Losing weight by smoking

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Avatar f tn re eating like you should and not losing weight on purpose.
Avatar n tn My nicotine cravings are now under control, (I quit cold turkey so there is no nicotine substitute), so I have gone on a low fat, low calorie diet and I am participating in an exercise program of low impact aerobics. My problem is I am not losing weight. I have read that nicotine withdrawal slows your metabolism. Is this true and will I ever be able to lose this weight? Will my metabolism return to normal? Thanks, G.C.
Avatar m tn It's not uncommon for people who have quit smoking (congratulations, by the way!) to gain around ten pounds. That would be my first guess. But I wouldn't let that steer you back towards smoking!
Avatar f tn I had gastric by surgery in march. I lost 65 lbs. so far, but at times my weight loss slows down. I am working out and lifting weights. Am i building muscle? After a month I found I lost some weight.
1694492 tn?1372902994 I have a thyroid problem which makes it hard for me to lose weight, so I am really surprised I am losing weight so fast. The last time I checked my weight was in December and I was 160. I checked it this morning and I am 151.0. Is it normal to lose weight with bronchitis??? I haven't had it since I was a kid, so I don't know! My appetite is shot...I am forcing myself to eat...I just hate this and I need advice.
Avatar m tn i see a lot of pp they smoking like me (i use too) and they never losing weight, i restart smoking and losing everything , why?but the thing really is annoying is this nausea , probably now i know , why i was feel very week the beginning on this week , eating very little (because the cigarette) but now i eat i little more but the nausea kill me . any suggestion?
Avatar n tn I am sweating profusely when on the elliptical and believe me, I am giving my heart a strong 30 minute workout. Could there be a medical reason why I am not losing any weight or seeing any noticable difference with all of the effort I am putting forth?
Avatar f tn Losing 32 lbs in 13 days, along with coping with nicotine's absence, represents your body is under massive shock, an extremely unhealthy situation imo. Assorted and varied symptoms seem likely enough.
Avatar n tn Now I worry about my weight. I was working on losing weight when I got preg lost over 200 pounds was at 197 when I got prey. Now I'm up to 225. My doctor told me to cut back on food but if I eat any less I'll be starving myself. Is 28 pounds a lot to gain by 29 weeks? I'm worried I won't lose it.
Avatar f tn I had this happen a couple of years ago when I, too, quit smoking and by the time I could get my doctor to believe that there was something wrong (besides the pernicious anemia, he had already dx'd), I'd gained 30 pounds, was dead tired all the time, my hair was falling out, etc. It turned out that I had hypothyroidism/Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Another issue that can cause inability to lose weight, is insulin resistance, which is the same as pre-diabetes.
Avatar f tn kept food diary only eat 1200-1400 cal a day. quit smoking almost 2 yrs ago 4th time each time gained exactly 40 lbs this time looks like 30. i was told by a dr once that i had no metabolism. i exersize and it is tough with the fibro i am very active with gardening and cleaning house. i was wondering if i used the patch for quitting smoking if it would rev up my metabolism again or if there is a diet pill to increase met, i dont need for app sup. just get a met.
1738455 tn?1310867954 He suffered no withdrawal symptoms, but he did gain weight which he has had trouble losing. I stopped smoking gradually, perhaps over a period of five years. I occasionally want a cigarette, but resist. I did not gain any weight.
Avatar m tn I'm not a health professional but have read a lot of reports from my own stress tests, and it sounds like you have a strong heart. An ejection fractions of 70% is something those of us with heart problems would embrace. However, you were given a big warning. Your family history suggests heart problems will visit you, especially because you smoke and are considered obese. I'ts not easy to quit, I know, but certainly it's possible. Losing weight is tough, also.
Avatar f tn But if you mean fat from a body it can be done only by burning it (apart from the surgery). You can burn the extra fat by creating the deficit of you daily calories allowance - dieting and/or by doing exercises. Combination of both of them works the most efficient.
Avatar f tn I'm about 13 weeks and keep losing weight. Not sure why. I eat, but i know I'm not getting the calories I need. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables mostly because that's what's sounds good. I'm also eating a lot of protein too. Anyone else experienced weight loss?
Avatar f tn I'm 11 weeks pregnant and losing weight day by day. I was 62.5 at the time of conception and now I'm 60.3. Is it normal? What can I do to increase weight.