Losing weight after working out

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Avatar f tn Hi I been working out for 2 weeks have not lost 1 pound??
Avatar m tn I would like to know is it better to eat before working out or is it better to work out then eat. My problem is I find that If I eat first I become more lazy. I seem to have more energy before I eat.
Avatar f tn If all you care about is losing weight then running should be your main priority. I hate running, as do most people, but it is worth it. If you can, pick an alright time of day, I usually run before bed or when I am at the gym. You pick a reasonable distance, and run it as much as you can, with walks in between. Eventually you will notice you can run the entire distance, and you may add laps. Try to do this every day, but you may need to add breaks in between.
Avatar n tn However, i am concerned because i stopped working out or dieting since March 2007 and my weight seemed to remain the same to 56 kilos. I have stopped exercising after that and didnot have the time to diet either but have dropped kilos since last year and this year i am down to 52 kgs. I eat a lot now, do yoga once or twice a week but that is all. I am concerned because i dont know the cause of my weight loss.
Avatar f tn Are you guys losing weight without trying or are you having to count calories and or working out to lose it??
559862 tn?1311516637 Were any of you ladies working out rigorously prior to becoming pregnant and how long did you continue working out??? I also lift weights about once a week and wondered if anyone on here has had experience with lifting while pregnant. From what I've found (of course always ask your doc) that you can continue lifting just not your max and as you get farther in your pregnancy cut the weight in half?!?! Thanks in advance for any replies! p.s.
Avatar n tn I really want to start working out. For instance, walking more, squats, etc.. I knoe those are okay. But how do you moms feel about weight lifting? NOTHING heavy. 10 lbs & smaller with lots of repetition to tone my arms.
Avatar f tn So before I found out I was pregnant I was in the process of losing weight and exercising daily. I had just finished one program and had started turbo fire and I'm wondering if it's safe to still do? Doctor won't see me until I'm 10 weeks so I can't ask for advice from them until then. Thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn ve been going to the 4 to 5 times a week and really working out I have been on slim fast shakes 2 times a day and eating a small meal for tea as well as fruit with low fat yogurt I started in January I'm not losing much weight I feel a bitdown as I know I'm doing it right
Avatar f tn Im losing weight going on 20 weeks but is it okay since im plus size and really just started getting a big appetite ...
1286518 tn?1271857815 I started to working out about 6 weeks ago. I am 6' tall, my start weight was around 200 and I am now around 193-194. Some days I feel slim and some days I feel extremely chubby. For the past 6 weeks I have been consistantly working out 5-6 days a week. I do about 30 minutes of cardio and circuit train in the weight room. I started out using P90x as a boot camp but am doing my own thing now.
1293887 tn?1332702847 I went back to my original weight without doing nothing!!!! I eat inn n out, pizza, doughnuts etc. Don't know how I did it! My hips did get a lil wider though.
676912 tn?1332812551 What's ok/not ok to do while BFing? I really would like to start losing all this extra weight, I want to drop 40 lbs. I know it'll take a while, and I'm gonna start a workout routine when I get my ab rocker, BUT I don't know what's ok. I don't want anything I do to affect being able to BF. I'd rather be overweight and BF than be back in my "skinny" jeans. I'm trying to start eating healthier (as I eat pizza, lol), but how much should I be eating a day?
4779253 tn?1359063555 I go to the gym here and there to take walks on treadmills and squats and few lifting here and there. i want to gain the right amount of weight for my baby, without gaining too much weight as well.. im only 11+4 days, i hope im not puting my baby to risk. but i want to stay healthy and fit as well. any one else concern aboug weight gain..?
Avatar f tn Has anyone experienced weight gain in the second week of phentermine and stopped losing after that? I started taking the phen pill 37.5mg and a B12shot two weeks ago, my doctor only gave me a 30day supply since he said its more for obese people than overweight people. Im 28yrs old, 5'3" and started the pill at 150lbs, the first week I went down to 145.1 by the second week I went back up to 146.3 does anyone know why im gaining?
Avatar f tn I was recently told I have PCOS and diabeties my husband and I really want a baby but the doc wants me to get my weight down and my a1c lower I was wondering how other people out there have lowered their a1c and lost weight