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2032236 tn?1329336176 Hey there, I hope by now everything got back to normal? Im week 6 after novasure and have swollen breasts and belly and weight gain, I have been the same weight for many years so this is weird for me and its as you said like being pregnant and I havent had sex in over 7 weeks and had 2 ultrasounds which 1 was beofre novasure then one this week to see if any explanation to this crampy bloated belly, thought possibly the novasure sealed my cervix trapping blood n fluid inside but looks normal.
Avatar n tn I had novasure done two summers ago, and now I have been to my nurse midwife and am definately pregnant. Has anyone had a pregancy after novasure? How did it go? Please respond, I am very nervous and would love to hear from someone who has been there.
1414636 tn?1288284680 I also have begun to get headaches after novasure procedure. They seem to occur around the time I should have a period. I haven’t had a period since having ablation 16 months ago. The migraine will last about 3 days, and I find it hard to function during that time.
Avatar f tn im 28 and im looking into getting pregnant again after having novasure in july 2008, is there any med's are vitamin's i should be taking after this op so i can get pregnant and is it safe to do so.
796342 tn?1237992928 I was under the impression (my mom had the Novasure done) that the Novasure makes your uterus "not suitable" for pregnancy? They only did it after my mother assured them she didn't want anymore kids. She was going through early menopause and she was told she could possibly never have a period again. Did they ever mention as of this to you?
Avatar f tn Hello, I had the novasure procedure about 2-3 years ago. Even after the procedure with continued birth control pills I still have heavy periods. Not as "clotty" but pretty heavy for 7 days. My thought, the procedure just did not work. I have never had an ultrasound or anything since the procedure to confirm how thick the lining is now. I have been having pregnancy symptoms and a few days late with my period.
Avatar n tn The Novasure is definitely something that requires a lot is research before going through with it. The way its done, it can sometimes miss small pieces of uterine tissue which can then make it so you still end up having bleeding but perhaps at first not as much as you had before. But unfortunately, as a procedure, it's not really a long term solution to the bleeding issue because of the Post Ablation Syndrome problem which happens to so many many women years after getting it done.
Avatar n tn If anyone is interested... I had my follow up after novasure and as you read my comment from the other day I was worried because my husband and I did not wait the two weeks before intercourse. The doc said no harm no foul. As long as there is no pain and no sign of infection the two weeks is just precautionary... You are good to go as long as you are very careful! No rough sex!
Avatar f tn t matter, but started doing research and see that lots of women are having babies after the NovaSure procedure and making it through. I have been reading the forums in here as well, and feel like I have hope. I went to see my primary yesterday and she told me that sense its been 7 years and I have periods that there is a good chance that my uterus healed its self or still has good attatchement areas for an egg.
Avatar f tn I am 53 and had the Novasure procedure 3 years ago and have not had a period since. I had right sided pain 2 weeks ago only in the morning when driving. Felt like my ovaries (like ovulating but worse). The pain stopped for about a week. Then at the end of the next week it came back. I also felt pelvic pressure And some urgency from the pressure. I'm still hungry, no stool changes, not sure if my stomach is larger since I went off my diet the last few weeks and have gained a few pounds.
Avatar f tn The doctor told me at the time that I would be unable to have anymore children. I want to know if it is possible to have children after the Novasure, or if it can be reversed somehow.
Avatar n tn Why did you have a D&C AND a Novasure done together? It seem's an odd combination. After a D&C, you should wait at least 4 to 6 weeks, just as you would if you had delivered a child, you body needs time to heel. Especially with both of the proceedures that you've had. Having intercourse before then could cause an infection and/or an unwanted pregnancy.
Avatar n tn Hi--I started perimenopause fairly young, and after years of DUB, finally decided to have the Novasure procedure. My Dr. also did a hysteroscopy and D&C due to some mystery polyps (which were benign). The first 2 weeks after the procerdure were GREAT, but then I started my period 3 weeks ago and it hasn't stopped since! It's not heavy, just continuous. My Dr.
Avatar n tn I had novasure done just over 2 years ago and although I didnt stop bleeding it was alot lighter, recently it has started getting heavier. I was told when I had it done that you could have it done again.
Avatar m tn I had the Novasure procedure in jan 2010. I was told that all went well and i went home 2 hours after the procedure. I suffered from cramping and slight bleeding and all seemed well. the next evening i did not feel well so i went to bed. about an hour later my husband checked on me to find me shivering with a really high temperature. i ended up being rushed into hospital that same night and doctors diagnosed me with streptococcal septicemia. I was put in to icu and was very poory.
Avatar n tn In Oct. 2008 I had the NovaSure procedure done after suffering years from heavy periods. I have two children and after three miscarriages I decided I wouldnt try to get pregnant again so i decided to have the procedure done. I just took a pregnancy test because i was late and it was positive. I am too early along for an ultrasound to see anything. Has anyone ever had a sucessfull pregnancy after this procedure.
Avatar f tn Yes. I had one done in Dec 07 and you might still have your cycles for awhile. Over time you will notice they will lighten and then hopefully go away. Mine didn't go completely away until Sep 08. So it took 9 months. Good luck!!
Avatar n tn Hello. i just had the Endometrial Ablation, Novasure done on thursday the 2nd, and I still have pain, pressure, and cramps. I barely bled afterwards. I was wondering if this was normal. i have alot of pain, pressure, and cramps. shouldn't i have more bleeding after this? i was told i would. Please can somebody help me? If someone can i would be so grateful.
Avatar m tn The insertion process was pretty quick although painful as well, I remember experiencing cramping but not as bad as I had felt in the past. Few days later I was no longer bleeding and I was the happiest I been in a while. After bleeding for such a long time it was like I can live again. It did take a while before the dizziness I had experience to go away, on account of the iron I had lost during the 5 months span.