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Avatar n tn Vinegar or any acid is good for weight loss. but not losing fat. You will lose water weight. vinegar or lemon juice is good if you have pre-menstrual bloating. If you want to lose weight/increase health: 1. Exercise 2. Eat a diet w/ lots of veggies 3. Take your vitamins 4. Did I say exercise?
Avatar n tn Take long walks (or any other cardio) and reduce your calorie/carb intake. I am trying to do the same right now. My baby is 3 months and I had a c-section too. (and one 22 months ago), so, right now. I am riding my bike as much as I can and I have reduced my calorie & carb intake. I am drinking a TON of water and that is key too. It will come off! I am still nursing and am actually down several pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. The only thing is I don't look like it.
Avatar f tn You can get a personal trainer and tell them you need to lose weight or you could get a new job. You cannot lose 20 lbs in a month by drinking vinegar and lemon juice. You might lose a lot of water at first, but you're not going to lose any fat. You're also going to screw up your body really bad. If you read some of the posts on here, these are not issues you want to have.
5780797 tn?1374132048 Lose weight, Limit or avoid alcohol and caffeine, Keep stress under control, Avoid foods that aggravate GERD including onions, garlic, fatty and greasy foods, chocolate, and peppermint. low-fat foods is important to minimize reflux symptoms, because fatty foods usually stay in your stomach longer. Any foods that decrease gastric emptying tend to worsen GERD, Don't smoke Sip chamomile tea. It can help soothe inflamed tissue in the esophagus. Try sleeping on your left side.
1580318 tn?1550258081 Has anyone tried using apple cider vinegar as a means to lose some weight? Just wondering if anyone's had any success with it. I've been using it for a couple days now (since saturday), and I've already dropped a pound in 2 days. I have also started using the elliptical that's been collecting dust for awhile, so I'm sure that's helping too. And eating healthier too. Salads and more fruits and veggies. It's really hard though when what you really want is junk food. But it's getting better.
2047155 tn?1527167564 don't forget the low fat milk, that can actually help you lose weight. If you have a medical condition that affects metabolism, this can be a pretty tough thing to deal with. Along with balancing your food calories, you will need to make sure you get plenty of exercise, which isn't always easy either, if you have a full time job, children to care for, etc.
Avatar f tn I am desperately looking to find a way to lose a bunch of weight by Prom in May! It's my boyfriends Senior Prom and I would love to look stunning for him! Currently I am 17 years old (female) and about 205 pounds. I would like to be about 150 by May, or go from size 16 to single digits. I'm only a Junior. but since 5th grade I've struggled with trying to lose weight. I don't know what else to do, I want a quick way to lose weight. I struggle to find time at all to exercise.
Avatar f tn The best way to lose weight is losing the weight slowly. Doing it this way will also hopefully allow you to keep the weight off. Losing 70 lbs in one year is too much in my opinion. I was looking at what you eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's advisable to have some protein at every one of your main meals. I don't know if this is possible, but perhaps your doctor can refer you to a nutritionist or a dietician. Good luck with all of this.
Avatar m tn Your body will fight back by making you very hungry. I know the frustration and you want to lose it fast but slow and steady is always better. Your body will thank you.
Avatar n tn i cannot lose the weight and I have that (full) feeling. It started when I was overseas in thailand and Australia. could it be a parasite?? I eat mostly organic food; not lots of sugar at all...I do eat a lot of seasalt but this never bothered me before!! my stomach is huge and totally horrible! I never had dairy problems or anything...it is a constant SEVERE bloating...it seemed to get a little better when I was doing shots of apple cider vinegar but when I stopped, it came back..
Avatar n tn HCG is safe and the fastest way to lose way. After the injection phase follows a second and 3rd phase to stabilize your weight loss and prevent the yoyo effect. I have done the cure and have a brochure that you may get for free if it helps you. dirkvanlithATgmail.
Avatar n tn 5mg) I started to lose weight. During the past 2 years, I worked out 4-7 days a week weight lifting. 6-12 months ago I started to perform HIIT 3 times per week directly after weightlifting (ill get to HIIT in a sec) burning anywhere from 800 - 1600 calories per day via heart rate monitor.
1985196 tn?1402193698 You should probably talk to a nutritionist if you want to get a really good diet, but for now, if you cut out bread, pasta, rice, baked goods, soda, juice, ice cream, etc. and keep fruit consumption on the low side, you should be able to lose a lot of weight. I lost weight with her doing that by having less bread in the house in general, although it was also partly no longer eating at a college dining center.
2108469 tn?1334058130 Although weight gain can be associated with a number of possible causes, if your metabolism is lower than the combined effect of your calorie intake and your activity level, then those extra calories each day result in weight gain. Metabolism is primarily affected by your thyroid status, and Free T3 is the biologically active thyroid hormone that largely regulates metabolism and many other body functions.
2029649 tn?1331239735 I weight daily. I am 160lbs right now & want to be 120lbs by Aug. I like it as a motivator to see however some people say that it can be discouraging. I just understand that my body may change by a few pounds but at the end of the a week I can usually always see progress I have been losing about 3lbs a week & it's felt great! The changes I have made would possibly seem small but for me they are HUGE steps toward my goal!
