Losing weight after menopause

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1046985 tn?1305117048 Yay, finally some good news. Hopefully I will have the same results after my surgery.
Avatar f tn The first thing you should do is get some simple blood tests to make sure you don't have a medical issue keeping you from losing. Those could include hypothyroidism, insulin resistance and PCOS (if you aren't past menopause). These conditions can cause weight gain and/or make losing almost impossible. The second thing you need to do is calculate the calories you actually need on a daily basis, then keep a food diary to see if you're staying within your calorie allotment.
Avatar n tn was all readyn finished with menopause cysts on ovaries decided to have them and tubes removed nothing wrong with uterus all happened on nov 9 since then very very difficult to shed any weight was i still putting out some hormones that affected weight maybe losing ovaries triggered some other endocrine gland hormones that affect weight control totallly going crazy with this tryuing to eat more fish veggies even gave up wine for 3 weeks now and have barely lost a pound need to lose
Avatar n tn Hi Is there really any help out there with this. I'm a 54 year old femail with the menopause, if thats not bad enough, I now have an under active thyroid. I am virtually straving myself exercising, and taking libo bind slimming tablets yet getting fatter everyday, needless to say my clothes are tighter and uncomfortable, and yet my GP seems to think it's ok that I have put on weight because my BMI is ok. Other than that she just ignores me.
Monster yes, it must be tough to maintain your weight, especially after menopause. and yes, if you don't do anything about the weight gain, it will just keep piling on. are you currently on any kind of exercise regimen? and how is your diet? you don't have to do anything super intense of be on some crazy diet to lose the weight or keep it from piling on. sometimes by adding a brisk 20-30 minute walk a day can help keep the pounds away, or at least slow it down.
Avatar f tn I am arthritic and need to lose weight. How can I do this when I cannot move.
Avatar m tn As you get older, you may notice that maintaining your usual weight becomes more difficult. The hormonal changes of menopause may make you more likely to gain weight around your abdomen, rather than your hips and thighs. Hormonal changes, genetic factors and lifestyle changes can contribute weigh gain. In addition, muscle mass naturally diminishes with age.
Avatar f tn For a long time I was on the hormone patches (I am horrible at remembering to change the patch, so now I am on the pills) and my doctor put it on right after my surgery. It really does help. If it were me and you feel you are close to menopause, then I would have the ovary out. Then you don't have to worry about having anymore surgeries. I have not had one bit of regret about having mine out and like I said, I am 36 with all of my reproductive organs gone by the time I was 32.
Avatar m tn Looks like you might to have to cut down on calorie intake and make different food choices, I know I had to after menopause. One possible side effect of Euthyrox is increased appetite another is weight loss so who know what effects it's having on you? The Mediterranean Diet has lots of good suggestions and recipes all over the www. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I am sweating profusely when on the elliptical and believe me, I am giving my heart a strong 30 minute workout. Could there be a medical reason why I am not losing any weight or seeing any noticable difference with all of the effort I am putting forth?
Avatar n tn am 61 through menopause had ovarian cysts bilat salpingo oophorectomy 11/09/10 have not gained weight but have had great difficulty losing even though i feel i was finished with menopause could this surgery started some other effect on other hormones trhat effect weight pituitary endocrine system or what could be going on here anything i can do dont want to decrease calories too much my metabolism will decrease further whats up just one more creepy part of getting old ive had probl
Avatar f tn I'm turning 33 on Saturday and haven't had my period for almost 4 months. My husband had a vasectomy & I am not pregnant. Losing a little weight, but seem to have a fee symptoms of early menopause. Is that even possible at my age? Other symptoms include: insomnia, occasional bleeding gums, hot flashes, etc. I started my period when I was in 5th grade, could I also be an early starter to menopause? Should I have my thyroid checked? Any other ideas?
Avatar f tn You sound like you are a pretty healthy weight already...just a little toning in that area. How awesome you have done with losing 25 pounds! You'll have to share some of your secrets!
Avatar f tn I'm a female who is going thru menopause due to surgery. I am in the process of losing weight and I'm trying to decrease my stomach and build my butt, which has loss all muscle tone. Do you have all any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Hello, This is normal. While women going through menopause she is facing such type of problem like weight gain. Don't worry. eat proper diet food. Do regular exercise. This all will help you to get relief from these symptoms. Even you can go for some herbs like chaste berry. It helps to control weight during menopause.
Avatar f tn I think I’m in the peri menopause stage but I’m not ready to be flung into full blown menopause symptoms!! So sorry you’ve had to have surgery so soon after having a baby. Really hope you’re able to rest a little bit to recover. My tummy definitely looks like it did just after I had my children, I can’t bear trying on my jeans as I know they won’t do up...
Avatar n tn Hi. Did you get checked for diabetes? I m 54 In menopause. Losing muscle to. Sugar is poison. Even for non diabetics. Find out about that. If you are, metformin is The usual 1st med they try. It can help with losing weight. Train yoursejf to cut out all sugar.
Avatar f tn If your mom has been overweight and had trouble losing weight, it could be normal for her to lose weight with a dosage increase; however, if she didn't need to lose weight and is losing too fast, it's possible that her dosage is too high. Did they test her thyroid hormone levels before they increased her Thyronorm dosage? If so, can you post them for us to see?
Avatar f tn Hi Michelle... I certainly can relate, because I have hypothyroidism, also. The first thing I'd have to ask is what are your actual thyroid hormone levels? If your thyroid medication dose isn't high enough, you will have difficulty losing weight.
462181 tn?1206581934 HELP! I'm pre-menopausal, and have been taking wellbutrin for one week now because of depression after losing a sibling to ALS. I have gained around 7 lbs in one week??? I don't know if it is from menopause, or the wellbutrin. Any imput would be well received. Thank you!
Avatar n tn Shortly afterward, I began dieting. After losing approximately 15 lbs, I had my TSH checked again through a health screening program offered at my work. The result was a TSH level of 9.3. Can weight lose or dieting cause the TSH level to become temporarily elevated? Will it return to normal once my weight loss stops? Is a level of 9.3 something that I should be immediately concerned about?
Avatar f tn Has anyone had luck losing menopause weight and also has anyone tried an herbal supplement called MACAFEM ? Thanks in advance!