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2032236 tn?1329336176 Hey there, I hope by now everything got back to normal? Im week 6 after novasure and have swollen breasts and belly and weight gain, I have been the same weight for many years so this is weird for me and its as you said like being pregnant and I havent had sex in over 7 weeks and had 2 ultrasounds which 1 was beofre novasure then one this week to see if any explanation to this crampy bloated belly, thought possibly the novasure sealed my cervix trapping blood n fluid inside but looks normal.
Avatar n tn Has anyone had a successful birth after Novasure? I had Novasure the Summer of 2008 and feel very pregnant. I feel faint and have the cravings. I guess I should take a test.
Avatar n tn What is novasure.
Avatar f tn Im wanting to conceive 6mths after Novasure & reading some posts im feeling a bit hopeful. Im 37 yrs old & since having the Novasure done i have not had any bleeding @ all. I do get all the pms like im getting my period just no bleeding. I was curious to know, of the successful pregnancies, after ur novasure, how was ur period? did u have 1? i think i confuse pms and pregnancy symptoms, often sometimes, but i think its just wishful thinking.
Avatar n tn I had novasure done two summers ago, and now I have been to my nurse midwife and am definately pregnant. Has anyone had a pregancy after novasure? How did it go? Please respond, I am very nervous and would love to hear from someone who has been there.
Avatar m tn Is there anyone currently pregnant after having the Novasure procedure? I am 44, was told I could not have more children, had Novasure in October 2009 and am now six weeks pregnant. I'd love to share this journey with anyone else experiencing the risks and questions.
Avatar m tn I had my tubes tied over 15 yrs ago. My weight didn't go up by much. Until I had the same procedure as you (Novasure). That when the weight really came on. It was a year ago in Sept.since I had the surgery. Then I started to cramp here recently, and my period came on. I just wonder what the future hold for me with my period. My doctor did tell me I had fibroids tumors. That I might have no period or a very light period.
Avatar n tn I had the novasure procedure done last week(july 15 2008). I had very minimul pain the first day. It went great. Also had some endo lesions lasered. I went for my week checkup and i was informed that one of my clamps fell off my tube onto my bladder. I was hysterical. I have 2 teenagers. I REALLY dotn want another pregnancy. My doctor says dont worry about it. It wont happen. I am really worrined about this. Anyone been through something similiar? btw..i recomeend the novasure..
1414636 tn?1288284680 I also have begun to get headaches after novasure procedure. They seem to occur around the time I should have a period. I haven’t had a period since having ablation 16 months ago. The migraine will last about 3 days, and I find it hard to function during that time.
Avatar n tn I had a D&C and NovaSure performed about 4 weeks ago. I am on schedule and am having my first period since the procedure. I am concerned due to this period being just as heavy and painful if not worse than before the procedure. I was to understand that this procedure would greatly reduce my flow as well as decrease the pain and cramping associated with my period. I've been told by others that they had no or very little of a period for 3 months at least.
Avatar f tn Is this common after the Novasure procedure?
Avatar f tn I had the Novasure done over 2 yrs ago. It was all good, no periods after it. A couple of months ago I had a bad pain on my lower left pelvic area. Went to my OB-GYN, he found a cyst, but said there was nothing to do but wait and see if it hurts again. A month after that I got a period!!! Called him, he was on vacation, his nurse told me she will tell him why I called and will get back with me. They never called me back. This Monday I got, yet again, another period.
Avatar f tn im 28 and im looking into getting pregnant again after having novasure in july 2008, is there any med's are vitamin's i should be taking after this op so i can get pregnant and is it safe to do so.
Avatar f tn can you become pregnant after a novasure ablation?
Avatar f tn I was never explained the risk of getting prgnant after Novasure procedure ( just wanted bleeding to stop and pain), so what are the risk and how dangerous is it?
Avatar f tn For the past two weeks, I have been a complete scatterbrain, I have started losing some weight, my breasts have been very sore, and I am late on my cycle. I'm crampy but not having any spotting or anything. I go from not being able to sleep at night to just passing out from exhaustion. I cry for no reason and then I am very happy the next or crabby the next.
Avatar f tn Hello, I had the novasure procedure about 2-3 years ago. Even after the procedure with continued birth control pills I still have heavy periods. Not as "clotty" but pretty heavy for 7 days. My thought, the procedure just did not work. I have never had an ultrasound or anything since the procedure to confirm how thick the lining is now. I have been having pregnancy symptoms and a few days late with my period.
Avatar n tn C, and NovaSure Ablation. GYN convinced me that the bleeding would only get worse before menopause. Didn't see this site until after the surgery. Wish I had read all of this before to have been able to make a truly informed decision. I'm wondering about wieght gain after endometrial ablation. Has anyone heard anything about this as a potential side effect from your GYNs? Since the lining of the uterus is removed, seems to me to affect the hormonal balance.
796342 tn?1237992928 I was under the impression (my mom had the Novasure done) that the Novasure makes your uterus "not suitable" for pregnancy? They only did it after my mother assured them she didn't want anymore kids. She was going through early menopause and she was told she could possibly never have a period again. Did they ever mention as of this to you?
Avatar f tn i was wondering if anyone knew whether or not you can have eesure procedure done after novasure ? i had novasure done a few weeks ago and would like to have the eesure procedure done after researching it.
Avatar f tn What is the longest anyone has been pregnant for, after Novasure? I am 11 weeks but seem to get migraines and cramping lately. Can someone please let me know if it is possible to carry full term after this procedure. My dr. doesn't even have the answers for me.