Long does generalized anxiety disorder last

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Avatar n tn My wife is a psychologist and she said it sounded like Generalized Anxiety Disorder. That sounded odd to me because these symptoms were occurring with and without any anxiety (and I would normally feel anxious anyway since I didn't know what the hell was wrong with me). Since then I have had more depression and anxiety (with no real cause, in cirumstances where I wouldn't normally be anxious), and when I do my ears feel full and I don't know which is causing which.
Avatar n tn Whether you have generalized anxiety or social anxiety or garden variety anxiety can only be diagnosed by a doctor.........and at the young age of 13, (even tho it's obvious you are mature for your age) your hormones are kicking into high gear and that can sometimes bring on anxiety. I would urge you to talk to your parents about these feelings and I believe a talk with your doctor is in order. You do not have to feel this way. You'll be fine as long as you reach out for the help you need.
5262038 tn?1415316185 My brother passed away 5 years ago and since then I do have an anxiety disorder. Just not sure where this anxiety is coming from. I may make an appt with my therapist.
Avatar n tn Your son's symptoms are typical of children who display Generalized Anxiety Disorder, typified by some obsessive-compulsive symptoms, some phobic symptoms and others. Such conditions are biologically-determined and in part have their root in brain chemistry. Your son is certainly vulnerable to such a condition because of the positive family history. With mental health conditions that are biologically-determined, it is important to address pharmacological treatment.
Avatar n tn I combine my Zoloft with Buspar, 15 mg. twice a day and occasionally a Xanax to sleep . I have generalized anxiety disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. Talk with your doctor first if you want but I suggest you really lower your dosage. It is too much for your body and thats why you are so trembly and shaky. If you want to e-mail me let me know and I will give you my e-mail...
Avatar f tn Untreated anxiety can lead to syndromes related to post-traumatic stress disorder. In my experience, acute anxiety does not get better on its own. You will have some good days and some very bad days; you may try to figure out why your good days were good and the bad days were bad. You will learn to cope in an abnormal world where everything becomes more frightening.
Avatar n tn By the end of the day , you should have gleened enough information from all of these great folks to start formulating a plan to deal with you anxiety. Here is my two cents... I have suffered from Generalized Anxiety Disorder since 1990 and have been gone through varoius medications and consuling trying to deal with it.
Avatar n tn After extensive tests on my heart, I am starting to come to terms with the idea that anxiety is playing a role in my fast heart rates. I have a basic question though. Can anxiety last for a whole day? I understand that panic attacks come and go but let me give an example. Last Saturday, I had to go to a meeting. On the way to the meeting I felt perfectly fine, my heart was beating in the 70's.
Avatar n tn 2) If this is anxiety, are there any good books about anxiety and health that you know of or would reccommend? I have one about generalized anxiety/panic, but it does not help much, because my worries are not about symptoms experienced during a panic attack. I know that the increased heart rate and dizziness associated w/anxiety is normal, and am not concerned about that. Distraction techniques do not work. I am not anxious about anything but my health. Thankyou for any help.
398624 tn?1266273049 GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) lasts lifetime if not treated. klonopin is better than xanax. but dont get addicted to benzos.
Avatar m tn I continued to worry and worry and worry about my health and everything everyday so my doctor diagnosed me with generalized anxiety disorder and started me on 20mgs of citalopram. This helped to ease my anxiety however i check my pulse all the time, when im not nervous about it, it is good usually 60-72 however right when i go to check my blood pressure either at the doctors office or the drug store my heart races.
6253611 tn?1381715488 I've been suffered from Generalized Anxiety Disorder which I had concerned about HIV about 1 or 2 weeks because of my low/no risk exposure. I dont actually remember...
Avatar n tn I'm trying zoloft and have been on it for only 4 days I have had panic attacks before but none that last this long.. I feel I have to drink to get some kinda calmness in me and to fall asleep at night.. Annoying.. So I know exsactly what ur going through... And I have no clue how to stop it.. Its mind over matter I was told to listen to a book on take when I goto bed... Yea I don't know..
Avatar f tn Yes I have panic disorder, also health anxiety that manifests into generalized anxiety. I get PAC's that do not help my anxiety level and seem to reset me back to square one every time, although I am working through them. You mentioned questioning doctors, yes many many of us do that. We feel bad, they take tests, the tests are fine, we feel good for a few days, then decide they must of missed something, research online and then think we have X.
