Losing weight by not drinking soda

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Avatar f tn Nick: One other thing I forgot... Drinking LOTS of water helps in losing weight... You should be drinking a minimum of 100 ozs per day.. or at least 3 quarts.. and be sure and drink the water all through the day..not a whole lot at once...again Hope this is some help...
Avatar f tn It depends on your original size for how worried they will get. Mine is caused by losing weight due to eating healthier and not drinking soda anymore.
Avatar n tn (people are saying maybe the weights are gaining muscle) I lose about 400 calories on the Skiing machine machine (to work both arms and lose weight), it says in about 35 minutes. sometimes I lose 500 in 42 minutes. Why am I not losing any weight? In fact I gained 3 lbs. Do I need to cut out weights completely? Do I need to go to the gym 5 days a week and do more cardio? I ate very few carbs for many years. I have just now started eating a few because evreyone says I should.
1688437 tn?1307982369 ve actually had friends tell me that the easiest part of losing weight was cutting out soda. Stress can also cause some weight loss so the stress of a new job cam be causing some of that as well. Try not to think the worst and be happy that youre losing some weight if you would like to lose some weight. During my worst anxiety episodes i lost 14lbs in about a month and a half. Its not uncommon for stress to cause some weight loss.
Avatar f tn I recently found out that i have been losing weight since the pregnancy and usually i never lose weight. Im not sure if its because i stopped drinking sodas or if this is just a bad way to start off my pregnancy.
5147790 tn?1364304489 t that hypothyroidism, insulin resistance or PCOS, all of which can cause weight gain and/or make losing next to impossible. Good luck and keep posting.
5700140 tn?1372651764 Its not in my profile it said that I was drinking soda cause I am depessed...drinking my sorrow up i sleep all the time cause of that...
Avatar f tn Prior to pregnancy, I have been trying to lose weight to no avail. Now that I am pregnant, I seem to be losing 1-3 pounds a week! I am not exercising as much as I tire way easier than before, I am drinking the same amount of water as before, and I think I am eating the same amount of food (I don't want to eat more as I can only gain 10-15 pounds during the entire pregnancy), so how is this possible? Please help.
Avatar f tn 2 and weigh about 140 . recently i had two crowns put in and stopped drinking soda, my weakness, i did drink about 3 cans a day. i know they are bad but it made food taste so much better. since the crowns i have not had a soda, its been 3 days. i want to lose about 15 lbs before summer , we are going to the beach. it might not seem like much to some of you but i have a slight problem i am a 38d i was a 44dd in 98 but i had a breast reduction the dr removed 7 lbs from them.
Avatar n tn All I have simply been doing is cutting out some of what i eat, not drinking soda as much, walking about 20 minutes a day and lifting a 15 lb dumbbell in several different ways. Thanks for any help that you can provide!
Avatar f tn Your bones don't change. Why do you want to weigh 80 lb. Are you 4'9"? If you are 5'2", then go tell your doctor you have anorexia nervosa and he will hospitalize you before you go into organ failure. Maybe they can help you.
Avatar f tn I would like to lose more, just not sure I'll keep going at the same rate. It would be nice to lose 29 lbs or so before delivery and lose another several from delivery. I didn't drop weight from not drinking soda, I rarely had that in the first place-just don't care for it. I currently have a foot injury (lingering for the past 4 weeks, but when that gets better, I hope to get out walking more to aid in the weight loss.
Avatar f tn I was finally getting a handle on losing weight when I found out about my first pregnancy.. that was in 2011.. never lost that baby weight an more so this time I'm heavier than I've ever been.. I have got to get this weight off me once and for all!! Baby not due til Sept but I know this is something I have to do.. I can't stand myself like this.. Best workouts, diets, plans that have worked for you??? Overall I need to lose about a hundred pounds honestly.
Dinosaur Just eliminating soda from your diet will go a long way toward losing weight. You don't have to quit all at once... just start slow and replace one soda/day with a glass of water. Once you're comfortable with that, replace another soda each day with water. Continue until water is your drink of choice. I'm not real fond of plain water, so I keep fresh lemons in the fridge and I drop a lemon wedge/slice into my glass.
Avatar f tn if you drink soda everyday stop drinking it. If you eat dairy products a lot, eleminate them. If you want drop the pounds in a few days, follow this plan. Drink only tea for breakfast and lunch, then have a big salad with chicken or something healthy for dinner; Don't forget to drink lots of water!! For exercise, do an hour long workout video on YouTube 4 days a week. I lost 10 pounds in 4 days on a missions trip, all I drank was tea, water and ate small portions at lunch and dinner.
Avatar f tn (700 calorie per day X 5 days= 3500 calories. Now... you can increase the daily calorie deficiency by exercising more and lose weight faster. One hour of walking will burn up about 300-325 calories if you walk at a moderate speed. Bottom line is learn how to determine how many calories your using daily and then know how many calories your eating daily... that way you will know if your doing what you should be doing to lose weight. Ok next.
Avatar f tn The easiest way to lose weight is to cut out junk food, including soda, chips, ice cream and other sweets and eat veggies, fruit and lean protein, keeping portion sizes in check. You don't say your age, so that could make a difference.
Avatar f tn You can still drink soda tea and coffee you just have to limit it a little bit and drink a lot of water so you dont get dehydrated. Soda tea and coffee are not going to help you stay hydrated at all.
Avatar f tn Hey, I am also 16 & I weight 177 pounds, but I am 5'6 & I am trying to lose 20 lbs, if you want advice or help with anything, let me know. My doctor recommended 3-4 times a week workouts & eating 1500 calories a day, COUNT your calorie intake!
Avatar f tn I still went out with my friends and had fun, just that I was drinking non alcoholic drinks. You can have apple juice with soda, or long drinks without the alcohol and still have a good time.