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Avatar f tn by taking your needed meds as prescribed. Several years ago there was a study done on the effects of long term opiate therapy. Forest Tennant, MD, who undertook a first-of-its-kind research study evaluating chronic pain patients who had been receiving opioid therapy for 10 to 35 years. I found the results of his study extremely encouraging as should have other patients in need of long-term opioid therapy as well as their doctors, some of whom may have been hesitant about it. Dr.
Avatar m tn My guess is I might as well take an aspirin other than I now need them to fight off withdrawals... Anyone have any advice on long term use... I am pissed my doc as told me several times "we just don't write scripts" after I say no to useless never burns or back injections.. If I say yes then writing a script is no issue at all.... I get the feeling it is more for the money than the cover for the FDA At one point I had to start PT again then I needed to see a Physiologist..
Avatar m tn Google melatonin u only need about 2mg then go righ tto bed,i have tried it and used it sometimes.It is not a long term solution tho.Not suggested to use it more than a week as it will cause depression but for some it does work. Although the same person had a lot of spot on advice.But when your body produces melatonin naturaly,it is never higher than even 1/2 milligram of it.Melatonin is more suited for rearanging a sleep habit.Like resetting your sleep clock.
Avatar n tn No one has addressed the Long Term Effects of Vicodin except for bowl problems. What are the long term effects on your kidneys and liver?
Avatar n tn HEY EVERYBODY How come no-one's talking about "LONG TERM EFFECTS" and how it AFFECTS you? (lol) THIS FORUM SAYS "LONG TERM EFFECTS" at the top. I wanna talk about long term effects, but it seems like everyone who succesfuly stops, ALSO STOPS COMING TO THIS WEB SITE! I'm guessing that this is the case because this "long term" forum seems to be full of people that are talking about being on their 3rd to 30th day of detox.
Avatar n tn Yes, the antidepressants are monitored by a physician - wellbutrin, prozac and lamictal (which is actually an anticonvulsant that is used to treat mood disorders, Ilike tegretol or depakote). Depression is much more of a long-term impediment in my life so I am reluctant to change the regimen. However I know from experience that using opioids makes my depressions worse. Thank you for making me feel so welcome. I hid this problem, lied, denied, you name it for a long time.
Avatar m tn I have been taking oxycodone, provigil, and symbax for many years - more than 5. I do not abuse the medications, in fact my doctor is consistently telling me to take them as ordered because I take less than he recommends because the lesser dose does the job. I do not take oxycodone for pain but because my system is so weird it actually energizes me and helps me with my sleep apnea in that even if I do not feel rested, it will give me enough energy to function.
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Avatar n tn and you know what, we never really seem to worry too much about long term use of ALL that acetaminophen that we put in our bodies, or the crappy cut that is in heroin, or shooting all that filler in dilaudid... but then we get clean, take revia and start to wonder if it will hurt us! we are fantastic people aren't we!! what is so wonderful about NA, or these forums online (most of the time) is that i still get to hang out with other addicts...
Avatar n tn these medications are your best bet as opposed to vicodin etc. for long term use..for reasons such as the amount of tylenol found in the vicodin..where as the oxy and morphine are safe from acetaminophen thus saving your liver...maybe instead of the oxycodone he can give you the oxyIR? talk with your doc about switching your meds if that is what makes you more comfortable he, above all people should know that a tolerance will develope when a person is on ling term medication..
Avatar f tn He has been taking 10 mg of Ambien nightly for maybe 8 YEARS, has been down to taking 5 mg for about a year. He has been taken off the Ambien, but what are the long term effects? I find alot of info on short term effects, but could his memory issues be due to AMBIEN? Please help.
Avatar n tn Just to throw a curve ball in to this conversation - I also experienced brain fog during tx however surprisingly enough I found that doing mental activities (including the mental gymnastics of my job) HELPED me get through treatment. I also read like a fiend throughout the whole 48 weeks and now, 12 months since finishing tx, my mind is exacly the same as it was prior to tx. No, wait, that is incorrect.
