Losing weight after getting off depo

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Avatar n tn Every person I know and have read about (including myself) gained a significant amount of weight on depo and had serious problems taking it off. I recommend getting off depo and switching your birth control method. You will have much greater and swifter results the longer it is out of your system. If you ask your doctor he/she should be able to tell you that in recent studies the shot was proven to cause weight gain in a high percentage of women...
Avatar f tn (they dont recommend you stay on it over two years, so take a break after 2 then get back to it.) when I got off depo I was pregnant within a month, it didnt make me gain weight, but I exercised a lot and never lost a pound. I blame depo. But other than that, I didnt get a period and that was nice (: &no big symptoms after the first shot!
Avatar m tn hi i been losing weight recently and im also on the depo shot and i was wondering if u can lose weight from being on the shot i was told u can but i was wondering if anybody ever experienced it before i was getting nervous cause i never lost weight before and i was wondering if the shot has something to do with it if anybody is on the depo shot and lost weight please let me know and if it is from the shot should i be concerned or should i just let it go thanks
1010643 tn?1250738691 I have been off depo for 5 almost 6 months. Me and my fience want kids,how long after could we get pregnant??
Avatar f tn I use to be on depo way before I got pregnant and I hated it I hated everything it put me thru soI came off it are there any other kinds of birth ccontrol that are good I really don't want to get pregnant again after I have her i want to wait until least she is 5 3 the earliest I know birth control is different for everybody but I just would like to know a few so I can look them up and when I have her I'll ask the doc what to do from there but depo is not the answer for i gained to much
Avatar n tn t realize how long it can take for your cycles to return after getting off of the depo. I bet if more people did, then less people would use the depo as birth control. Good luck!
1474729 tn?1288488243 I got prego on depo with my 9 years old son. No issues with him.
Avatar f tn As soon as I realized it was the depo causing the weight gain I discontinued its use. It was too late. I am off the depo now but I am STILL gaining weight. I gained 10 lbs in the past month! My question is : is the depo still in my system from having a shot November 7? And how long until I start losing weight? Will I lose this weight?
Avatar n tn I have had one period since getting off of Depo Shot over 5 months ago and now Im not having any periods which I know could still be my body getting back to normal but I have been having cramping slight discharge and strong odor urination as well as sudden excessive weight gain where I was losing weight and now I have gained 20 lbs in a month. I was just thinking it was bloating because I wasn't having a period but now Im worried its something more.
Avatar n tn I have been very moody, verging on depression, and having an impossible time losing weight for some time now and I was beginning to wonder if maybe Depo was the culprit. Well, to make a long story short, during the month of October I have become severely bulimic. I suddenly have these horrible cravings for terrible food that I never ate before...I will have huge binges (fried chicken fingers, pie, cake, french fries, gravy, cookies, ice cream...
Avatar f tn I went on the depo and ended up having an ectopic pregnancy and i did gain alittle bit of weight..
Avatar n tn s incredibly frustrating that she has to go to these great lengths to try and not gain weight, especially when getting off of it is even scarier. We need to meet with a doctor that has seen this happen to other people (her OBGYN and nurses don't believe her) and can provide a plan for her to go back to loving her body and not having to work out 2 hours a day while eating nothing.
Avatar n tn t recommend Depo to anyone it also weakens your bones permanently and takes a hella long time after getting off of it to get pregnant healthily.
Avatar f tn Whats better ? Depo . Iud .pills . After my first child i got on depo nd my period was for 6 months . I got off depo for awhile ended up prego .
Avatar f tn A Waiting Game was started.
Avatar f tn Since then, I have gained over 25lbs, had horrible and wickedly insane mood swings, had a period that lasted from February 6th-May11th and have been reading all kinds of horror stories from other women who have had a horrible time losing the weight that Depo has added. I am just wondring if there are other girls out there who have had bad experiences on Depo and if anyone can suggest an alternative.
Avatar f tn I as 135 and within 2months i gained so mich weight. From 135-199 in 2months. After i got off the shot i had my period but then they began to come off and on. I went to my doctor and she prescribed me Progesterone. I got my periods back but I didn't wanna take medication no more. I was sick and tierd of all thoes heart breaking moments when o thought i was pergo or ovulating and i wasn't.
4744855 tn?1358656623 thanks for your help but i dont have a eating discorder i eat all the time but just dont gain weight it runs in my family when i go to my doctors in february im gonna talk to them about switching to another birth control or getting off the depo shot completly
4528412 tn?1357069833 It took me awhile to lose my weight. got the depo shot 6 weeks after birth. BIG mistake! Went 3 rounds after i quit that and lost about 10 lbs without trying. Then after dieting, watching what i eat/ drink, i finally lost all but 10 lbs. i was 120 prepregnancy so i wond up being 130. Grapefruit works wonders and so does gaterade. After gaining some weight back, i started walking everyday. got up to two hours a day. Then i was also drinking atleast one energy drink a day.
Avatar f tn It can take awhile to get pregnant after getting off the Depo shot...i was on the shot for 2 1/2 years and it took me a year to get pregnant....BUT everybody is different.
Avatar f tn she lost a dramatic amount of weight while she was on it. so it is defiantly true that you can lose weight while on the depo.
Avatar m tn On the depo. Injection,started taking dinintel today,what are my chances of losing weight?
Avatar f tn hi i been on the depo shot since may of last year im gonna be goig on my 5th depo shot and im just worried that i been losing weight and also losing weight at the chest part i used to be real chesty and now since i got on the shot i lost that weight should i be concerned or this normal my parents are worried too and i would like to assure them that its normal if anybody can help me on this please do thanks
Avatar f tn I actually gained alot of weight but didnt lose any hair like the other ladies say. When i got off ithe depo it took bout 8 months afta tryin to get prego . I mean it works but dere is alot of side effects.