Avatar n tn sometimes you don't need to actually lose weight off the scale to look and feel 100% better. The muscle weight has replaced your fat weight so why worry about the last few pounds? Don't put your body through hell just to see a number. I completely understand. I went through the exact same thing and after countless flush diets, changing routines i realized my body just wasn't built to go under a certain weight (and still be healthy).
1554262 tn?1374243601 I too have these symptoms. They occur infrequently and cant pin down why or how they arise. However, drinking cold drink relieves it and without it it gets progressively worse, hence the panic to get water down asap. i can feel the liquid go down and somehow relieve the pain almost as quickly as it arrived. As sense of anxiety and being overwhelmed persists for a while though. I havnt yet discussed with a doctor and would be interested to learn of others diagnosis.
Avatar f tn But starting in Fall '08, the fatigue set in terribly and since then, no matter how I eat/exercise, I can't lose more weight and struggle a great deal as I gain and then lose the same several pounds. I do think my illness is influencing my ability to lose (or even maintain!) my weight. I never, ever before felt the heaviness and exhaustion that I now deal with daily. I know I am fortunate, because I can exercise most days. However, I lack the stamina to lead a normal active life.
Avatar n tn Also i have digestive problems and i dont eat much but gained 70 pounds, i have tried eveything to lose weight, even starving which turned out to not be a good idea because i need to eat taking so many meds. I have been to so many doctors i lost count, including to 2 mayo clinics. I was able to lose 30 pounds over a number of years, seems like i should be losing weight not gaining. I just went to an internal medicine doctor last week, i stay very bloated. He tested me for H.
Avatar n tn If really thin people can eat this little and lose weight then why am I not losing tons of weight?! I'm getting fed up! Do I need to cut my calories more??? Exercise 2-3 hours instead of 1? WHAT?! Do I need to start back taking laxatives after every single thing I eat? WHAT DO I DO?! I'm only 22 and it's time for me to start looking for real jobs but if I look like a freakin beastly monster whale, nobody is going to hire me!!
Avatar f tn I also do not eat grains except for rice pasta and lots of vegies. Whenever I try to lose weight faster, my Lyme symptoms worsen - I lose my ability to speak and become quite dizzy. Good luck on your journey. Blimey that Lymey!
Avatar n tn It was on Discovery Health Channel and called XXXTreme Weight Loss or something like that. The woman lost all of this weight by eating her big meal in the morning (salmon, veggies, etc.), a moderate sized meal in the afternoon (like a salad) and a light meal (like shredded wheat cereal) in the night. I think idea makes perfect sense, and thought I'd give it a try, but haven't had the opportunity (I had surgery two weeks ago). I need to lose about 50 pounds, mostly in the stubborn belly area.
Avatar m tn html Eating a big breakfast with lots of carbs and protein may help people lose weight and keep it off, researchers said. The plan includes a low-carb, low-calorie diet for the rest of the day. Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz of the Hospital de Clinicas in Venezuela said an overall low-carb diet may cause a quick weight loss, but pounds come back quickly, as well. Only 5 percent of carb-restrictive diets are successful after two years, she said.
Avatar f tn I have read where it takes up to one year to lose the swelly belly. I can't seem top lose any weight..........I am going to try harder and walk more and see if that helps. My stitches still have not dissolved, I think they will be there forever.
Avatar f tn You might consider have your thyroid levels tested, since hypothyroidism is a major cause of sudden weight gain/inability to lose; however, you aren't overweight by any stretch of the imagination, so you might be okay to wait a couple months and see if your hormones balance out again . I recommend that you keep a food diary and count how many calories you are actually eating/day. If you aren't taking in enough, your body many hand onto fat stores already there to prevent starvation.
Avatar n tn She did say that if I do not lose some weight (healthily of course), that she would have to send me off to a hospital for a while, as I risk my baby and myself. Anyway she has taken pasta, bread and cakes out of my diet ( I live in Italy, and my father is a baker). This is going to be torture, but I will do it. How are you ladies getting on with the weight front?( I started off about 4-6lbs overweight, i have gained something like 15lbs so far).
Avatar n tn i've asked a few doctors about it, one gave me antibiotics(didnt do anything), the other said to lose weight, and the third told me to wash with hibiclens(i think thats how you spell it)....but i havent found it and i started using dial. i think it helps a little bit. im dreading tomorrow because its going to start hurting when i walk. :( and is there a way to get rid of the scars? my inner thighs look all dark and the skin looks horrible and crinkly in parts where the cysts were.
1486478 tn?1307466597 Since this started, I've lost 103 pounds, which is about a period of 6 months, specifically, from eating healthier. Go me!! lol. However, as wonderful as that is, it seems that the more weight I lose, the more miserable I become. I dunno whether to blame the weight loss, the anxiety, or both. Main symptoms are chest heaviness constantly, back, shoulder, neck, and chest pains that are intermittent throughout the day.