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427279 tn?1210923421 hmmmm i do that a lot i will be talking to someone and for the life of me cant bring up the word i want to say....my long term memory isnt the greatest either...my kids will be sitting around talkig ad say mom do you remember this or that?.....a lot of times i would say yeah ...but i dont...but finally started to say nooo i dont...and there is a lot of my younger years i dont remember but that may be because i block it out ..who knows ...
Avatar n tn Ongoing B12 deficiency would be implicated in Alzheimer’s, dementia, cognitive decline and memory loss (for your purposes) plus a lot more! I would take supplemental B12 Methylocobalamin drops, sublingually starting ASAP! As for the role of low magnesium in dementia, you may go to the Magnesium Online Library, chapter 20.
1339419 tn?1275969642 My short term memory is not 100% as it is, although it is not as bad as my long term memory, and when my blood pressure is really high ( 160/100+ ) I seem to have short term memory loss that increases with the increasing blood pressure numbers. Is this a direct side effect of high blood pressure, others with hypertension having suggested it effects their short term memory, or is it confined only to myself because of my memory problems?
Avatar m tn Today, again she didn't wake up in her usual time, lately she woke up and when I talked with her she was unable to answer me properly, she was having difficulties in short term memory, she was unable to tell me whether it is morning or night, I asked her what time is it she said its night, I asked then why there's sunlight if it is night then she get confused and said i dont know may be its evening.
Avatar f tn I've been experiencing some really irritating short-term memory loss problems (for myself as well as other people). I am 35, female and trying to figure out why and how I can improve this. Ther are a few things I have considered...I was in an auto accident last year. I was t-boned and the driver side airbag went off and pretty much saved my life.
Avatar f tn I am at that age. Can doing brain exercises such as memory games help me regain short term memory or is my condition something else?
Avatar n tn The cognitive impairment could just be due to concussion which at times persists for years and all of a sudden disappears. This does not have any long term complications. The person just needs support from family members and has to learn to live with the memory loss and other such problems. Memory loss and cognitive impairment is also a common symptom of frontal lobe injury.
Avatar f tn I found out a while ago that dementia runs in my family, its in my mothers side but its normally in very old age im only 21 yet show a lot of signs I’ve had a horrible memory since I was a kid. In Primary School I would be asked to get booklets off a teacher in another class I would get to the classroom and forget what I was there for. Right now I cant remember a thing from high school yet im remembering a lot from primary.
1471082 tn?1286760600 he cannot remember simple things and if we plan something it has to be a week or more in advance and we have to remind him constantly about it. there can be no surprises. memory is a problem as he has no short term day to day. there is no parkinsonism rigidity occuring and he is not incontinent. he actually is going the other way with his personal hygiene. He is hyper clean. He is not violent in any way. he does lose his temper but he yells.
Avatar m tn Symptoms of Pseudo Dementia Depression. Thinking of suicide. Poor concentration. Problem in memory. Self blemning. Loss of interest. Decreased energy. Forgetfulness. Illness. Sadness Treatment of Pseudo Dementia For the treatment of pseudo dementia first find out the sign and symptoms of the disease. If the depression treated immediately then the sign of pseudo dementia will clear. Use antidepressant to cure the pseudo dementia.
Avatar f tn Nothing to be worried about, how is your long term memory?
Avatar n tn Some dizziness, has fallen twice in past 6 months. Once 6 mths ago, once two weeks ago. Long term mem ok. Have't thought about Alzheimers until now.No behavioral changes. Long term memory, recognition of people ok.
Avatar n tn My father in law has all symptoms to prove that he has dementia. Except for he has high B12 level and the MRI test was perfect. What is it then.
7522862 tn?1396949021 extreme difficulty when trying to follow a movie's story) Severe Memory loss (short term and long term similar to Global Amnesia) I forget what I did or said 30 seconds before and I'm starting to forget how to do basic things and remember simple things like people's names (even family members) or once familiar places.
Avatar n tn 25 mg, TID) for approximately 1 year before discontinuing. I have read that long-term benzodiazepine use can cause brain shrinkage/enlarged CSF spaces, and I am wondering whether this mild dose which I took could have either caused, or have contributed to this mild cognitive difficulty I am having. Essentially, can one year of mild benzo use cause or precipitate early-onset dementia, of any sort? Third, for approximately 3.
