Long does lyrica withdrawal last

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Avatar n tn Does anyone know for how long Lyrica withdrawal symptoms last for? I was on Lyrica for two and a half weeks and the side effects made me quit cold turkey. 3 months later I still have withdrawals!!!
Avatar f tn Lyrica shouldn't be stopped abruptly. You should call your doctor for advice. You're describing withdrawal symptoms. Check out the substance abuse forum for some tips on feeling better Staying hydrated is very important. Keep us posted on what's going on with you.
Avatar f tn s kind of slow around here this time of night, but hopefully someone with more experience with the symptoms of Lyrica withdrawal and tips on managing it will be along soon. Good luck to you and take care!
Avatar m tn Doubling just the first couple of times caused swelling in my mouth and around my eyes, so I dropped lyrica altogether. In no time I was hit with xanax type withdrawal symptoms: depersonalization, lack of concentration and dizziness being the most frightening. So, I asked to be switched to neurontin and he wrote out 300 mgs. three times daily for me.
Avatar f tn Previously I was taking lyrica. Lyrica seemed to affect my vision so I switched to Neurontin. I feel like I am in a blur everyday and all the events meld together, also when I work or go to school I feel like I am working through a fog. I am wondering if people take this kind of medication for years? And I have noticed that his medication has messed with my memory, what will that be like in the future? I am worried that it will affect me too much and really mess up my head in the future.
584338 tn?1226971604 if he decides to continue this way ie taking that dose of lyrica and no oxycontin, he has got enough to last him just over a week. Do you think that this alone will be enough to combat withdrawals (because yesterday alone in pain he did not suffer greatly with withdrawals), and if so when the lyrica runs out in about a weeks time will he be over the worst by then or will the withdrawals kick in when he stops taking the lyrica?
Avatar m tn I had been to a holistic doc, a neurologist thinking I had MS. then finally realized my symptoms were side effects from the lyrica, then withdrawal....I'm sure it works fine for some people, but I have always been hyper sensitive to meds....the new ones, especially. I am searching for a drug that will help the fibro, but cymbalta made me super nauseous so I feel stuck. any input would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn So, now she is off the butalbital - cold turkey and says the withdrawal is hell. Does anyone know how long the withdrawal lasts? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
1088527 tn?1425313375 200 is still enough that u should cut that in half again before weaning off. I was on 300mg and weaned off it, I also had/ have nasea and vomiting and feeling flushed but don't think it's related to the lyrica, instead related to my cancer/ recovery / chemo. I had to go off Lyrica becaus of weight gain. I stpped it a few weeks back and already dropped a few pounds and can do my pants up agian!
Avatar m tn t know just totally out of sorts. Do you think this is withdrawal How long does this last. i am tired of apologizing to my partner. Also very lathargic. I feel like isolating.
Avatar n tn I took lyrica for a while and never had withdrawal and have never heard of anyone withdrawaling from it. Lyrica is a non narcotic med it does not goto the receptors in your brain so there should be no withdrawal because it actually goes to the pain and calms nerve pain by helping I guess you would say calming down a extra sensitive nerve that causes pain. I could very well be wrong about there being no withdrawal from it but I'm bout 99.
15227985 tn?1439629482 From what I understand you cannot withdrawal from gabapetin as its not a narcotic. It does help stop some of the w/ds and can make a difference.
5100586 tn?1363644754 I have a question regarding lyrica withdrawal symptoms ................ I am currently suffering with this and am on day 38 with no end in sight from these godawful symptoms ............... in fact, it has gotten worse in the last 48 hrs, which is so depressing, as I thought I would improve as I distanced myself from the drug ...
Avatar f tn I haven't felt well in weeks, but it hasn't been the usual MS kind of not feeling well. I've had nausea, sweating, insomnia, horrible fatigue and general malaise. I know that this has been from various causes, including an infection, but I hadn't been able to come up with a reason for the way I've felt off and on for the past week. Now I'm wondering if it could be withdrawal from Lyrica. For the past year I've been on 100 mg Lyrica twice a day.
Avatar f tn I was put on lyrica and only in the last month and a half started abusing it. I was taking up to 9-10 150mg pills a day. So I stopped cold turkey. My last pill was Saturday morning. Since yesterday I have been having this sensation all over my body that feels like I am being poked by a needle or like a pin prick sensation. Has anyone come off lyrica before and had this happen?