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Losing weight after partial hysterectomy

Common Questions and Answers about Losing weight after partial hysterectomy


Avatar f tn I didn't have any weight to lose after my hysterectomy; however, it's not any different losing after a hysterectomy than it is any other time. You have to make sure you're eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise (do not exercise until your doctor says it's okay); however, walking is always good.
2180412 tn?1337798149 just had a partial hysterectomy still have my ovaries April 27, 2012... Im having pain when having a bowel moment.. its soo bad i was told not to force everything will go back to normal. No matter what I take high fiber, water etc cant go every day like before. Gained about 10lbs since surgery which isnt good since im a weight watcher follower but im always hungry not even fruit fills me up like before surgery. I also cant seem to hold my urine especially at night...
Avatar f tn I had a partial hysterectomy in January of last year due to ovarian cysts and precancerous cells. I am only 29 so my doctor did not think I would have many issues or need to be on hormone therapy. But since then I have gained close to 30 pounds (I have gone from 130 to 160, all or the weight centralized to my stomach- and my breasts have gone from a c cup to an EEE .... ) despite clean eating and exercising regularly.
Avatar f tn It’s not possible. Only way to get pregnant after partial hysterectomy is the cervix wasn’t closed completely and a microscopic opening is there, or tubes wasn’t separated and closed in the stump. It’s so rare for this to happen. Better chance at winning the lottery.
Avatar f tn I had a partial hysterectomy 17 yrs ago. Thought I had went thru menopause already. Sweats, skin dry, hair change. But then menopause symptoms went away. But then I was freezing all the time. Never over weight, gained weight. Now 6 months ago I have started overheating an have to go out in cold to cool off. But my hands an feet are always frozen. Now I am getting a red flush on face an it is starting to look like I have a slight sunburn on my body.
Avatar f tn Not that i have heard. a hysterectomy causes early menopause which could give u pregnancy symptoms.
Avatar f tn Is there any difference in how an orgasm feels after having a partial hysterectomy? I have read that some women have clitoral orgasm and some have orgasms from their uterus. Have also read that having a hysterectomy can make a difference in some women. Suggestions?
Avatar n tn Partial hysterectomy: In a partial hysterectomy, the uterus is surgically removed but the cervix is left in place. Also called a subtotal hysterectomy. That is the definition of a partial, so if your uterus is not there how do you get pregnant? What exactly was removed? Noone can help without more info.
Avatar f tn They have likely atrophied due to your hysterectomy and loss of blood flow and feedback loop with the uterus. The ovaries naturally shrink after menopause but they continue to produce hormones at least until age 80 in women who have all their parts. These hormones are essential to every aspect of health. Do a web search for "pubmed bilateral oophorectomy long term health" to understand the many repercussions / adverse effects of having ovaries (part of the endocrine system) removed.
Avatar f tn Although many assume or are led to believe that the ovaries continue functioning normally after a partial hysterectomy, that is not always the case. Once the uterus is removed, there is a risk that the ovaries will produce fewer hormones. It is even possible for them to completely shut down causing a surgical type menopause.
Avatar n tn Hello, I had partial Thyroidectomy in 2008, they left my calcium glands in. I didn't have cancer. I have been gaining wait like crazy. I also started to have the feeling I had prior to the surgery: cough, the feeling of a lump, pressure, hair loss. my T3 and T4 always come back normal. I take my Levothyroxin 75 daily. I had hysterectomy two years ago with one of my ovaries still left inside. I am gaining wait, I have depression, mood swings,irritablility, foggy mind, fatigue.
1809377 tn?1316520328 I am seeing my GYN tomorrow to make an apt to have a partial hysterectomy. I have seen a lot of the posts out there, but I would like to know what I can experiece post up... recovery time... discomforts... how long will it take for my body to get back to my new normal self, how long it will take for me to have sex again (it's been over 5 months)!!!
Avatar f tn It has been 1 yr and 4 months after my Partial Hysterectomy, It took a good 4 - 6 months to completely heal. I had a Partial Hysterectomy because my Gyn said I had Endometriosis. I had my Uterus and my Cervix removed. They left both my ovaries. They had to leave my ovaries, because I have Essential Thrombocytosis (ET), (which is a platelet disorder, My bone Marrow produces too many platelets in my blood, causing clotting). I take meds to lower my platelet count.
Avatar f tn Don't believe it!!! I had a partial hysterectomy in May 2010 and I've been having a period every month since then. I'm so frustrated. Now the doctor is telling me that since I didn't have my cervix removed, this is the cause to those periods. He's trying to tell me that bleeding after a hysterectomy is "normal" I'm looiking for another doctor.
Avatar f tn I had a partial hysterectomy four years ago. Ever since my hysterectomy I seem to get a watery discharge. Gynae puts me on antibiotics goes away for a while and comes back a few months later. The discharge is clear and there is no odour or pain on itch.
Avatar f tn I had a partial Hysterctomy done 4 months back, starting I lost 3 kilos. Now I am gaining wait and bloating up. Please suggest me what is the solutions?
Avatar m tn im 39 years old i had a partial hysterectomy five years ago. I have two blood test and two urine test both neg. I have two ultrasound neg. But im peeing alot and my stomach con. to grow. i have read of women who are pregnant and there baby is attached to the liver another to her bowel and they are fine. I need help.
Avatar f tn ( its so depressing. My mid section and breasts are growing fast. I talked to my gyno and he said having surgery has nothing to do with it and maybe in the future wants to put me on chemical weight loss pills which I refuse. I've had my thyroid tested in the past and its fine. I personally think having this surgery and your hormones being messed up would interfere with any weight loss but not sure. Does anyone have this issue or answers. Thank u bunches. Tiffany.
Avatar n tn Do you mean you had a partial hysterectomy at 30? (Just the uterus removed?) A total hysterectomy means you would have had the ovaries removed also, and would have gone through menopause at that time. I don't think estradiol will make you gain weight. It might even help you lose a little, or at least make your abdomen seem less bloated.