696755 tn?1236019912 What is an attack? How long does it last? Is it like a panic attack? I am supposed to be joining this 5-0-4 program or whatever for school, I don't know if you know what it is so I'll tell you anyway. It's a program for kids with temporary disabilities, illnesses or whatever so I have to go to school for probably half the day. And they can exempt me from gym until I'm better.
3060903 tn?1398568723 There is enough over prescribing that is savvy to be educated on this subject, for ourselves, our families and especially, our children. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) – Learn how to break free from this common anxiety disorder that involves chronic worrying, nervousness, and tension. Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder – Learn about the causes of panic attacks, how to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of panic, and regain control of your life.
Avatar m tn Do they ever work at all? I suffer from stress-related generalized anxiety and occasional panic attacks. This has also, I believe, helped to increase my typical blood pressure readings to above normal (very healthy 28-year-old, otherwise. I work out, am at healthy weight, etc.). I'm on meds for blood pressure and have been taking Klonopin as-needed for panic attacks and other severe anxiety bouts.
Avatar f tn 5 yr old son whom was diagnosed about 6 months ago with ADHD, and in last 3 months wiht OCD, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. He has been seeing several medical professionals weekly for 6 months. He had terrible reactions to stimulant ADHD meds, thus bringing out the worsening OCD and anxiety issues. He has been doing OT, behavioral cognitive therapy, etc with minimal change in behavior.
Avatar n tn And he's getting it with an IEP in school, meds for his OCD/anxiety-tourette's, and therapy. Yes, stress can exasberate a generalized anxiety disorder etc..... but some kids and people need meds, just like a diabetic needs insulin. Were a very open family, hugs, talking, crying, no denial here. We don't believe in a quick fix with a pill! My son still will face hardships and does everyday with his learning disability. He will find the strategies he needs and hopefully come off meds someday?
Avatar n tn It wasn't until I was clearly hypomanic that I was officially diagnosed, even though I was already on BP meds. Before that it was ADHD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder I am assuming here that you go to the university clinic because you don't have independant coverage. If you are still on your parent's insurance I'd get a second opinion. If you are getting the medication that is helping you, I wouldn't worry too much about the diagnosis. It will come in time.
Avatar f tn Axis I includes acute issues like biploar disorder, major depression, generalized anxiety, substance abuse, ADHD, schizophrenia. (These are just a few diagnosis listed in the DSM) The DSM gives a listing of symptoms for each of these disorders and the time the symptom must be present and distressing for the person to be labeled with the diagnosis. A person's symptoms are used to match up a person's diagnosis.
Avatar m tn You can have generalized, and consistent symtoms of anxiety, called generalized anxiety disorder GAD, without having just panic attacks, or panic disorder. Your symtpoms sound a bit more on the severe or distressing side of anxiety disorders. My questions and suggestions would be, if this is the first time you are experiencing this, yes it could be anxiety, but go to the doctor urgently to be sure it's not serious.
Avatar m tn I also suffer from ongoing nausea which started 20 months ago after a panic attack at work, i have been since been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I feel nauseous every day even when i don't feel anxious, i have had many tests all of which have come back as normal except for Testosterone which was low. One of the tests i had done was a 24 hr urine collection to see how much Adrenaline i was producing but this also came back as normal. Have you ever been on anxiety meds?
1318245 tn?1274227973 -intense fatigue not relieved by sleep -muscle twitching (all over body, worse when lying down) -pins and needles/numbness feeling in legs and especially feet -heart palpitations -shortness of breath during mild exercise -weakness -mood instability/personality changes/disinterest -intermittent pelvic/abdominal pain -persistent pressure headache made worse sometimes by bending over or changing with other symptoms -confusion and feelings of derealization -sometimes blurry vision or feeling like o
Avatar f tn I heard Effexor was good for panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. Does anybody know if it is any better than any other antidepressant?
949689 tn?1246005627 I suspect your son suffers from separation anxiety disorder and/or generalized anxiety disorder. I might suggest you google the phrase "separation anxiety disorder in children" or "anxiety disorders and children" or similar words/phrases to learn more about this condition. If you feel this might be the issue, then contact your family doctor. If he/she is unable to help you, then ask for a referral to a medical specialist with experience in anxiety disorders.
Avatar n tn anxiety can definitely cause all sorts of different body symptoms, including the tingling in your head and sharp pains you are experiencing. i was just recently diagnosed as having generalized anxiety disorder, but before being diagnosed, i went to a neurologist to make sure it was nothing else more life threatening. it's okay to go see your doctor and request to be checked out by a neurologist for your peace of mind.