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Avatar f tn OH My God!!! I am so disgusted with the way I feel and Look!!
Avatar f tn I hope that the 8 pounds comes off easily after stopping the Yaz. I decided to take a pill break and hope things revert to normal. The only postitive aspect of Yaz for me was that my skin looks great. It did not help with my fatigue.
Avatar f tn I went off Yaz and started to notice weight gain after a few months, in about 2 years I gained a little over 40 lbs. I am absolutely miserable. I've tried dieting, exercising, and nothing has happened. I don't fit into any clothes, I hate my body and I have no idea what else to do. I had my hormone levels tested and my testosterone is a little high (45pg/ml).
Avatar f tn I also have the exact same symptoms. I feel so bloated all the time and since being on Yaz for over 3 years now, I'm weighing more than I ever weighed in my life. I started taking Yaz right after I had my daughter and I just can't seem to lose the weight. I've tried taking other brands but did not like it. I'm actually thinking about resorting to the ring.
689528 tn?1364135841 I do understand that hyper and hypo can go back and forth. By that I mean one can be hyper, then hypo or the other way. IDK I am not convinced that birth control pills or hormones have any affect,.I take YAZ myself, and in the past were on another type Perhaps others with this experience could chime in here?? We ALL have weight issues here, due to the slowing down of the metabolism with a low thyroid.
Avatar f tn Suddenly all of the these symptoms happen to me anxiety,rapid heart beat,numbness and tingling after stopping yaz. I became numb,shaky,and pale at work shortly after that and they had to call 911. They told me I was having an anxiety attack. I coud not believe them I have never had anxiety before in my life.
Avatar n tn are you under a lot of stress?exercising a whole bunch? losing or gaining weight fast? these can make the arrival of your period delayed or absent. If you have taken a pregnancy test recently, wait a few days to one week and test again. wether the response is positive or negative i would make an appointment with an obgyn to find out whats going on exactly.
1447404 tn?1284604228 This is my first week on these two medications. I was told that I have PCOS a week ago. I was wondering what side effects you have had from these drugs. Over the past year, I have gained 50 pounds by changing nothing at all. This gain happened while I was doing 1.5 hr cardio a day with weights & eating around 800 calories. (5'4, 160 now). My Dr. told me that Metformin would help with lowering my weight.Yet, I'm now on Yaz.
Avatar m tn i had the same problems with Yaz. I was on yasmin and when asking for more from my doctor she accidenty wrote yas...not yasmine so i tried it for a few months. it was horrible. I become very depressed and moody, gained weight, had bad acne, and become very paranoid. I switched to levora which i've been on ever since ( 3yrs). My symptoms all went away once i stopped taking Yaz. I'm not sure if it would take 4 months of your hormones to regulate...
Avatar f tn I am putting on weight after i have marina IUD. My periods ended up on just spotting and no more regular bleading. I also have hair growth under my chin. I am planning to get rid of this IUD. Please help me if any one else having this kind of issues. Any other suggations for birth control.
Avatar n tn I never considered mirena, or, any iud for that matter, could cause weight gain because it does not go into the blood stream. Before this i was using Yaz and was steadily loosing weight on a good eating and exercise plan. I just went today, day 11 and had it removed. Does anyone know how long it will take to loose this weight? I can't believe the amount of weight i have gained in 10 days!! Any suggestions would be great!
Avatar f tn I was on Lo Lo Estren and it was perfect but insurance wanted a generic so I was given a generic for Yaz. Now I am losing my mind! I am super anxious all the time and suddenly jealous of every woman that my husband works with. I obsess over silly things that I would never worry about before. I am switching back ASAP but I was wondering if anyone else has been through this with Yaz as well. I don't know how long I can take this until the pill is out of my system!
Avatar n tn Has anyone used yaz to treat endometriosis? has any one got pregnant after using it? and also has inflmmation in the uterus?
Avatar f tn Question for anyone out there using the birth control pill Yaz. Has ya'lls period stopped completely? Need to know if that is normal.
Avatar f tn birth control does make you gain weight. i hear it's as much as 5- 15 lbs!
Avatar n tn Yes. Metformin helps you to lose weight. BUT....you need to stay on a diet to help this out. I too take metformin 500mg 2x a day and Yasmin. Been on both since 9/14/08, and have lost close to 60lbs. Try staying away from all sugary snacks and drinks. No soda, stick with water and ice tea (no sugar) or seltzer with lemon or lime. Eat lots of fruits and veggies during the day. I stick to 5 meals a day, 2 snacks and 3 meals (sometimes its 3 snacks).
Avatar f tn A couple of weeks ago I decided to go off the pill (Yaz) because I was wondering if it was making me feel sick (I've been taking the pill for over a year now). I was just wondering a) if anybody else has felt sick on Yaz; b) if going off it helped; and c) how long it took for the pill to get out of your system? Thanks for any help. (I'm 18).
Avatar f tn I have been on yaz for 3 months now. I am tired all the time. I can't sleep at night but can't get out of the bed in the morning. I have been have cramps all over my body. My legs,side,face, and every where in my muscles. I went to the Dr for blood work. They said my thyroid is not working right so they did more blood work. I am tired of hurting all the time. My OBGY said its not yaz. But I am worried. I am 40 and I'm not use to feeling like this.
Avatar f tn I have found a lot of information linking gallbladder disease with the BC pill Yaz. I myself have been going through some major health issues since about 2 months after I started taking the pill. Although the pill has cleared my acne and evened out my hormone levels, I've been to several doctors because of a pain in my right side. I've also had my appendix removed because of a misdiagnosis. Now my doctors are convinced that I have to have my gallbladder removed.
Avatar n tn A year a ago I was on a pill and I thought that my anxiety and weight was an issue so I changed to the Yaz combined pill. My anxiety and weight haven't changed. I have never had trouble with weight until this past 2 years and although I am watching what I eat and exercise 3 times a week nothings is working. I also get extremely lethargic the week before my period and this has been since my last child 10 years ago. Is there any pill out there that will help?
Avatar f tn Well I took Yaz for 3 months and at the end my fiancee kindly asked me to switch, because I was so depressed and crying over everything. My body hurt so much also, headaches, stomach, then I started asking my girlfriends about it - all of them that tried it, got off it very quickly. But it might effect you differently..
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend 8 days after she started YAZ after being off of BC for months. I think I may have come a little inside, and pulled out for 97% of climax. I know the packaging says your protected after 7 days. But I usually ALWAYS use a condom, but slipped up this one time. Stupid I know. Other thing is, she doesnt take the pill at the same time every day. What are the odds she can be pregnant?
1232362 tn?1333135406 I'm a healthy 46 yr old who has been taking Yaz for almost a year. About 5 years ago I was hospitalized for cholic-y gallbladder. I've seen commercials stating a correlation between the Yaz and gallbladder issues; should I be concerned? All my labs have been normal the past several times and the one time I experienced pain in the appropriate place it was diaged as a pulled muscle. Also: how do I differentiate between the 2? The pain was quite similar.
358971 tn?1330888975 I asked about metformin and she said that it was a dangerous drug and some actually gain weight on it (not what i need!). She said PCOS would be helped by YAZ b/c because it would trick my body into thinking it doesn't need to produce estradiol which will lower my levles, which right now are high, and that it will balance out progesterone.