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Avatar f tn I,too, had severe kidney stones after 1st RNY. Dr. said it was because the cut was not high enough and I had to have 2nd RNY. No more problems with stones.
Avatar m tn The reason I said I would do the surgery again was that my PCP and Rheumatologist said I would be dead within 3 years without losing weight. Personally I think it was the gallbladder that caused my current liver problems as it went necrotic and I had NO pain from it and no "normal" symptoms. To my friends on here I haven't chatted to in years, now you know why. It is very hard to type on occasion and make logical sense.
Avatar n tn Any other mommas out there that have experienced pregnancy along with after weight loss surgery?
3106099 tn?1341488881 Hello, i had gastric bypass 3 months ago and i'm pregnant now. 2 years is a good time to be pregnant after surgery. I'm very scared about my one. Pregnancy after a healthy weightloss is more good than with obesity. You have lower risk now. So be happy and enjoy the pregnancy.
Avatar m tn had operation 4/22/2010 and been sick since. since then ive had my gallbladder removed, 2 ulcers-one had over a year, 2 kidney stone operations, iron infusions-one went bad, hair loss, hair thinning, 95% diarrhea, nauseated 90% of the time, have hot and cold spells, depression and bipolar have gotten worse, been in and out of the er to many times i cant count. i just found out i have acute pancreatitis. by bypass surgeon and his team havent helped me out so i quit calling them.
Avatar m tn The doctor is recommending that he follow the post RNY diet for the next month, but that seems a little extreme. (We are very familiar with that diet, as I stayed on followinf my RNY 5 years ago.) I am wondering if others have experienced this and what their post op plans are, such as later revision to another weight loss surgery.
Avatar f tn I had RNY weight loss surgery on March 2nd. I've been doing great since. But last week after moving from liquids to soft foods I noticed that I started to feel a dull pain/discomfort/ache near my lower rib cage on the right hand side of my abdomen. Sometimes the pain might be sharp but for the most part it was dull and aggravating. It wasn't constant but seemed to be worse later in the day at work and on my drive home from work.
Avatar f tn I had RNY on March 2nd. Everything has been going well. I started a soft foods diet about 2 weeks ago. I noticed last week that I was experiencing some pain in my upper abdomen near my rib cage on the right side. It was a dull ache type of discomfort and it would come and go. Mostly I experienced it later in the day. I also have noticed that if I stand up after being seated & try to take in a deep breath, that I have a tight feeling in my upper abdomen and it feels uncomfortable.
Avatar m tn I had my original RnY Bypass in October of 2016. My first two post op hospital admissions were for pancreatitis. After that the hospital became my home away from home. I have been admitted to the hospital about 12 times in just over a year. I had two complication related surgeries before having the whole thing reversed in July of 2017. I have lost 20 pounds since the reversal and the weight is falling off faster now then it did before the surgery.
Avatar n tn Which bariatric surgery provides the safesty option along with longer-term successul weight loss. The Gastric Bypass (RNY), Gastric Sleeve, or the Lap Band?
Avatar n tn I had RNY 10 years ago. I take seizure meds, but I take them as part of my migraine preventatives. Actually, I think they really help with keeping the weight off. (175 pounds!
672563 tn?1225882829 I had RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery on July 24, 2012 I have some questions about RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery.
Avatar f tn Hi.. For almost two years now I've been having continous lower back pain and what I am used to calling "butt" pain, which I am guessing is pelvic pain? It is so bad that I am constantly taking pain meds. When it gest bad, it gets so bad that my thighs, legs, arms and my entire body hurts.
Avatar n tn Bang my teeth trying to drink with out a straw. However... Two years ago, I had a RNY. And since losing so much weight, my life got even worse. I now shake everywhere... Even in the chest, legs... I do have severe weakness. I now have panic attacks attempting to go out into public. I turn to alcohol. My problem is....it's such a releif to be able to write again and use a mouse...feed myself, paint... But after the RNY...I have no stomach and no longer an alcohol shut off valve. So...
672563 tn?1225882829 I had the RNY Gastric Bypass done in July of 2012 and I am wondering is it normal for a person who has had the RNY Gastric Bypass and Gall bladder removed to have Diarrhea and Tummy cramps all the time?
Avatar m tn I am a 42 year old woman. In June of 2005 had my gallbladder removed as an emergency as it was almost to gangrene. In august of 2005 had RNY gastric bypass. All was well. I lost 170 pounds in 9 months and other than the loose skin I felt amazing! In 2007 I became very anemic and was seeing a hematologist. I had my 2 kids and done so they diagnosed me with mehoriga (not spelled right but it's heavy menstrual bleeding).
Avatar n tn I am a 34 year old female who had the RNY gastric bypass surgery in June 1998. It has been a success as I started at 222 lbs. and now weigh 156 lbs. I recently had to be hospitalized for dehydration because of vomiting and after an endoscopy and an upper GI with small bowel follow through. The endoscopy was normal but the upper GI showed severe esophageal spasms that apparently caused the vomiting.
Avatar n tn I had RNY gastric bypass surgery on Dec. 03, 2008. In my six week post op blood work, the only thing abnormal was my TSH, which is 39.54, the doctor did not check T3 or T4. My doctor doesn't believe post surgical malabsorption is the reason but I am very concerned. I have been treated for hypothyroid/goiter since age 12 (I am now 45) and have been able to keep my lab values in check.
2006473 tn?1422033301 I have pros and I have been stuck at 172-176 for like 3-6 months now and i workout and i want to fight lol its horrible and I take birth control like my doctor said she told me take orthotricyclin which she said wouldn't make me gain weight and would balance the hormones.
Avatar f tn 1997 - weighed 397 lbs. Had RNY gastric bypass and gall bladder removed. Current weight 245 1998 - Alcohol addiction started. 2004 - hospitalized for detox and a bunch of bad health associated with the alcohol abuse. I had and still have an ulcer. Take protonix. 2005 - Quit drinking after a brief relapse and sober ever since. 2005 to 2010 - ALL bloodwork normal and extremely healthy. Blood pressure 120/70 , low chloreseral, normal sugar, normal liver panels every 6 months.
Avatar f tn After climbing the stairs or other exertion, I've started having a burning, painful sensation in the area of my chest and neck junction. It actually feels centered at my lower throat, immediately above the sternum. It feels like it's on fire. Also, my heart rate speeds up considerably. It subsides quickly with rest. I am post RNY (3 years). I also have cirrhosis (non-alcohol type), with an enlarged spleen and portal hypertension.
Avatar f tn Is it easy to lose weight after a C-Section?
Avatar n tn I'm trying to join the air force but I'm 10lbs over the limit. To lose weight I started doing 2 hours of cardio one in the morning one at night. At first I started losing but after 2 week I'm gaining what cardio should I do to lose weight without muscles?
Avatar n tn I had a rny gastric bypass and had my gallbladder removed 19 years ago. Since having my rny gastric bypass I have had reoccurring upper right quadrant pain. I have had several hospital stays and the only thing that has showed on the ultrasound, CT and MRCP was a dilated common bile duct and elevated liver enzymes on the blood tests. The doctor tried to do an ERCP but was unsuccessful in getting to my bile ducts.