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4193337 tn?1355698372 t stopped eating or anything but I do force myself to drink lots of water and am back to eating tons of fruit. Is this safe that I am losing weight? This is my second pregnancy and I know during the last few weeks you can lose a few but I am still a ways away from that. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn I'm a little confused. Is anyone else losing weight? I'm 11weeks 5days. My weight before pregnancy was 180. 6weeks prego my weight was 168, 8weeks was 161, today i'm at 155. I thought in the beginning it was from morning sickness and being actually sick, but for 3 weeks i haven't had a lot of morning sickness since i started drinking sprite and i haven't been sick. I thought for sure by mid 11 weeks i would have gained at least a pound or two. Am I the only one losing?
7470604 tn?1396498950 I told the doctor about all I did then she informed me that what was causing me to gain so much weight were the bananas and oranges :( I had been stuffing my face eating nothing of them without knowing there not all that healthy in pregnancy :( doctor said only thing is good is apples and all fruits ending with berry, like strawberries and so on,did any of you ladies know about this? has your doctor said the opposite?
Avatar m tn Apples, as cancer fighters, The list is effective, even for losing weight, without losing nurishment... Exercise for loosing, weight, will only get you hungry, exercise is for toneing, the muscles. It is in eating veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds cerial breads, dark fish: i.e. Salmon, Clean filtered Water. Getting your water from: Melons, watermellons, etc, is smart... Well, at least while you are waiting for the next FAD DIET, Once a day every day.
1577478 tn?1296177497 Im 13, 5'4 and Im 162 pounds! I need to lose weight fast. I have asthma so exersice is hard for me. Ill do ANYTHING to lose weight fast. Anything I can do?
Avatar m tn As I said I’ve seen undigested food in it, most notably oranges and carrots. I’ve also been losing some weight though I don’t know if that’s attributed to whatever is wrong with me or perhaps my stress and anxiety mixed with my loss of appetite and soft food diet.
Avatar m tn As I said I’ve seen undigested food in it, most notably oranges and carrots. I’ve also been losing some weight though I don’t know if that’s attributed to whatever is wrong with me or perhaps my stress and anxiety mixed with my loss of appetite and soft food diet.
Avatar n tn its been almost 3 months since i have been dieting n exercising in gym ... and i have lost 13 kgs.. but it been 2 weeks i am not losing weight ... my diet is same ... taking less than 1000 calories in a day... n exercise for two to 3 hours daily.... but weight has stopped reducing .. dont know whyy :( ... need help... want to lose 4 to 5 kg more in 30 to 35 days...
403311 tn?1205951286 I was wondering is it ok to feed dog oranges?, my chocolate lab loves fruits and vegetables, I know onions, grapes, raisins and garlic are toxic to dogs, but are oranges or any other fruit not good to give dogs. does anyone know?
Avatar f tn But if you mean fat from a body it can be done only by burning it (apart from the surgery). You can burn the extra fat by creating the deficit of you daily calories allowance - dieting and/or by doing exercises. Combination of both of them works the most efficient.
1528908 tn?1291833806 I think that diet is an overlooked method of losing weight. If you know exactly what kinds of foods to eat, you can reach your weight loss goals simply by changing your diet. The secret is called a “raw food” diet. A raw food diet is a diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Keep all the food you eat raw. When you eat foods in their natural state, you avoid a lot of excess fat, sodium, and oils. Eating a pure diet will restore you body ph or acidity level.
Avatar f tn Nothing helps most things make it worse and I am now losing weight. I am so miserable and willing to try anything at this point.
Avatar f tn I'm about 13 weeks and keep losing weight. Not sure why. I eat, but i know I'm not getting the calories I need. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables mostly because that's what's sounds good. I'm also eating a lot of protein too. Anyone else experienced weight loss?
Avatar f tn I'm 11 weeks pregnant and losing weight day by day. I was 62.5 at the time of conception and now I'm 60.3. Is it normal? What can I do to increase weight.
Avatar m tn provided that i stick to a lower diet and exercises when can i expect to see some changes in my weight? is the change in my blood pressure normal or should i be concerned?
Avatar f tn Weight can also be reduce by eating less fat and proteins foods items. Fruits are the best way to get energy and burn fat and reduce over weight. Daily exercises are must. Take proper rest and Don't take any work as over burden...
1519805 tn?1291058650 I'm 18 yrs old & I've always been a chubby chick but my weight is increasing ridicioulsly. I'm really up for losing weight but its just so hard for me I've tried so many things & don't really see results so I give up. I want to go to a dietician or a fat camp I don't care I jus want to loose weight. Please help me!
Avatar f tn Its good you've set a goal and are looking to find out how to achieve it! However losing 15 pounds in a month is unrealistic and unhealthy. Did you know it takes about a year for your body to adjust to losing 10 pounds? It's important to remember weight loss is a marathon and not a sprint. In order to lose weight and keep it off, you shouldn't look at it as weight loss but a way to become healthier!
11696213 tn?1420470907 Anyone else losing weight? Im not throwing up or anything. I actually feel fantastic dont feel pregnant at all. Im a bigger girl and have been eating healthy (more then usual) and im dropping weight like crazy. Im down 15 pounds. Should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn They should be able to set and appropriate goal weight for you, and give you some tips on losing some weight. Never try starving yourself or making yourself throw up. You are wonderfully made. Keep going. You can do it.
Avatar n tn Hi there, Hope you are doing well. A good dietary regime and exercises all will be helpful in losing weight. Losing weight in a healthy way is important for maintaining the glow of your skin. Eat lots of fruits, dark green leafy vegetables, fruits and consume less of potato, sweetened and processed foods. Start your day by drinking lemon juice in warm water. Have fruits with lots of vitamin C in breakfast that will help you cut fats as vitamin C is a fat burner.
Avatar f tn Hello, I wanted to know what kind of diet pill I can take for losing weight?