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Avatar n tn I also have LVH. After my valve reoplacement, I was placed on a beta blocker. I have hypertension that is being controlled with an ACE inhibitor, a water pill, and Losartan. I also am prescribed Tropol-XL (100mg). I think this is more based on the pacing effect, but it may also be the hypertension. My question is this. I am trying to get back into shape and exercise. While in High School I used to run cross country and I did two marathons.
Avatar n tn Taking beta blocker for blood pressure and fast heart beat. Very much under control.. Is it safe to take L-Arginine HCL 1000 mg twice a day with meals?
Avatar m tn I feel your pain on the cost of Benicar, but it has worked so well for me and has no side effects to speak of so I have elected to pay more than I could with a beta blocker.
Avatar f tn Losartan is not a beta blocker. Instead it is an ARB. By blocking the action of angiotensin, losartan relaxes muscle cells and dilates blood vessels, reducing blood pressure. It can cause nasal congestion and persistent cough, Since you have both the cough and leg swelling, you should ask to try another bp medication. There are other types.
Avatar m tn What I'm still not happy with is both a beta blocker and an Angiotensin II. My Dad only needed a beta blocker and she gets overwhelmed with so many meds and doesn't tolerate them well. Yes, she needs something to ensure her coronary arteries stay open, BP stays down, and heart rate (tends to be up around 80-90) stays down.
Avatar n tn Do Cozaar (losartan) to treat high blood pressure, metroprolol (beta blocker), aspririn and warfarin (blood thinner) affect mood swings? My husband is suffering immense mood swings which he won't admit to, he blames everyone else, he gets very obtuse, angry and aggressive. He swings from one extreme to another. It's like living with Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, one minute he's very loving, the next he's irrationally angry. Please help! How normal is this? How long does it go on for?
Avatar n tn Beta-1 and Beta-2. Those in the heart are mostly Beta-1; those in the lungs, mostly Beta-2. Beta-blockers come in 2 forms: selective and non-selective. Selective beta-blockers, such as metoprolol, act primarily on the Beta-1 receptors in the heart. Non-selective beta-blockers, such as propranolol act on both types of receptors, in both heart and lungs. Propranolol and other medicines in its class are capable of evoking bronchospasm in people with asthma.
Avatar n tn You did not mention the beta blocker that you were taking. I was on Zestril for about 6 months and could not tolerate it...heart pounding. I'm now taking Toprol and I initially tolerated it well at the begining, but now I seem to be having the same side effects as when I was taking Zestril. The side effects that you mention are very frustrating...these drugs are meant to help us, but at the same time create problems of their own. What was the beta blocker called that you were taking?
Avatar n tn I take a low dose (75 mg daily) of metoprolol, a beta blocker. It cuts my aerobic capacity by about 10%, you get used to it. If you do get to where you need surgery, make certain you go with a highly experienced surgeon who has done hundreds of aortic repairs. Cleveland Clinc has a great reputation. I had my surgery done by Dr. Vincent Gaudiani in California, he's done hundreds of such operations. I had a mini-sternotomy (only 4" near-invisible scar), and was on pump for only 25 minutes.
Avatar n tn No. Q: What kind of cardiac structural or endocrine pathology could explain such findings? A: Thyroid conditions could cause fast heart rates as could electrical conduction disturbances in the heart. Most likely this is a normal response. As long as it is occurring only during exercise I would not worry about it too much. Information provided here is for general educational purposes only. Only your doctor can provide specific diagnoses and treatments.
Avatar f tn yes it can i use atenolol for an elarged aorta, my mother uses it as a beta blocker for headaches and for high blood pressure so yea it can be used for blood pressure
Avatar m tn I t has been high like that alot lately. My doctor wants to add another one a beta blocker propranolol. I have had hep C for years and have some fibroses. Isnt this too much medication.
Avatar f tn I stopped taking losartan today and will take a calcium blocker or ace inhibitor instead. God bless and thank you for sharing what you know.
Avatar m tn I don't have problems with heart rate (usually between 70 and 80 during the day and around 60 in the morning) before taking beta blocker I usually had quite high HR (approximately 90) I'm writing all this because it seems that I started to suffer from "Erectile Dysfunction"or at least everything seems to be pretty much different than before. Behavior has been changing during period of taking drug.
Avatar m tn Cozaar is an ARB, (Angiotensin Receptor Blocker) That drug might do much better for your kidneys than the old beta blocker. wikipedia is generally a good place to start reading up on something. It is not what we'd call an "authoritative source" but it's reviewed by doctors and is a good place to begin.
