Losing weight by hot bath

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495284 tn?1333894042 You may want to try melatonin, sleepytime tea (celestial seasonings) or benadryl for sleep - the calcium/magnesium will help with legs and creepy skin.....so will a hot bath and also a heating pad (not while in bath!!!) - lots of tricks....
Avatar n tn I have to agree with you 100%, a hot hot bath is one of the only things that makes me feel even a tad bit better for a tiny bit of time. Not sure why, perhaps it is enough to relax my muscles, but it helps. If only I could take multiple baths a day!!!
3062924 tn?1350414109 steaming hot baths arent good for you while pregnant, try a nice warm bath nothing better than lying back in the water and feeling weightless very relaxing try it, and enjoy
Avatar n tn I'm 7 weeks and I want to know if a hot bath will cause me to have a miscarriage ?
Avatar f tn Yea thanks It was turnning my hands red so I added some cooler water I didnt feel like I was to hot by sweating but my heart was pounding idk im just a nervose nelly I just dont want to hurt the baby
8550901 tn?1400740690 Hello ladies I'm 32 weeks pregnant and like taking hot showers and bath most of the time . Is this harmful for the baby? Have anybody else took hot bath or showers or take them?
Avatar f tn I'm 13 weeks and I've lost 7 lbs. I've only thrown up 2 times so I can't blame morning sickness. I had the hardest time losing weight before I was pregnant now it's super easy cause I'm not trying to!
Avatar f tn Hmm I've never heard of that. I have 7 days left and I heard a taking a nice warm hot not too hot hitting your back will help with pain..your lucky though I'm not even dialting at all.
Avatar f tn hi eneryone,I am now 26 weeks and 5 days pregnant..yesterday i took a hot bath for 15 minutes..i didnt immersed my tummy...but upto hips was under hot water..now i am much worried that my action have caused any harm to my baby?
Avatar f tn T get in. Its just like tanning in a tanning bed.
Avatar f tn I'm 38 weeks and I'm ready to see my baby boy lol will a hot bath help induce my labor?
Avatar f tn t take hot baths. Am I going to be okay?
Avatar f tn I take hot baths still. Always have! Not too hot but hot enough i wont bring my toddler in with me until i have cooled it down.
Avatar f tn I really have been wanting a bath lately I am 36 weeks but I think I have been losing my mucus pug is it alright still to have a bath :-)
Avatar f tn I know it's not good to take a super hot bath but how hot is too hot? I like my baths hot but I've started taking a warm bath. Do you think my water may still be to hot?
Avatar m tn We are here to try and help, so do you want us to get out our crystal ball and see if we can determine what you would like to find out, or would you please just make it easy on us by asking questions?
Avatar f tn You can't take hot ones.
Avatar f tn You can take a bath at anytime. You hear people say you can't because of a misconception about temperature. You don't want your body temp to rise above 100 for more than 10-15 min because your baby can't sweat and therefore will be too hot. But to do this you have to be in a hot tub. A regular bath will maintain a temp off 100 that long, so you're fine. Going into detail because I'm sick of reading people who think they can't take a bath! Lol.
Avatar f tn Is it possible to get hiv by taking bath with hot water containing hiv infected semen or blood or vaginal fluid . My penis head is open , not covered by skin .
Avatar f tn Quick question, I had my egg retrival on Wed, Transfer is tomorrow. Is it ok to take a bath tonight? My clinic didn't specify not to, but I've seen differing opinions. Of course it's all I can think about doing since i'm not sure if I can!
Avatar f tn You can take a bath just make sure the water temp is not to hot or it can harm the baby. Water can't get in there because of the mucos plug.