Losing weight by throwing up food

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Avatar f tn you can talk to us on here heaarrtt. You are definately not alone! Your sister obviously doesn't understand, is she anorexic perhaps, or maybe she has other problems making her be mean to you? If she is anorexic (or bulimic, or both), it's actually a kind of mental illness and she won't be rational towards you. Don't let any unkind things she might say get to you Whenever anyone is being unkind, it's because they are unhappy themselves, it's never about you.
Avatar f tn Is it normal that I've lost like 10 to 12 pounds since my pregnancy I'm 15 weeks pregnant. I mean don't get me wrong I like the idea of losing weight instead of gaining it. But still concerned about my baby.
4945970 tn?1361450429 I lost 15 pounds my first trimester. I didn't start gaining the weight I needed till 18 weeks. I was healthy and so was my baby. I just couldn't eat because when I did I was throwing up. I've only gained a total of 4 pounds I believe my OB said. And I'm 22 weeks.
Avatar f tn I was the same way until about 8-9 weeks then I started throwing up daily until 15 weeks or so.
Avatar f tn This is my first baby & I'm 15weeks , I've been eating nonstop even after I eat a few minutes later I feel hungry again . I haven't been gaining no weight , instead I've been losing it . I haven't been throwing up , & don't know what's going on ??! Has this happened to anyone else ?
Avatar n tn I'm currently 9w3d and for the last week and a half Ive been throwing up nonstop to where I've lost 6lbs. And since Sunday, I've had the worse diarrhea ever. i get excruciating gas pains from it. any ideas on how to stop the diarrhea? amd settle my stomach?
Avatar f tn I'm a 31 y/o female, 4'11', 120lbs and I've been throwing up everything I eat or drink (no exceptions) for going on almost 4 years now. I've been to several doctors and specialists. I do not have an eating disorder, nor a food allergy, or ulcer/hernia. I've done the scopes, food diets, life style changes, oodles of food and stress diaries. It doesn't seem to matter how much or little I eat, what I eat, when, how fast.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 14 and for some reason have been throwing up after breakfast and not being able to keep food down in the morning. At first I thought I was allergic to eggs so I cut those out of my diet but I keep throwing up!! This makes me insecure because it's making me loose weight. i'm the lightest I've been in a few years and was upset about being too skinny before this happened. I just want to gain weight and be healthy again.
203342 tn?1328737207 When I started feeding Akira grain free food because of her food allergies, she actually lost some of her excess weight. She is still a little bit pudgy, but has lost four pounds since I got her. I am thrilled that she lost this amount of weight and isn't showing any signs of gaining any of the excess weight back. I don't want my precious fur baby to get diabetes because of weight issues.
Avatar n tn Our 4 year old Old English Sheepdog has been throwing up regularly for a few months. She always had a sensitive stomach and tended to throw up if she ate something other than her food or if she drank her water too fast but now she is throwing up yellow bile a couple times a week on an empty stomach. About a month ago she coughed up blood so we took her to the vet.
4483971 tn?1401777079 With the amount I've bed eating abd throwing up, I've been thinking about making a log. I'm kinda curious about how many calories I've been eating. Because I know it's not enough. Does any one do this? Or am I just being crazy?
Avatar n tn Vomiting for any cause is not normal. Eating, vomiting and losing weight can be caused by hyperthyroid, kidney disease and other abnormalities. Hyperthyroid is very well controlled with medication or Iodine 131 therapy. The sooner you find out the cause, the less potential damage to her system, and most of the causes are treatable.
Avatar f tn As one of the major and most common symptoms of worms is throwing up and then losing nutrition, therefore losing weight.
1182418 tn?1292437001 I was just wondering if anyone has lost weight during pregnancy that wasnt throwing up or has a loss of appetite? Ive been eating normal and not throwing up yet ive lost about 6lbs in the past 2 weeks. Is this normal? Im still in 1st trimester, but with my other pregnancies ive always gained a ton of weight, even in 1st trimester.
Avatar f tn I never threw up during my pregnancy and lost about 7 pounds. I didn't start gaining weight back until my 3rd trimester. Completely normal.
11696213 tn?1420470907 Anyone else losing weight? Im not throwing up or anything. I actually feel fantastic dont feel pregnant at all. Im a bigger girl and have been eating healthy (more then usual) and im dropping weight like crazy. Im down 15 pounds. Should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn I know its only four pounds but i feel like the nausea im getting (no throwing up yet, when did you moms to be start throwing up?) But I get sick to my stomach ALOT, so I dont and cant eat a lot. I am under some stress too and monday-saturday im either working 9-9 or in school 9-9... Is losing weight normal? Any suggestions for eating?
10380106 tn?1410962725 I was throwing up until 27 weeks and by week 30 had a crazy appetite.
Avatar f tn He seemed fine for awhile and now his stool is harder than it ever was but he is throwing up again here and there. I think it is the food...but what kind of food can I get to see if it helps? Any suggestions what to get a cat who has a digestive problem?
Avatar n tn Help, My Son is now 16 months and just refuses to eat most finger foods, he even is starting to not eat stage 3 which is what we give him now to get some nutrients in him. He will chew and mash it but refuses to swallow and spits it out. Most of the time as soon as he sees a fork or spoon before taking the first bite he's already throwing his arms up and screaming. This is every meal now. He appears to be hungry because he will point at it when he wants it but to no luck.
Avatar f tn but like i said i have no desire for them anymore. im just wondering if im losing weight due to throwing up so much, or from changing my eating habits, maybe a little of both? but ive read that it's ok to lose weight while pregnant but only if your already overweight to begin with. but ive already lost 25 lbs in 2 mos, that's seems excessive. my doc hasnt said anything about it. what do you think???
Avatar f tn So I'm 7 weeks pregnant and I have just weighed myself and I lost 4 lbs in two weeks.. but I feel as if I've packed on weight. . Not throwing up so just wondering if anyone else is going through this or has in the past?
931175 tn?1244457804 Anyway she finds when she does that, she involuntarily throws up. She only told me this recently, I did wonder why shes been losing weight. Apparantly it could threaten her life, and her ability to have children. Shes cut down on eating in general, a lot. I'm really worried about her. She is kind of ashamed about it, that much i do know. After we talked about it, she wanted to change the subject. and that i was 'no help' with any information. She didn;t ask me a question though.
Avatar f tn my cousin was throwing up up until she delivered. have you asked your doctor for nausea pills? try some water with a lemon wedge in there. it helps me.
Avatar f tn At this point in my over pregnancy I was extremely sick throwing up all the time am losing weight.