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Avatar n tn Can jogging (40 min a day), biking (not mountain biking), lifting (6kg weight), push-ups or abs exercises cause retinal tears or RD? I am high myopic (-31) with lattice deg. and have PVD right now. I have very low blood pressure and also very fat because afraid of doing sports. I am 25. Thanks very much.
Avatar f tn Also, he came home tonight and went on a bike ride because he's "out of shape" and I LOVE mountain biking so it ***** that I can't go and that he's losing weight and getting in shape and I'm going to be trying to get into shape throughout the summer while taking care of a baby too and he'll be able to out-bike me lol
Avatar n tn Have you tried using an inhaler about 30 minutes before exercise to see if it makes a difference? A pulmo could also check you for EIA. If you are just out of shape, you should see improvement if you go slowly with your training... If it's asthma, and you don't treat it, you probably won't.
Avatar n tn If you were my patient I would recommend you stop mountain biking and all contact sports. The biggest risk factor for a retinal detachment (RD) is a RD in the other eye. So the risk of a RD in you 'good eye' is probably 5-9%. I have spend many summers in the mountains around Jackson WY and watched many mountain bikers take some terrible wipeouts. When I was younger I did 100 mile bike rides and competed in triathlons.
Avatar m tn Ten days ago I did some heavy mountain biking, something I don't do often so I wake up with sore legs and back, etc. Four days later (6 days ago) I had protected sex with a girl but and gave me unprotected oral for about 30 seconds up to a minute. Over the last two days I've been noticing some clear discharge from my penis and some tingling sensation at the top.
Avatar f tn I think its like most things with pregnancy do at your own risk kind of thing. If your bot mountain biking uou should be ok lol. I am sure a stroll around the block with your son is not going to hurt anything.
Avatar n tn Left ventricle: Normal wall motion. LVEF 60-65% Left atrium: Increased size Aortic Valve: Trileaflet in morphology. Mild sclerosis. Peak gradient 3mmHg Tricuspid Valve: Mild regurgitation. RSVP 27mmHg Pericardium: Normal Conclusions: Normal LVEF Mild TR No pericardial effusion Increased left atrial size. I love mountain biking and it has become the best sport i ever did. I recently though started to rock climb. I want to just make sure at 27 years old I will not drop dead pushing myself!
Avatar f tn I am a 60 yr young woman who used to be a professional dancer and has exercise since childhood through adulthood. I was Mountain Biking this last week, as I always do, and after a while without any apparent reason my heart rate started to climb and it reached 200 bpm and started to fluctuate going down and going up and stayed like that for around 30 minutes until it stay at its normal rate. This happened once before last year exactly the same.
Avatar m tn After mountain biking in the countryside I get a sore throat, I can taste metallic or blood in the mouth, but there is no blood there. I don't get this walking, even walking up a mountain, just cycling. When on the bike my nose starts running especially now during winter, when sat at home, it feels like mucus going to my lungs making me have chesty cough. I told the doctor about it two years ago, I told them I feel faint after going up hill.
Avatar f tn First if your body is not getting enough foods it can easily go into starvation mode and decide to hold or even gain weight. 1200 calories seems very low, especially given how much you exercise. So maybe you should keep your food around 1300 at minimum? It's hard to know the "sweet" spot that will keep your body healthy while loosing weight, but if you don't find it you will have a really hard time loosing weight.
Avatar f tn Losing as much as 18 pounds in one month is not a healthy way to lose weight and chances are, if you do lose that quickly, you'll gain back as soon as you start eating normal again.
Avatar m tn I was hoping to re-open this thread really quick, but should mountain biking be avoided for those with high myopia?
Avatar n tn Just last night I was able to start straightening and then today I was mountain biking and I fell on it and it hurts and looks swollen again. I can still make a fist but it is very painful.
Avatar m tn I am a 41 year old male that is extremely active mountain biking 4 days per week and surfing 2-3 days per week. Last September 2012 I experienced very transient (20-30 seconds) of sharp pain in my throat in the region (just superior to manubrium) where you can palpate your pulse (not carotid artery) while mountain biking. I have always had PVCs for at least the last 10-15 years. At any rate I decided to play it safe and saw a cardiologist. The initial EKG was normal.
