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Avatar n tn you don't want to eat more than what you're burning, so if you're trying to lose weight while not exercising, you must make sure you make up for the calorie deficit by eating less. good luck!
4301447 tn?1354191824 I was put on a complete best rest due to which i have put on 15 kgs. I weigh almost 80kgs now. I desperately want to lose weight. Everyone asks me to go for a brisk walk but I have a bad back pain and can't walk for long also I don't find time for any exercise cause of my work schedule. Please suggest some sure shot way to cut down at least 10kgs for a start.
Avatar f tn 5mg of prednisone for chronic inflammation which makes me hungry 24/7 what can i do to lose weight without causing me more pain
Avatar f tn Drink lots of water - especially if you're exercising a lot. Some weight gain/staying the same weight can be caused by water retention and drinking more should help this. More exercise isn't always the answer (although it can help, of course!). Variation is often the key to success - your body can get just as bored with the same foods as you can! I hope this helps a little bit.
Avatar n tn I work out regular and I eat 1200 calories or less and I still can't lose weight. I am so frustrated I don't know what else to do. My mother has taken synthroid her whole life. I have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism. In the last year I noticed that I get a choking feeling in my throat so I drink a lot of diet drinks and water. I am a teacher and I want to be a good role model so I want to get my figure back. I weighed around 135 before I became pregnant with twins.
Avatar n tn So i was recently given propranolol 4x10mg daily for anxiety and was wondering if i would experience weight gain on such a low dose? I would also like to lose weight, but with me not being able to get my heart in target zone, im wondering will i find it hard to lose weight? Also how safe is exercising/weight lifting on this medication. Feels really weird that my heart does not pound when running!
Avatar f tn OK--so I have decided that I want to lose weight. Not a lot just 12 lbs. I know it doesn't sound like much but I have been struggling with about 20lbs since I had my 3rd child. I just can't seem to get back on track. The problem is that I have very little self control! Saddddd but true. Anyway I am a nurse, so I am on my feet all day. I am in the military, so I do exercise regularly. I know what I should be eating--I just can't seem to make it happen.
Avatar f tn Many people can lose weight being hypo and gain weight being hyper. I for one know full well it makes no difference if I am in hyper or hypo mode, if I am stressed with life I will keep the weight on, no matter how much I try, like you, to maintain a good lifestyle. Right now I am in a super stressful mode, and even though I am brain dead and tired and lethargic, I am terrified of gaining weight, so do a heck of a lot of physical activity.
1102792 tn?1285928860 It takes a lot of time to figure out how to lose weight, how to keep the weight off, and how eat in a way that's both healthy and satisfying for you. Many, many things about one's life have to change. You start out thinking that just one thing -- eating -- is going to change, but you find out that changing the one behavior generates many other changes. If you want to start a reducing diet by simply cutting your intake in half, that's fine.
Avatar n tn My husband said is maby because muscle are evier than fat. I know it is very hard to try to lose weight I would like to find a fastest way without any drogue. But I think it took me 2 year to put it on I guest it will take me a few month to put it off.
Avatar f tn I am not sure what online sites preach but cutting down on calories is neither a healthy for an effective way to lose weight, ‘especially when you are working out’. It is important to know that a diet plan is not about cutting down calories; it’s about ‘healthy’ eating. With cutting on diet one may initially lose weight but this may remain static or increase later due to fat accumulation.
Avatar n tn Dear Doctor, I need to know if there is ANY way to lose weight in certain parts of your body with exercise or diet or things like that without doing plastic surgery. I am a 26 almost 27 year old female and I'm around 163 cm tall. I try to keep my weight above 55 kg because even if I reduce a kilo or two my face looks awfully thin and drawn - and ill actually. But the problem is I have rather fat thighs and even some fat on my belly which is just awful.
1686132 tn?1305643271 Hi im a 38 yr old woman and i run 4 to 5 times as week and eat round about 900 calories a day as im trying to lose weight, so far im having no luck, just recently had my thyroid tested and thats fine so im wondering what else it could be?
Avatar n tn It took about 6 months for a full recovery and I have been back to exercising for about 3 months but can't lose weight. I am really frustrated and don't know what to do. I also stopped taking prozac about 2 months ago and that's when I really noticed some weight gain. My husband's a bodybuilder and I lift with him 4 to 5 times a week and walk/run about 45min daily/4 times a week. My diet consists of mostly protein and veg. I have also tried numerous supplements. Nothing works!!!
