I would go to the doctor. I wouldn't insert anything foreign into the vagina just go get checked.
Avatar f tn I know a few girls who have tried green tea slimming pills from holland and barrett r these safe they have lost a lot of weight very fast also r apple vinegar tabs good for loosing weight??
Avatar f tn I am only 9 weeks pregnant and I feel so nauseous. I am losing weight instead of gaining weight. NOTHING sounds good other then salt and vinegar chips (which are obviously Terrible to eat).... any suggestions on what to do to help prevent feeling so nauseous and getting an appetite?
Avatar f tn But if you mean fat from a body it can be done only by burning it (apart from the surgery). You can burn the extra fat by creating the deficit of you daily calories allowance - dieting and/or by doing exercises. Combination of both of them works the most efficient.
Avatar n tn m constantly moving afterwards anyway), and drink water as well as apple cider vinegar. Why am I not losing weight?! If really thin people can eat this little and lose weight then why am I not losing tons of weight?! I'm getting fed up! Do I need to cut my calories more??? Exercise 2-3 hours instead of 1? WHAT?! Do I need to start back taking laxatives after every single thing I eat? WHAT DO I DO?!
Avatar f tn I'm about 13 weeks and keep losing weight. Not sure why. I eat, but i know I'm not getting the calories I need. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables mostly because that's what's sounds good. I'm also eating a lot of protein too. Anyone else experienced weight loss?
Avatar f tn I'm 11 weeks pregnant and losing weight day by day. I was 62.5 at the time of conception and now I'm 60.3. Is it normal? What can I do to increase weight.
9765511 tn?1405769853 Hi I like to eat a lot because i love foods but im trying to lose weight by exercising even more, im 5ft1.8in (157cm) and 122lbs (55kg). Do you think it will help?
Avatar f tn Weight can also be reduce by eating less fat and proteins foods items. Fruits are the best way to get energy and burn fat and reduce over weight. Daily exercises are must. Take proper rest and Don't take any work as over burden...
Avatar f tn //www.healthstatus.com/cgi-bin/calc/calculator.cgi I will be launching my online personal training site soon and if you want me to help you on a daily basis let me know thanks!
Avatar n tn Hi,I'd be glad if you gaved me some tips on losing belly and leg fat in 4 weeks By the way I'm 14 and I'd like some helpful healthy diet tips too...I'd like to look better on my last day as an 8th grader,with less weight.Could you help me?
Avatar f tn Hey ladies I'm 21weeks and keep losing weight. Im always been a petite woman but I was pushing 140 at 6 weeks now I'm down to 127. My doctor a first had no concern and suggest as long as I gain the 25+pounds by the end ill be fine. But now it has become an concern. I feel like I eat pretty good foods and smaller but more meals daily. But I'm not packing on the pounds. This is my second baby after an 8year gap I was 170 having my first at delivery.