Losartan vs benicar

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179332 tn?1273250959 and the doctors back then STILL wouldn't listen to me!! It was my sister who mentioned an article on vertigo caused by Benicar (a BP med) that I found MY ANSWER!!!! I read the article and couldn't keep from crying when it mentioned the ear fullness, and pain!! the long suffering on those meds lowered my vitamin and mineral counts in my body. I am on B12 and B vitamins along with minerals and feel SOOOOOO much better!!! Granted, my BP is about 155/96 but, at least I feel better!!
Avatar n tn Your medication check has detected interactions involving Cymbalta, Fenobibrate, Levothyroxine, Diazepam, Benicar and Lovastatin, and identified at least one medication with a red risk rating. This means you may be at increased risk of serious side-effects, and should closely monitor your progress on these medications with your doctor.