Avatar n tn What exactly are you taking these medications for? Hypertension? You can always search the internet for information on the medicines from a ligitamite site. But it also depends on which specific med you are taking...are these the exact med names listed on the medicine bottles?
Avatar n tn I am wondering if I need a bit of a beta blocker. I went from 10mg to 20mg of lisiniopril and it has not made a difference at all.
Avatar m tn So short answer is no, there really should not be any problem taking the beta blocker with the ARB. I take both carvedilol and valsartan. Second question: the difference between the drugs is subtle. They both belong to the ARB family. Losartan is the more "popular" drug for aortic therapy because that is the drug that some researchers have chosen to pursue for clinical studies.
Avatar f tn It took me about 3 weeks to wean off my beta blockers. My beta blocker was a very strong one, and I was only on 1.25mg, so halving this was impossible. The pills were tiny and couldn't be cleanly broken. I had to increase the time between each pill instead. First I went to one every 48 hours and after a week, every 3 days. After managing one pill every 4 days I could finally stop and it felt great.
7322762 tn?1390118231 Though very important, blood pressure control is very difficult in CKD. Carvediol is a non selective beta blocker. Moxonidine on the other hand is a centrally acting BP lowering drug which is mainly indicated for essential hypertension not responding to other medications. The drug most suitable to manage BP in CKD is an Angiotensin II blocker like losartan potassium. If this drug is not suiting, other newer drugs like Olmesartan and Irbesartan can be used.
Avatar m tn I don't have anything specific on the condition, but if your blood presssure needs to be kept in check. Beta Blocker is the usual, but maybe an alpa blocker will help, new one on me. I think the main concern about a thick chamber wall is if it is stable. If one is born with such a condition and it is stable I'd guess it isn't a problem. High blood pressure can cause heart enlargement, but I've never heard it associated as causal for wall thickening.
Avatar m tn Hi there. Amlodipine is a calcium channel blocker and Propranolol is a beta blocker. Often medics are cautious when a Beta blocker is being stopped(Especially on higher doses). But in this case you have just changed to a different beta blocker (Atenolol) There should be no -problem. I have been around the block with lots of different bp meds. The one certainty is that they ALL have side effects.Some worse than others.
Avatar m tn My body's been unresponsive to the meds I've tried so far HCTZ, LOSARTAN, DIURETICS, AMLODAPINE, (can't use beta blockers) Alpha blocker (alone) made my heart rate stay above the 100s anytime I'd move it's feel like my hearts pounding out of my chest. Main concern is what am I to do when the doctor is running out of meds to try, my Bp still stays elevated, and I'm needing to keep it low because of LVH I have.... I eat a good diet, I get at least 30 mins treadmill a day, I try breathing yoga..
Avatar m tn My body's been unresponsive to the meds I've tried so far HCTZ, LOSARTAN, DIURETICS, AMLODAPINE, (can't use beta blockers) Alpha blocker (alone) made my heart rate stay above the 100s anytime I'd move it's feel like my hearts pounding out of my chest. Main concern is what am I to do when the doctor is running out of meds to try, my Bp still stays elevated, and I'm needing to keep it low because of LVH I have.... I eat a good diet, I get at least 30 mins treadmill a day, I try breathing yoga..
Avatar f tn Of note, one medication that she should also be on is a beta blocker (given her history of unstable angina). There may be reasons why this was not started (extremely low heart rate, conduction disease, allergy, etc), but should be addressed by her physician.
Avatar m tn Thnak you very much for the reply..But I am an anxious person and was prescribed beta blocker(Metoprolol ER 50mg and Amlong which was changed to 25mg metoprolol ER and Losartan 25mg after 4 years). Yes I dont have any heart problems and nothing in my family and also not diabetic. My age is 40. Still taking metoprolol only and will go for a review soon and would sort things out. I am happy with metoprolol 50mg ER to Bisoprolol 5mg...
Avatar m tn Hello, Congescor contains bisoprolol which is a beta blocker used to treat high BP and heart conditions. Losartan is an oral drug that belongs to the drug class called angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) used to control high blood pressure. Both belong to different categories of antihypertensives and should be used with caution only under a doctor’s guidance.
Avatar m tn Hi, normal Blood pressure range is Systolic BP: 90-139 mmHg, Diastolic BP: 60-89 mmHg and Pulse rate: 60- 99 beats/min. In addition to the medications, don't add additional salt in your diet. Exercise regularly and practice relaxation techniques to lower your stress levels. This might help to lower the values. Good luck.
Avatar m tn I would like to know if there is any relation between BP medicine and Hashimotos as I saw something related to beta blocker and Thyroid issue in the other thread