Losing weight after quitting cigarettes

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Avatar f tn Well, hormones are wacky so never say never but it is more likely a rapid weight gain. 20 pounds in 90 days is a lot very quickly. I would up the exercise and try to soothe yourself some way orally so you don't eat (gum, chew on straws, etc.). Congrats on being smoke free! AWESOME!!! That's not easy to do so good for you!
Avatar f tn I was a big smoker also when I found out I was pregnant I stopped at 10 weeks after I stopped a gained alotta weight tho smh I'm not sure what u can do because I went cold turkey but there are support groups u can call and they will help u
Avatar f tn i've answered a similar question before, and everyone ganged up on me, so i'll say that you should quit completely.. i've smoked about 1 to 10 ciggarettes a day with my baby, and he turned out perfectly healthy and normal weight... i read from a book that there's only 40% chance of something being wrong with a baby if the mother smokes like 2 packs a day..so in my opinion, smoking half a pack has a little % of something being wrong...
736475 tn?1281259327 They say that quitting cigarettes is harder than quiting dope. Not sure about that one. I started smoking again late in 2/09 after quitting in 8/08.Smoked for 24 yrs. Stress. triggers etc lead me back to smoking. Sometimes, I could take or leave them. Depends on what is going on. Tried everything out there 2 quit...just have 2 b ready and want it. My motto... one addiction @ a time. Never let outside triggers give u an excuse to start to light up again. It is a nasty habit.....
Avatar n tn I smoke cigarettes and feel that it messes with my weight but I've noticed other can smoke and maintain theirs...how can I gain a massive amount of weight in a short period of time without quitting??
Avatar m tn my question is that maybe theres a possibility that if i put the weed down while i try to quit cigarettes, it may possibly make it easier to stop the cigarettes? are there any known cases of weed causing a stronger nicotine craving in the mind?
Avatar f tn Hey girls! So i just found out I'm pregnant about a week ago with my second child and I do smoke cigarettes, but now I know I'm pregnant and about 4-6 weeks I'm trying to quit but the urge to smoke to still there even though I get disgusted when when I light one up. Can any one give me some tips to stop and also can it harm the baby at this point?
Avatar f tn There are many remedies out there to quit: patches, gum, Chantix, electronic cigs, hypnosis,etc. But the only thing that makes any difference is person's attitude and unwavering commitment to quitting. The recent studies have shown that the most successful quitters are those that quit cold turkey. Yes, cold turkey! Without all the expensive remedies. Bottom line is, as I said before, a person can use any help they want, but without their decision to quit, none of the tricks will work.
Avatar f tn I quit smoking by switching to electronic cigarettes. They only have nicotine in them - no toxins and they emit water vapor when you exhale. They are less expensive than regular cigarettes too. It takes a little time to get used to it, but I can't stand regular cigarettes now.
Avatar n tn I don't think so. I'm pretty sure those are just for quitting cigarettes. And you really shouldn't rely on pills like that for weight loss. Try SlimQuick pills instead, they're in a little white bottle. They're much safer for your health.
1892616 tn?1333769938 is it normal to lose weight after quitting heroin. i lost 12 kgs and am not able to gain. it s really vry depressing when i look at myself. any suggestions how put on some weight.
Avatar n tn Hi there, The common withdrawal symptoms after leaving nicotine are headache, anxiety, nausea and a craving for more tobacco. Smoking cigarettes can in fact lead to bloating .It can increase the amount of air you take in, and thus increasing the amount of gas that builds up in this area. After cessation of smoking bloating is due to weight gain .
Avatar m tn Smoking for about a year (1-3 cigarettes a day), lungs started to feel tight and can no longer take deep breaths, will quitting be enough or should I see a doctor?
1316053 tn?1279509497 However, if you can deal with the side effects, I would give them a go, as I stopped for about 3 months and while you are still allowed to smoke for a week when you first start the tablets, you get to a point where having a smoke makes you feel very sick, and after you stop, I didn't even think about cigarettes at all!!!!! And I have been smoking for about 20 years, about 20 a day. I did put on weight, even though I was going to the gym, but that is one downfall to stopping smoking anyway..
689367 tn?1227469139 I have always heard that folks usually gain weight after quitting. Is it because we tend to replace cigarettes with food? Does anyone know why. I am an active person; a requirement being in the military, and want to maintain if not lose more weight. Any advice?
Avatar f tn That being said, here is my problem On many occasions after I smoke several cigarettes, mentally I start feeling anxiety and the thoughts in my head become faster and louder.. ( I do not have a mental illness) This only happens after smoking..I know the easy fix is quit but the addiction currently has a hold of me...I seriosly feel like I am losing my mind in those moments..completely and am wondering what is happening...it doesnt usually happen after one cigarette but after a couple...
Avatar f tn I smoke cigarettes but recently found out I was pregnant. I have seen many smoking those vapor cigs and you can buy them with no nicotine in it. I was wnting your opinions if that would be dangerous or not. Or if you know people that smoke these while pregnant.
Avatar f tn No Rude Comments Please ! I'm having a hard time quitting and I was wondering if theirs other moms that feel the same ?
Avatar n tn t been able to quit, not with any pregnancy. Have cut down to one sometimes 2 real cigarettes a day and and e-cigarette here and there throughout the day. Both my primary and ob agree that since I can't quit quit, and I was a pack or more depending on the day smoker that it's ok to do what I'm doing. All of my baby's were born full term, healthy, and healthy weight. Good luck, I hear cold turkeys the way to go...but causes me way to much stress when I have tried cold turkey...
Avatar f tn So i'm 12 weeks and after smoking roughly 10-15 cigarettes a day before I got pregnant, i'm down to one or two a day. I was told that quitting cold turky would be worse for my baby (especially dealing with depression and anxiety) so even though I've cut down and plan on quitting some time this week, could there be any significant damage done to my baby? I'm really worried and wish I just would have quit when I first found out..
Avatar n tn It is good that you have cut down the amount of cigarettes you smoke, but quitting altogether will be even better. You need to be eating right and exercising, but you also want to stay away from all unneeded drugs and alcohol while you are pregnant and nursing or mothering young children. Please take good care of yourself and that way you can be sure you are taking the best care of your child.
Avatar f tn Quitting smoking is one of the best things that you can do for your health and your baby’s health during development in the womb and after it is born. By quitting smoking, you will be protecting your infant from the dangers of secondhand smoke and reducing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Myth #6: Smoking fewer cigarettes during pregnancy is good enough. Fact: There is no safe level of smoking.