Losing weight by quitting alcohol

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Avatar m tn I stopped drinking alcohol for 17 days now and I am losing weight. I lOst about 3 kilos in this period. I also had some stress but my experianse with stress did not show weight lose I. The past. Can that be a reason of this weight lose? Or is this something I need to go to the doctor for?
1669446 tn?1303551937 I have been using for the last 15 years of my life, and when i say using, that includes every drug possible. When I quit on February 20th, i started losing weight rapidly! I went from a size 11 jeans down to a 0! is that normal?
481269 tn?1208280771 It worked great for me loosing weight. But, I do have 2 friends that mixed alcohol and phentermine and it was NOT a pretty site. It can increase some of the side effects of phentermine. It makes you have the ability to drink a lot more than you are used to, and it actually made both of my friends crazy in behavior.
Avatar f tn I found out that was eating less than before just by paying attention. In a nutshell I now eat way less, lost weight (slowly but steadily) and feel way better....without any diet. (Oh - I cut back alcohol as well...). My only recipe was Consumed Calories > Calory Intake...
Avatar f tn If you are experiencing ED symptoms, see your doctor right away for diagnosis and treatment options. Treatment may include lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking or losing weight; medications such as phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (such as sildenafil [Viagra], tadalafil [Cialis], vardenafil [Levitra]) or penile injections; surgery to correct blockages in the veins that drain the penis; or a penile implant. Continue reading- https://24healthgoods.
Avatar n tn This means eating nutritious, balanced meals, regular exercise, maintaining an optimal weight, quitting smoking and limiting your alcohol intake. For more information, visit your nearest cardiovascular wellness center. Many of these conduct free heart health awareness programs that you can take advantage of! Cardiovascular Wellness: http://www.brighamandwomens.
Avatar f tn Lifestyle changes, such as avoiding alcohol or muscle relaxants, losing weight, and quitting smoking ,ay also help. Take care and best regards..
Avatar f tn I drank for many MANY years. Married and divorced 3 times, lost custody of my daughter etc. Losing my daughter was by far the worst thing i ever experienced and i wouldnt wish that on my worst enemy. Right now she is seeing that drinking is an acceptable thing and it is what you do to handle the stress of everyday life. Please get yourself into some sort of counseling and check out AA. We bury a ton of demons while we are numbing ourselves up and we have to deal with them.
Avatar n tn some guys I talked to suggest its my tolerance for alcohol that is working against the procedure.... could that be true?...Alcohol has me trapped coz it just makes me escape and makes me think jolly thoughts ,romantic even..with out me being able to realize these in real life...sad but true....
9299142 tn?1402941543 I'm quitting alcohol too n I'm 6months pregnant ...
Avatar m tn Is it normal to experience a constant thirst and frequent urination with anxiety problems? I also recently quit drinking and some days especially at night I just always feel thirsty. This always makes me nervous that maybe im diabetic or something so I started checking my blood sugar but it has been within normal range each time I've tested it. I drink ALOT probably close to 2 gallons a day and I don't go anywhere without a cup of water, milk, or juice with me.
Avatar f tn Congratulations on your choice to quit drinking, it won't be long until the smell of alcohol goes. After quitting myself for the last 13+ years I can tell you that I very early on hated the smell of alcohol, so you may be getting more sensitive to the smell since quitting...
Avatar n tn PLEASE advise I am so tense and disturbed since the TGL is not coming to normal inspite of SO MUCH weight loss and losing weight is NOT good as my husband is NOT overweight and he needs the normal weight which his body was used to for so many years.
Avatar m tn I did this through my Community Drug and Alcohol Centre which I was refered to by my GP. I also have my own counsellor and attend a mutual suppport group. Can I just stress the importance of support and after care as this thing is very very hard to do alone! Do you have any support networks set up?
Avatar f tn Polyps in stomach Ulcers in oesophagus Gastritis in stomach and duodenum Losing weight might help Reduce oil Reduce spices Reduce alcohol Reduce citrus
Avatar m tn Hello, I am in my 50s. I started drinking heavily 10 years ago. I just stopped last Fri. I knew there would be side effects like increased pulse, BP, shakes, etc..., but I did not know that GI symptoms were a part of it. I was not fat before I started drinking. Never have been. I put on at least 60 pounds since I started. My abdomen got huge. I felt really deformed with no self esteem.
Avatar f tn But if you mean fat from a body it can be done only by burning it (apart from the surgery). You can burn the extra fat by creating the deficit of you daily calories allowance - dieting and/or by doing exercises. Combination of both of them works the most efficient.
644974 tn?1312758070 But I have started losing weight now. I am 37w5d. My last 3 dr appointments I have lost about 2 lbs per visit. But if quitting smoking means putting on some extra weight, who cares!!! You quit smoking!!! That is considered the hardest addiction to kick! So congrats again, and dont worry about the weight gain! :) I am very proud of you! I haven't been able to manage to quit, but I am still cutting back.
Avatar f tn I'm about 13 weeks and keep losing weight. Not sure why. I eat, but i know I'm not getting the calories I need. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables mostly because that's what's sounds good. I'm also eating a lot of protein too. Anyone else experienced weight loss?