Losing weight after having a c-section

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Avatar n tn I heard it's hard. Anyone on here have a c section and just had the weight come off by itself?
Avatar f tn Is it easy to lose weight after a C-Section?
Avatar f tn m not sure about the belly bandit thing, but I do know from experience the best way for losing weight after pregnancy is breastfeeding and a healthy diet. Your body will burn upwards to 500 calories a day just exclusively breastfeeding..
Avatar f tn I am having cramping, swollen breasts. no facial hair. yes trouble losing weight. and i can definitely tell when i'm ovulating. Last time i had sex was sunday the 18th of april. I have unprotected sex, no birth control. i take minocycline for my face. no its not my first abnormal cycle. and no kids.
1596758 tn?1297344944 My body has reshaped it self i used to have a flater stomach and a big butt now im losing weight in my butt and gaining weight in my stomach the more i exercize im losing my behind instead of my stomach help!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn I'm having a baby in 3 weeks but would like to start losing weight afterwards safely. I'm having a c section and would like suggestions on some core strenthening that won't do damage to the weakened area.
Avatar f tn I did. I was sick the whole pregnancy and couldn't keep anything down. I had a scheduled c section at 39+5 weeks and she was only 5 pounds 3 oz because I stayed sick. Hopefully your situation turns out better. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Healing from the c section was really rough. But it only took me a week to get back to normal :) I'm feeling great now though.
Avatar f tn s a 6 week wait for exercise after a vaginal birth but 12 weeks after a section to give your incision time to fully heal, cause it's not just that neat little scar on your outside but 8 layers inside as well that have all been stitched up. And even then you have to ease yourself into the exercise and not go in at fell speed.
1373323 tn?1278566397 I had a c-section on April 15 and I wanna start exercising but is it too soon ??before getting pregnant I weighed 118 at the end of my pregnant I weighed 162 .3 weeks after having my daughter I went all the way down to 124 .now I'm 120 I still wanna lose weight and I wanna start exercising like crazy but my incision does still bother me could I start exercising??
10815315 tn?1421907363 I know everyone is different and a lot of women say breast feeding speeds up the metabolism. I am a first time mom having a csection as well and I am concerned about the weight I've gained also.
Avatar n tn Hi there. For starters, I'm glad you over came your aneurysm! My cousin actually had an aneurysm years ago and had a baby about 2 years back. She made it aware to her gyno that that had happened, and they didn't want to take any risk with a natural birth that they scheduled her for a c-section. You'll be fine, so long as you have a c-section. Too much pushing, labor pains and anything else related to labor can trigger it again.
676912 tn?1332812551 ve had back problems since my c-section with him, and actually had a doctors appointment today where I got told to set up physical therapy appointments because he can still tell on my back where they put the needle in. They tried 5 times and then someone else came in and got it on the first try, so I got poked 6 times total. I can't stand long or it hurts, I can't do more than ten sit ups in a row, and have now been told not to do them at all right now.
Avatar f tn Breast feeding worked wonders for me lol I had a c section so I didn't do much but I bres
4408078 tn?1358058398 Okay so I've heard that if you have a c section you wont lose weight. Is this true?? My doctor said I will most likely be needing a csection because my family history of narrow birth canals and because my baby probably will be too big. Can anyone share your story about having a csection and losing weight??
Avatar f tn I am breastfeeding my daughter now for more than 12weeks and just by doing that I have gone back to my pre-pregnancy pregnancy weight within 2 weeks and that's after a c-section. I'm on no special diet, I eat whatever I want whenever I want. And I'm constantly hungry because of my body generating milk. But I must say, I was lucky to not have picked up alot of weight during the pregnancy.
Avatar f tn After my c-sections (3) I've been told 12 weeks before sit ups, crunches, and planks. Less intense ab exercises are okay after 6 weeks.
Avatar n tn I am having a c-section sept 8th my fiance is taking off that Tuesday-thursday (he is off friday-sunday) so we got pretty lucky. He is taking vacation days.
804145 tn?1244092241 You should at least be able to enjoy your baby. Of course it takes a long, long time to completely heal after a c-section as you already know and it's definitely okay to get help while you're going through all of this. I truly hope things get better - your post brought back some not so lovely memories for me.
Avatar f tn I hady baby a year ago via c-section and I just started to work on losing the baby weight. Any advise on how yo start a program that I can easily stick to? I only have about 10 lbs to lose.
11587059 tn?1427628263 They're thinking of doing an emergency c section at 6 months which is in 3 weeks. I'm really scared.. it's starting to get really dangerous for my health and the health of the baby... I just feel like such a failure!
Avatar f tn They gave me meds when sewing me up that made me soooo out of it. I barely remember that first day after the hour recovery. (Except that I was absolutely starving all day, couldn't get out of bed because I had these inflating bag things on my legs, and I was catheterized until the next day!!!) I didn't know anything about birth plans or that I could have possibly had a say in anything, so definitely talk to your doctor about anything you wish to happen.
Avatar f tn How can I loose weight after having a c section when you have medical problems.. I need to know how I can loose this belly fat..??
296076 tn?1371334474 I will probably have a c section because of previous c section so bf will be my only form of exercise for a while... the thing is I lost 100lbs 3 years ago and went from a size 28 to a 12 and I just donĀ“t want to see this pg weight hang around to long... I am 30w and have gained 27lbs... so we will see.. thanks girls!
Avatar f tn It takes a while to fully heal internally, they say 6 weeks but honestly I'd wait just a bit longer. But, no stomach work outs, crunches, sit ups, push ups for at least 4 months. You can rip open your uterus, when they stitch you after a c sec they literally go layer by layer.
Avatar f tn I had a baby in Jan via c-section and I have now started my period and been on it for three week is normal?