Avatar n tn I have recently lost a lot of weight and I have struggled with my weight for a long time but there is no quick fix, you need to follow a plan of healthy eating and exercise and I know that is not what you want to hear but losing weight is a life choice and you will need to think about what you eat for the rest of your life as your body has got to be with you for the rest of your life.
Avatar n tn Ok- so if it not herpes due to the test results (which i am getting retested at the end of this month...ugh)- then what do these symptoms suggest (and I am not sure if Mountain Biking Could have anything to do with it...they started about two months ago- same time I started biking about once per week)...Abnormal Discharge, Bleeding between periods, Long periods- 8-10 days, and open sores (much like scrapes) around the anus- they are always in the same place- that are painful to the touch.
Avatar f tn At the moment, I am roughly 145 cms tall and weigh roughly 45 kgs but will have to check that, I am 19 and female and would love to weigh between 35 kgs and 40 kgs, I am on My Fitness Pal but am really not sure if I am going about losing weight properly and I want to lose the weight safely and by October this year so was wondering if this is ok to do. What exercises should I do, I do a lot of walking and want to do this without getting obsessed about it.
Avatar m tn m dealing with it right now. Prudendal nerve damage due to recently aquiring HPV, and probably too much amazing mountain biking..
8101930 tn?1420001456 ) hope this helps!
395769 tn?1318449682 My doc told me that biking (no mountain biking), swimming, walking, badminton and those tpes of sports where you are not jumping up and down all the time are great. She told me NO RUNNING, I mean I'm not an avid runner so that did not disappoint me. 2x week I hit the pool for laps and 3x week for aquafit. Hubby and I were biking 10km while I as in first trimester and i was fine.....super friggin tired sooner than I used to be but fine.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if anyone who has exercise induced asthma could tell me what their symptoms are and how it differs from someone with regular asthma.... I have been mountain biking and exercising for over 3 years and my cardio/endurance has very very slowy gotten better compared to other riders of my skill and age for that matter. I am 27 years old male 5'10 200 pounds.
Avatar n tn like shall i stop my mountain biking and swimming habit? and why do i see the pinpoint flashes if my retina is 100% healthy?
Avatar m tn I stopped smoking for over a month and is now taking mountain biking for about 3 months already. Just recently, for almost a week now I noticed that my penis is turtling/retraction which is not common for me (quite irritating). It seems that my penis shrunk. I can still have morning erections and such though. I have read about bike seats that may cause compression on the veins and bought a new seat. However, I am scared that it may not comeback, so I stopped biking and exercising altogether.
Avatar f tn Bicycling is okay but the risks of fall and head/eye trauma great. Mountain biking is best avoided. Head/face/eye protection mandatory. Weightlifting is not high risk provided you use moderate weights and use high reps to fatigue and stress the muscles. So power lifting and trying to grab and snatch or military press 400 lbs is best avoid. Boxing and martial arts are totally out. Also avoid amusement type rides that whip, jerk and snap the head and body around.
Avatar n tn s one thing to lose weight, another to lose a specific amount in a short amount of time. Losing slowly and steadily by changing your lifestyle and diet is the way to go, but nobody can tell you how quickly the weight will come off. It depends on your metabolism, how much exercise you can handle, and how disciplined and knowledgeable you are about eating healthfully.
Avatar f tn Exactly. Go to the Dr. to be sure, but you should know that type 1 diabetes isn't caused by being underweight, it's an autoimmune disease. Basically you get an infection somewhere and your body attacks its own pancreas. After this happens, you gradually become extremely dehydrated. I would say this is more of a common symptom than losing weight.
Avatar n tn b) being on Sotalol through the summer and still road and mountain biking just about as much as I typically do during the season my conclusion is this: the Sotalol does, to a degree, inhibit 'cardio' workouts and training benefits. I didn't have even close to the same improvement curve I've come to experience, even after 'plateau' rides of many miles and hours. The Sotalol kept me from getting to a comfortable heart rate...