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Business woman2 Is there a generic for Loestrin 24 Fe? If so, what is the name? If not, is there a similar birth control pill that has a generic?
Avatar f tn To address the first concern of cost there are many different formulations of hormonal contraceptive agents that come as a generic (Loestrin 24 Fe is considered brand name and thus may be more expensive on your particular insurance plan) and are as equally effective and could be less expensive for you to take each month.
Avatar f tn I was at the doctor a month ago and she gave me a sample of loestrin FE because I was out of refills of my generic Microgestin. so I took the month of loestrin fe, which includes 3 active pills and 4 placebo pills at the end of the month instead of the regular 7 placebos that I'm used to, so i took the loestrin FE as directed, but now my period is late and I dont know if it's just because i got thrown off by 3 extra active days on the brand name pill, or because i'm actually preggers.
1243620 tn?1274794297 1. How tall are you? If your BMI is less than 10% that may be why you aren't having your period. 2. Between tricyclin and yasmin, tricyclin will probably make for worse "moon fluctuation" because it is tri-phasic, which means it has 3 different levels of hormone depending on what week your are on. yasmin has the same level all 3 active weeks. However, if you are going to choose a low-dose mono-phasic pill there is no reason to jump straight to yasmin.
Avatar f tn My OB is suggesting I switch to Loestrin 24 fe but I just don't know if I'm willing to go through another potential merry-goround.
Avatar n tn I was on it for 3 years and stopped a month ago due to experiencing other side effects (dry-eye, red spots on legs, etc). I was on generic Loestrin, microgestin Fe. I read the packet of possible side effects and it does say "scalp hair loss" so it confuses me that some doctors are saying hair loss and the pill are not related. Since stopping, my hair is falling out at a more rapid pace and I hope that it stops soon as I have thin, fine hair already and can't spare to lose anymore.
Avatar n tn HI,I took Yasmin for the past 6 months. Before this pill I was taking a stronger BCP don't remember the name right now... Anyway I notice that since I started to take Yasmin my skin was breaking out so I talk to my Gyno here told me to stop taking them so I stopped. That was last month and half ago. My period didn't come for 40 days and I have an extremely heavy period... never have it like that before; I gain 3 lbs I hope I will lose them once my period stops.
Avatar n tn I just take regular mini pill Microgestin Fe 1/20 back to back. I have done that for years. No side effects, no nothing (and I have severe endometriosis if I don't do this). PLEASE don't let anyone talk you into Depo Provera shots. That stuff is evil incarnate. It will stop your sex drive, just make you feel like a sexless piece of nothing. Hey, they give it to men to stop their sex drive, so what is up with that?
Avatar f tn my blood test showed a hormonal imbalance- LH and FSH levels were inverted (i don't know what that means, but she said it made sense with my having such an irregular period). I was given birth control pills, Loestrin 24 Fe, to take for 3 mnths then go back for followup... i'm supposed to start when my period starts. I'm still waiting for it. My last period ended April 6th...
Avatar n tn Only one worked, which was loestrin 24. The Bleeding is moderate with smaller clots, I have cramping and these weird contraction type things. I am now on a pill called Low Ovural that is bogus I was on it 1 month the bleeding never stopped-my Doc keeps saying give it time....hope much time Lady? Until I bleed over? This whole situation makes me wish I was born a male!!!!!
Avatar n tn Some how the ointment protects the urine no longer touches the tear, the ointment is kind of thick and sticks well to the skin it stayed the entiretime I was at work (8 hours), I am almost completely healed and I can now urinate like normal woman, no more tears!!! The name and brand of this ointment is Walgreens Vitamin A & D Ointment. It's working for me. I wish all of you luck and hope all of you heal as well. P.
Avatar n tn I also am having ALL of the symptoms reported. I have had these itchies for a few years now. They can almost drive you crazy. Basically though it is the inner labia's that itch. No discharge and no odor. I do remember the anus being a bit itchy as well. But basically it is the labia. No STD, just a diabetic. Which I thought was the answer to the problem. But I really don't believe so. I can definately agree with the chapped lips cuts as well.