Avatar m tn I do not know the doses of his medications so it is difficult to speculate into what may be going on. Is his behavior new or is it long term? It is not his age, at least it certainly shouldn't be. My husband is older than I, he just turned 64. He is a Vice President for a very large multi-site international corporation. He is as sharp and extremely intelligent making million dollar decisions frequently. He has never fallen asleep standing up or while eating.
Avatar f tn It is basically a softening of the brain matter as a result of an ischemia or infarction, degenerative changes, infection, craniocerebral trauma, or other injury. Thus any damage to this lobe can lead to long term memory loss. Certain types of epilepsies and seizures and sleep disturbances too cause short term memory loss along with tiredness or fatigue. Chronic infections too are known to precipitate memory loss. For this you can try yoga and meditation.
Avatar f tn It was mild for the first couple of years but she has trouble remembering anything from one moment to the next now as well as long term memory. She has been to her MD who said she didn't have dementia or Alzheimer's. She referred her to a neurologist who ordered an MRI and diagnosed her as having normal brain shrinkage. We all found that hard to believe. Anymore it seems that if you go to a specialist they just rule out what it is not and send you on your way.
343006 tn?1314450071 shes been ok for the past 4 years , however this last year, shes been depressed and her memory has failed her -short term so far ! she repeats old storys and memorys of past. and also reads outloud to no one ? then writes what she reads down?? her hearing is failing her and as well she cant see good anymore ! now for the kicker ! she over the past 6months has turned on everyone ! and picks fights ,shes nasty and mean all the time ! and wont take her medications for b.
Avatar n tn Yes Fentanyl or any narcotic can effect our short term memories, regardless of our age. Physicians walk the fine line of memory impairment or pain management. It is my guess you would rather see your mother with some memory disturbances instead of dealing with chronic pain that would make her days and nights absolutely miserable.
Avatar m tn I am having bad problems with depression - but I am also having bad short term memory loss, concentration difficulties and some word mixups- spelling like a 2nd grader in some instances. This is very bad- I am really messing up at work. I cant remember what or if I just took a med- what number I just dialed. I once had short term memory loss from prednisone years ago- this seems like that sort of. I've NEVER had this from depression- gasp. anybody had this kind of thing?
Avatar n tn Slowly over time I seem to be losing this. It seems to be something with my short term memory. I don't remember things I say or conversations I have. I can forget things as soon as they happen. I have trouble remembering birthdays and phone numbers. I know my "really good" memory is still in there and it works randomly. I can remember patients names and faces, why they came in, things they tell me. But randomly.
Avatar n tn I have been off of Klonopin for at least a year, but still suffer from short term memory loss and some long term memory loss. It really helped me and I would like to return to taking it. I am 60 years of age and am really concerned about my not remembering things said to me. I have come us with a system for remembering things, though. I also can remember numbers almost immediately and from many years ago.
Avatar n tn Hi, Remeron is known to have long term side effects like muscle twitches, anxiety, dizziness, loss of co ordination. It is important to know if you withdrew the drug gradually or stopped all of a sudden. I would suggest you to discuss this issue also with your treating doctor.
Avatar m tn Next to Alzheimer’s, FTD is the form of dementia that strikes people most frequently at a relatively young age—younger than 65. In FTD, large numbers of brain cells begin to die off in the frontal lobe, the foremost part of the brain which comprises about 30 percent of brain mass. The frontal lobe helps regulate behavior, movement, and mood, and is responsible for functions such as language. The first signs of FTD are changes in behavior and personality.
7522862 tn?1396949021 extreme difficulty when trying to follow a movie's story) Severe Memory loss (short term and long term similar to Global Amnesia) I forget what I did or said 30 seconds before and I'm starting to forget how to do basic things and remember simple things like people's names (even family members) or once familiar places.
7522862 tn?1396949021 extreme difficulty when trying to follow a movie's story) Severe Memory loss (short term and long term similar to Global Amnesia) I forget what I did or said 30 seconds before and I'm starting to forget how to do basic things and remember simple things like people's names (even family members) or once familiar places.
Avatar f tn testing was done and it showed a short-term memory loss ... they called it dementia....but my long term memory is good. I wonder if anyone else has anything like this and could it be related to my thyroid.