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Avatar n tn Keep in mind that I am familiar with type 1. As a mother of a child living with diabetes, I can say that I do not like to see 400 blood sugars either, however, there are times when there is not a logical explanation for highs and lows and we have to realize that this is what diabetes looks like.
Avatar n tn Hello Lilyllama, You took a good step in reaching out as a way to begin getting thru a period of burnout. Sometimes, the holidays add additional stress so that things seem harder and sometimes futile. For many of us long-timers, periodic of bouts of "why bother" bring us back to things we treasure in this life -- family, friends, volunteer work, careers, faith, etc. How to get thru a bout of "why bother" often starts with a difficult but necessary step ...
Avatar n tn I am tired of it and I feel like as soon as I leave I have to go back to pee and it's hard for me to stop drinking because I am diabetic and drink a lot anyways
870040 tn?1252618719 Its just been so much to do and so many complications to troubleshoot. We just finished radiation a week ago, and will start chemo (hopefully) in two weeks. Apparently, there can be a reaction between the radiation and the chemo agent she is suppose to use. She had a second debulking surgery this summer. Our regular gyn onc recommended no surgical intervention. But the second opinion 'research' oriented doctor said it was fine. Turns out we should have listened to our gyn/onc.
Avatar n tn she also has to take thyroid tablets .
Avatar f tn I was 37 when my dad passed away and yet I felt like I was a 4 year old little girl that just wanted her daddy back. My dad passed away suddenly, so there was no warning that my life was going to change forever. My normal life was gone and it was replaced by what would become my new normal life. One without the man who had defined my life for so many years. I didn't want it, I didn't have a bad life, why did I have to go through the rest of my life without my him?
884235 tn?1284981868 You have to be very careful in assuming that any symptoms are related to an underlying illness like this. While it is likely that it was a diabetic episode, it's always a safe bet to keep your mind open to other possibilities!
Avatar m tn Yes, about a third of people with diabetes will have a skin disorder caused or affected by diabetes at some time. For an overview go to the American Diabetes Association web site, click Living With Complications, on the left click Complications, scroll down and click Skin Complications.
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Avatar n tn I am new at this and pre diabetic and getting a crash course on taking care of myself. Just bought a meter yesterday in fact so am thankful to know I need to check before going to bed. Very sad to hear about your mum. Please let us know how she progresses.
558059 tn?1288554544 They usually check for a couple different antibodies any one of which would indicate a Type 1 as Type 2's don't have antibodies. Besides having another autoimmune condition such as thyroid some of the other indicators are age (though I myself was older when diagnosed), normal weight or weight loss prior to and after diagnosis, doing well on typical type 2 treatments for awhile (a few months to 4 years) but then seeing slowly rising numbers.
Avatar n tn Many abusers self-medicate to avoid facing personal demons -- tough childhoods, diagnosis of a serious disease like DM, surviving parents' chaos and/or lack of involvement, etc. FInd a support system to help you discover your own courage, your own grace under fire. It may be scary soemtimes, but you also create the chance to really blossom & to become the person you want to be. Good luck ... please do commit to your long-term health.
Avatar m tn Thanks for the great information! I have had a visit with my doctor and she has ordered a Vascular Ultrasound to take a look at the blood flow in my legs. They have run a number of neurological tests and all have come back normal. Only problem was during a test I do not remember what it is called. They hook up electrodes and shock your nerves and measure the response. I could only take around 45 minutes 1/2 way thru the test because the pain was so intense.
Avatar m tn Hi NY Chronic fatigue could be caused like a lot of things. Since you are being seen by a doctor regarding these symptoms I'm really surprised he didn't test your blood sugar in addition to other things he may be considering. Fatigue is one symptom of diabetes but there are other common ones such as increased urination and thirst, especially at night. Also do you se any patterns with your eating? Like do you feel really "out of it" if you go longer than usual without eating?
143123 tn?1274304425 Hello, I'm also a long-time diabetic and discovered the same thing for myself about 20 years ago. At taht time, I think there were some very expensive insurance available, but it wasn't worth it to me -- the premiums would've been so high, I could invest that money myself and grow my own coverage -- wihtout their commissions & fees. I have chosen to get the maximum that I can from my employer and to look into alternative investments that I view as insurance.
3144606 tn?1343046299 My parents are forcing me to break up with a diabetic .Apparently diabetics who have had diabetes for a long time (this boy has had it since 18) begin complications really early..... I love him and I cant loss him anymore…but my parents as not accepting him. Is there any problem to him in future with diabetics ?
885961 tn?1249583403 It was very hard but I am finding that I dont miss the carbohydrates as much. I never thought I could eat a meal without having bread. I also never thought I could stop eating Pasta at least 1-2 times a week but I have really got this under control. I just need to keep it up. My last visit at the doctor was great, she was very impressed with my number for my A1C. She said the number was better than someone without diabetes. So I feel great.