Avatar f tn Its normal to lose weight in the beginning without really trying. Usually it happens because of morning sickness, but I never had it and went from 149 to 140 before I started gaining. I think mine happened a lot cuz I stopped drinking alcohol and cut out almost all pop, which made huge difference.
Avatar f tn It's hard. All dieters can relate. My family all have very slow metabolisms and a history of diabetes. I've been a large girl most of my life but I have discovered something that makes losing weight very easy for me. I realize that we all lose weight differently. What may be good for me, may not be the best or easiest way for you but here goes... Cut out all drinks but water. I lost 25lbs this way between November and February of that year without even trying.
Avatar f tn if you consume 5 meals vegetables, fruits, meats, good fats but the calories amount to 2,500 and you need to eat 1,800 to lose weight then you will still get bigger. Also to lose weight 1 pound of fat is exquivelant to 3,500 calories so if you cut your calories by 500 every day then you will lose 1 pound every 5 days. If your calorie requirement is 2,200 then you need to consume 1,700 calories each day. Does this help you?
Avatar f tn Now, the ideal approach is to lose weight without a lot of hard exercising. We still encourage people to exercise – after all, it’s good for you... but it’s not mandatory. Some people find that once they start losing weight quickly and feel great – they actually WANT to exercise. Now, if that’s the case, what they should do is called Anaerobic exercise, or exercise that increases your heart rate, but not too much...
Avatar f tn Jogging, biking, and aerobics are great for the heart, lungs and circulation, but they do not burn fat or condition the body to burn fat. Now, the ideal approach is to lose weight without a lot of hard exercising. We still encourage people to exercise – after all, it’s good for you... but it’s not mandatory. Some people find that once they start losing weight quickly and feel great – they actually WANT to exercise.
Avatar f tn Hi! I'm a personal trainer and I am impressed by your workouts and your diet. You are definitely on the right track as evidenced by your weight loss and body fat reduction. Unfortunately, due to our hormones and higher estrogen levels, women are very good at storing fat around the midsection and hips. Our bodies are ever alert to the idea that we might need to nourish a little one at any time!
767148 tn?1257306151 At the age of 13 I lost 90 lbs in about 3 months(in the wrong way-anorexia), and it has caused some distorted visions of myself, and sometimes Im not sure what to do. I know I can lose weight without not eating, but I just cant seem to do it, so the reasurrance is much appreciated.
Avatar f tn Insulin resistance can also cause weight gain/inability to lose. Also make sure you change up your exercise and diet now and then. Once your body gets used to the same thing every day, it's no longer a challenge.
1961938 tn?1398721701 A LOT of women start eating healthy when they find out they're pregnant and naturally lose weight. My daughter is right on track, but the doctor said I'm personally losing weight. Your baby gets first dibs on any and all nutrients.
Avatar f tn I got out of that situation and started losing weight. So from April to now I've lost 44 pounds without exercising. I eat normal meals. Still have my mountain dews and things. How did I manage to lose weight like that? And how can I get the remaining 33 pounds off? I already have a little excess skin and stretch marks. I want to start getting into shape. I weigh 147 right now and I'm 5'2''. Is it okay to lose 44 pounds in that amount of time? I'm not sure I've never looked it up.
1457025 tn?1290027240 I used to do yoga, stairclimber, aerobics, rode bikes, was very active. I never could lose weight; something else going on, possibly thyroid. I've become more sedentary over the past year. How am I supposed to exercise when on most days, I'm stabilizing myself on walls and furniture just to walk around my house? Dizziness, vertigo, and exercise don't mix. We have an exercise bike and I try to use is for 5-10 mins 2 or 3 times a day. Sone days I feel too bad.
968857 tn?1247604050 I am lose almost all of my self confidence, and I want to find a way to lose weight. I'm beginning to eat healthily, but because of my figure, I find myself too nervous to go outside and exercise. Does anyone have any tips for home exercising, or maybe ideas on good ways of keeping control on what I'm eating, without going on a proper diet, as members of my family have been on many diets, and they, from experience, seem to make things worse. Thanks for reading.
Avatar f tn A couple months ago i decided to lose a lot of weight and make a life style change. I've lost 40 pounds and ever since working out my anxiety overall has improved. I'm wanting to work again and i go out a lot I'm almost normal again. The only problem is i still panic working out. Is it normal to panic during exercise but see improvement any other time. Im only 20 and my fear is my heart going fast or not slowing down. Any advise to help this?