Avatar f tn however, she took 3 thinking the insistent pain that the 1 (or possibly 2 IF and only IF after two hours the pain had not went away) wasn't getting rid of would help and she never woke up. Each person is different and obviously after long use, your tolerance goes up, but please be careful. Our bodies really do get so relaxed they just forget to breathe. once, in the hospital with the dilaudid I was taking 5 respirations per minute. they came and bagged me and everything..
Avatar n tn I was on15mg of oxycodone 3* day. My Dr switched me to 5mg methadone a day. I have chronic osteomylitis in foot . Will methadone deteriate bones quicker?
547368 tn?1440545385 Long-Term Opioid Therapy – What Are the Effects? Most people who need to take opioids on a long-term basis for chronic non-cancer pain are understandably concerned about what kind of effect it will have on them. Many have mistakenly believed that opioids destroy both the body and the brain – and possibly even shorten lives.
Avatar n tn The long term effects of oxycodone are more on the brain at the dose you are taking. A constant stream of opiates on the brain will shut down the natural production of neurotransmitters so all your brain is really getting is the drug to fill the receptors - most of all, the natural dopamine is not being produced and is replaced in your brain by the opiate. This is the reason that the body goes into withdrawl when you stop or forget to take the medication.
765775 tn?1366028291 There have been a lot of questions in reference to long term use of opiods on this forum. This study answers all of those questions. Long-Term Opioid Therapy – What Are the Effects? Most people who need to take opioids on a long-term basis for chronic non-cancer pain are understandably concerned about what kind of effect it will have on them. Many have mistakenly believed that opioids destroy both the body and the brain – and possibly even shorten lives.
Avatar m tn when it is time for me to come off suboxone, i will go as low and as slow as i can, no rush (and if it takes me months to do it properly, than i will), and i KNOW it will be nothing compared to methadone at all. there are plenty of success stories of people coming off long term maintenance of suboxone with mild discomfort...that i can do, this is attainable ... methadone i couldnt.
Avatar f tn Babs is correct often constipation goes hand in hand with the opiate use. Most of us could not function without the use of daily pain medication and have little choice but to rely on opiates to live a half way normal life.
Avatar f tn I know about these things because I'm a long term chronic pain patient, and long term benzo and tranq patient, as well as badly physically and mentally dependent, and addicted to all 3. I've been trying to get off the benzos and tranqs for the last year and a half. When I first attempted coming off the tranqs and benzos I began under a drs care because I knew it would be rough. I wound up in the ICU, crashed and was brought back from death 4 times in the first night in ICU.
364605 tn?1200708575 Its kinda like substituting another drug in the other drugs place. A lot of docs just want your long term business and $$$. Wait thats Exactly like a legal drug dealer huh, no way? Wow, imagine that! Im not saying your doc is, i was just makin a point about some ******* docs that dont give a ****. Stay strong and stay sober!
Avatar n tn However I started getting nervous that long term probably isn't good on my stomach. So I lowered my dosage last week to 3/4 of a pill for about 5 days then I quit last Friday. That's where the problems started. First 40 hours I felt like I had a strange low grade current running through my arms/legs. Not painful more like annoying. Almost like I just had to twitch or move my arms. That finally wore off and now I feel absolutely terrible.
Avatar f tn It does take discipline because your pain receptors are going to scream for medication as you go. Long term opiate use causes your body to produce more pain receptors, this is what causes the hyperalgesia. In a proper taper, a drop is done with a good length of time for the body/brain to regulate. This way it doesn't shock the system or cause terrible rebound pain. But, you say you are committed to a fast taper and that is of course, your choice.
Avatar m tn On would never want to put ones patients on high dose opioids due to the possibility or dependence and the side effects. Also with long term opioid pain medications, tolerance develops and one would need increasing dosage of the medication to produce the same effects which is not desirable. Also oxycodone is not the best suitable mediation for GI pain due to its effect on the motility and hence it is desired to keep the patient on a minimal possible dose. Take care!
Avatar m tn Your right on the fence of about to being hammered with the real deals of extended use.. As was said back then,,count your blessing that your not being hit hard with wd's as you really have taken enough, long enough, that most people would be having some serious wd's..Get away from them..You appear to be dodging a bullet for the second time..Third time around might not be so kind to you. They "will" nail you when you least expect it...