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Losing weight after rny

Common Questions and Answers about Losing weight after rny


Avatar f tn I,too, had severe kidney stones after 1st RNY. Dr. said it was because the cut was not high enough and I had to have 2nd RNY. No more problems with stones.
3106099 tn?1341488881 Hello, i had gastric bypass 3 months ago and i'm pregnant now. 2 years is a good time to be pregnant after surgery. I'm very scared about my one. Pregnancy after a healthy weightloss is more good than with obesity. You have lower risk now. So be happy and enjoy the pregnancy.
Avatar m tn I had my original RnY Bypass in October of 2016. My first two post op hospital admissions were for pancreatitis. After that the hospital became my home away from home. I have been admitted to the hospital about 12 times in just over a year. I had two complication related surgeries before having the whole thing reversed in July of 2017. I have lost 20 pounds since the reversal and the weight is falling off faster now then it did before the surgery.
Avatar n tn Any other mommas out there that have experienced pregnancy along with after weight loss surgery?
Avatar n tn Bang my teeth trying to drink with out a straw. However... Two years ago, I had a RNY. And since losing so much weight, my life got even worse. I now shake everywhere... Even in the chest, legs... I do have severe weakness. I now have panic attacks attempting to go out into public. I turn to alcohol. My problem's such a releif to be able to write again and use a mouse...feed myself, paint... But after the RNY...I have no stomach and no longer an alcohol shut off valve. So...
Avatar n tn I'm trying to join the air force but I'm 10lbs over the limit. To lose weight I started doing 2 hours of cardio one in the morning one at night. At first I started losing but after 2 week I'm gaining what cardio should I do to lose weight without muscles?
Avatar f tn Hi hubby on wk20 on Tues out of 24wk when he finished with the teleprevir his appetite came back but he is still losing weight so far he as lost over 2 stone and we cant understand why when he eating so well.
Avatar n tn As the first comment correctly stated, losing weight fast doesn't last and leaves you weaker, which you don't want to be if you're getting ready for basic training. Why not wait to join the military until you're ready?
29837 tn?1414534648 Going into the hospital, I weighed 185 (my normal weight). Upon release I now weighed 192. This after having been denied food for 9 days, then 6 days of regular diet Lately, I noticed my watch is not tight on my wrist anymore, I weighed myself yesterday. I now weigh 175 lbs. This is the weight I weighed at 27 years old. For many years now, my weight has been 185. The now weight of 175 lbs. is a loss of 17 lbs. in less than 3 weeks after leaving the hospital.
868038 tn?1239503145 Has anyone had a problem with not getting the full amount of use from your pain medication since gastric bypass. I had Lap RNY July 1st 2002. I have Lupus and fibromyalgia and live my life in chronic pain. Although I take Norco for the Lupus pain and dilaudid for my severe migraines they don't work for me was well as I know they should anyone else have this problem?
Avatar f tn Idk your not supposed to lose weight in pregnancy. I mean sOme ppl get really sick and help it but you really shouldn't lose just to lose. You should talk to your doctor about it.
Avatar f tn This is my first baby & I'm 15weeks , I've been eating nonstop even after I eat a few minutes later I feel hungry again . I haven't been gaining no weight , instead I've been losing it . I haven't been throwing up , & don't know what's going on ??! Has this happened to anyone else ?
Avatar f tn Im 9 weeks and im losing so much weight and its worrying me because I dont have any morning sickness just nausea all the worried what should I do? My normal weight before was 115 my first dr appointment I was 110 today I had a w.i.c appointment and now im scared somethings wrong?
Avatar f tn It's also possible that 166 was not an accurate weight or was due to water weight. Not that gaining 6 lbs in a week is impossible, but it's unlikely. That would require an extra 3000 calories per day. Extra. I doubt you're eating 4500-5000 calories per day. :) More likely, you were closer to 161-162 last week aside from water weight, so the 163 this week is right on target.
Avatar f tn So my dr told me that I am losing weight today at my appointment. I know its natural in the first trimester but my dr is concerned and says I need to start gaining. Problem is I am never hungry. I eat a small meal at lunch time and feel completely stuffed the rest of the day/night. Anyone have any suggestions?? I'm already high risk, I don't want anything else to happen too!
5147790 tn?1364304489 t that hypothyroidism, insulin resistance or PCOS, all of which can cause weight gain and/or make losing next to impossible. Good luck and keep posting.
1467664 tn?1288579313 m 5/5)and at one point was 81 pounds(yuck) I lookwd gross and felt worse.but in answer to losing weight the healthy way and not only am I a type 1 I also am a personal trainer.Timing meals ,excercise and insulin are important.Cutting out carb stotally is not a good idea because your body does need the enrgy especially when you are workinh out.Not sure what dose you are on but once you start a workout plan you will see your needs decrease .
Avatar f tn I didn't have any weight to lose after my hysterectomy; however, it's not any different losing after a hysterectomy than it is any other time. You have to make sure you're eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise (do not exercise until your doctor says it's okay); however, walking is always good.