Avatar n tn Is anyone reading this a Type 1 living alone? How do you deal with this risk? Have you found resources where, for example, a network of Type 1s living alone call each other to check on welfare? Or are there medical support services that do this? Or ????
Avatar f tn I just found out a week ago that I have diabetes. Like you, I was very scared. I am a 43 year old female and I am morbidly overweight (289 pounds). I have been a drinker for the last 23 years (brandy). While I'm sure drinking wasn't the one major factor in me acquiring diabetes it may have contributed to it since alcohol is loaded with sugar. We have diabetes because our cells doesn't respond very well to the insulin the pancreas puts out.
Avatar m tn Hi All, I have been living with burning pain and numbness for over a year in my left size. I have been a Diabetic under control for over 15 years most of the time with controlled diet now meds. The problem started after I had Angioplasty Surgery that resulted in 6 stents. After I came out of surgery I had a burning in my left leg above the knee. When I asked about it I was told that is was most likely a result of the surgery and would go away.
Avatar n tn We're going to the doctor tomorrow and are going to the education classes as soon as we can, but I wanted to get some advice from some of you who have dealt with this for a while. My dad's a Type 2 diabetic, but this is so different with the insulin shots and such. My husband's under the impression that as long as he's taking the shots, he can pretty much eat what he wants.....but I know this is probably not right. I just hate to see him hungry when he doesn't need to lose weight. UGH!!!
Avatar n tn When i was 27 i was playing tennis every day before work, I was working a desk job 50 hours a week and was smoking on break at work, one day in august of 2007 I got very sick and since that day, I had burning in my stomach and a head ach for three years, one year after i got sick my thyroid went out and now i have insulin resistance i know that the reason all of this happened is because i was smoking marijuana, i have never smoked a cigarret in my life, i don't drink at all, and my kidneys are
1666434 tn?1325265950 My husband's grandmother used to love the Carrot Souffle that we would make for the holidays, but now I want to create a diabetic safe version so she doesn't feel like she has to miss out. Carrot Souffle 1 pound baby carrots 2 cups water 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 cup butter 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 cup SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener, Granulated 3 large eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Preheat oven to 350°F (175°C).
Avatar f tn I was told I was pre-diabetic a year ago and my doctor prescribed medication (metformin). Since then, all the tests I have done have been while on medication. I want to know what my real numbers are now and do not want the medication to lower my numbers, but show the real tolerance my body has to glucose without any aid. . What I mean is that a year ago I was prediabetic (with no meds), and right now my numbers show prediabetes (with medication).
Avatar n tn Wow, finally something and people I can relate to. There is no one in my area but me at my age with Juvenile Diabetes. My doctor tells me I should be extinct. I have been a juvenile diabetic since the age of 6. I am now 56, so 50 years so far. I am doing quite well. I have been married for 38 years, have two adopted children and have four grandchildren. I work 50-60 hours a week at a very stressful job. People often will say, "You can't be diabetic, you are too thin.
Avatar f tn Peripheral vascular disease is the medical name given to a group of problems that causes poor circulation to the legs and feet. Better control of his glucose and NOT living a sedentary lifestyle helps, like performing daily physical exercise. The alcohol consumption, "4-5 mixed drinks of whiskey", only compounds the problem. One thought that comes to mind is Atherosclerosis, thickening of the arteries caused by diabetes mixed with alcohol consumption. Google it. "..
Avatar n tn My mother is a diabetic and she recently had a brain stem stroke. Anyway, she was living in the 400's for problem 2 years due to negligence on her diet. My sister and I noticed that during the past 2 years, she gets these small bumps on her head and she constantly picks at them and they won't heel. My brother, who is a nurse and also a diabetic, said they were Keloids and diabetics get them.
Avatar n tn I'll do my best to answer your questions, ask as many as you'd like. It sounds like you're doing a great job of trying to understand and manage your disease, and you should be commended for that. I'm going to talk in US units, I must admit I don't know the conversion factors to get it into mmol units. Our BG ranges are normal in the 80-180 range, just for reference. Q1: From our experience, it depends on how fast your BG drops.
Avatar n tn Your life expectancy needn't be any shorter than a non-diabetic, as long as you keep your blood sugar under reasonably good control. And if you keep yopur HBA1c below 6.5, you probably won't get any complications either. Having said that, you will find that keeping good control gets more difficult as the honeymoon period wears off. But with the excellent insulins and and delivery devices available now, you shouldn't have a problem maintaining good control.
Avatar n tn LOL As you know, Oldstuff, this disease is so unpredictable and I am sure Logan has done so much growing and I am guessing that although insulin has been increased as he grows, you are still having this great fluctuation in BGs and I can understand as mother of a child living w/diabetes that this concerns you. Please talk to Logan's doctor and please feel free to ask any other questions. I am so sorry that I cannot shed light on this and give you a straight forward answer.