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Avatar n tn My grandfather was recently put on a high dose of ibuprofen (800 mg) because he cracked a rib during a fall. Tonight, after his second dose of the day (one at lunch, one after dinner) he produced no stool except for a lot of white mucus. He also has a suprapubic catheter (inserted only about 3 weeks ago) which I know makes him vulnerable to infection.
Avatar m tn It seems my bp has gotten worse. Placed a call to the doctor Monday and they increased one of my meds (lisinopril) from 40mg per day to 80 mg. Increased another one (indapamide 2.5mg) from 1/2 pill per day to 1 pill per day. Prior to going to bed my bp will have dropped from about 180 to 160. The new bp med I am not taking is metoprolol succinate 50 mg. I was taking verapamil er 180mg.
Avatar n tn Since how long you have been anti-hypertensive? You can discuss with the doctor to change the lisinopril to telmisartan or losartan which are better molecules for the protection of the kidneys. Also, if you are diabetic, then the blood sugars need to be controlled well. Avoid ibuprofen as far as possible as it might affect the kidneys as well.
Avatar f tn Furthermore, they seem to have little experience in the best medication to use safely for cluster headaches that wont compromise the effect of the blood pressure tablets. He takes Lisinopril and Bendroflurizade (though I am not sure I have spelt the middle part of that last one quite right). There seem to be so many drugs that either prevent the occurance of these attacks, or those which are for use once an attack has occurred.
Avatar f tn I also found out I have sleep apnea. I am now on 2 otc Prilosecs a day. I also take Lisinopril/HCTZ, 20 mg of Celexa, 1 Lodrane, and two otc Dramamine (that if for the nausea). I stopped taking Ibuprofen over three weeks ago. I thought things were better, but I have thrown up twice in the last week. It seems that I get nauseous after most meals. Most of the time it does not lead to vomiting. Many times I will wake up at 4 or so in the morning to vomit.
Avatar m tn This year some of my prescriptions have changed. I am now taking 60 mg of Paxil last year it was 40 mg. I am taking lisinopril and diclofenac and 50 more mg of atenolol. I believe I am getting about the same amount of exersise as I was last year if not more. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Also, I am a 25 year old male. I take Lisinopril 5mg once a day and Nexuim 40mg (kinda as needed...2-3 days of it every couple of weeks, eat tums a lot more often). I did start 2 doses of Colchicine 0.6mg but my doc told me to go ahead and stop. Have been taking Ibuprofen 200mg tabs as needed (no more than 600mg per day). Was put on Naproxen 500mg (took only 1). And used 2 Cranberry tabs last night as my urine is dark.
Avatar n tn BISACODYL 5mg (1 or 2) Daily as needed for chronic constipation CYCLOBENZAPRINE HCL 10mg (1 or 2) Daily for muscle spasms IBUPROFEN 600 mg (1 or 2) Daily for arthritis pain PRAVASTATIN NA 20 mg ½ daily for cholesterol CETIRIZINE HCL 10 mg ½ daily for allergies LISINOPRIL 20 mg daily METOPROLOL TARTRATE 50 mg 1 ½ twice daily for palpitations OTC: LOW DOSE ASPIRIN 81 mg daily for circulation SAW PALMETTO 500 mg 1 per day for prostate My PSA was 0.
Avatar m tn chose to put me on 5 mg of Lisinopril which I had a major allergic reaction to and was immediately taken off medication. Dr. concerned about Beta-blocker due to very active lifestyle and is concerned I will have decrease in energy. I have no history of heart disease but mother has been on Lisinopril for many years. My question is this, should I request a stress test and find out the stress on heart? Can a spinal fusion of that magnitude cause an increase in these numbers?
Avatar n tn Could you please elaborate on blood pressure fluctuations. 37 y/o m, overweight, but losing. 2 a-fibs 2 years ago, none sense. BP has been hard to regulate. Meds are: Zoloft (25), Cardizem LA (180), Lisinopril (0,10,20- This is where we adjust most), & HCTZ (25). When all this began a couple years ago, I had all the test to rule out secondary hypertension. The problem is I seem to be having trouble getting the BP regulated.
Avatar n tn At one time he thought that milk was a problem but he now drinks milk. He takes a dose of Metamucil every morning, Lisinopril for blood pressure, 4-800mg Ibuprofen (prescribed for arthritis) Crestor and Protonix and an 81 mg aspirin daily. His doctor is at a loss as to what else to do for him and we are all open for suggestions. Thank you for any responses!
Avatar f tn 4% of total HgB Triglycerides 184 mg/dL HDL 36 mg/dL He is currently takes levothyroxine 150 mcg for hypothyroidism (TSH was 16.42 in April 2009), lisinopril and hydrochlorothyazide for high BP, 81mg Aspirin 1 x day, multivitamin, and Advair 2 x day. His test results in April 2009 were (I'll just post the out of range results) A1c not done at this time. Not sure if he was fasting for this either. TSH 16.42 Calcium 10.2 mg/dL Glucose 105 mg/dL Triglycerides 302 mg/dL HDL 31 mg/dL Hemoglobin 18.
469113 tn?1217760985 Hello Dear, The treatment of migraine consists of Pain relieving medicines- Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These medications, such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, others) or aspirin, may help relieve mild migraines. Triptans. For many people with severe migraine attacks, triptans are the drug of choice. They are effective in relieving the pain, nausea and sensitivity to light and sound that are associated with migraines.
Avatar n tn After having a heart CT scan and echocardiagram (no problems noted on either other than bradycardia and pvc's) I stopped taking the Calan and symptoms improved dramatically. Since then have tried Hyzaar, Lisinopril, and Maxzide with the same reaction to each medication. Heart rate drops into high 30 and low 40's. Shortness of breath actually is worse when HR is in normal (70-80) range. I had been taking Calan for over 10 yrs with no problems.
Avatar n tn Trileptal (oxcarbazepine) 150 mg bid Depakote (valproic acid) 500 mg Cyclobenzaprine HCL (flexiril) 10 mg bid Lisinopril/HCTZ 10-12.5 mg sid Amitriptyline (elavil) HCL 25 mg sid Ibuprofen 600 mg BID I welcome any insight or comments from others. I am thinking of going outside of my HMO to get another opinion. Sorry my post is so long and involved, but thought giving a full history best. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Tylenol does not affect INR but is not as good of a pain reliever for most people as the NSAIDS (ibuprofen, advil). NSAIDS are great for pain and inflammation, but inhibit platelets and increase the risk of bleeding. Like anything in life, you have to do a risk / benefit analysis to decide if it is worth it and your doctor should be involved. Example, if you are a 40 year old person with no medical problems and have osteoarthritis, the risk of bleeding with NSAIDS may be acceptable.
1606441 tn?1303948600 You can take tylenol for pain. No ibuprofen or anything that thins the blood they told me. I also experienced episodes of panic, that did go away after several days and just eventually went away. It was a scary feeling. Hang in there, but I would call the doc or who ever told you to get the test too. I called the facility, and talked to the PA, who did the spinal and he said the same thing, that it is not related. Uhhhh...okay. They just had never had anyone that sensitive in there.
Avatar m tn I am seventeen years of age, have ideopathic hypertension that is controlled for the most part by Lisinopril, weigh 200 pounds, and am experiencing severe chest pain with exercise. This pain occurs for the most part after moderate or heavy exercise once my heart rate begins to drop back to its resting rate.
Avatar n tn Zoloft 200 mg/day (depression), Lisinopril 20 mg/day (hypertension), Singulair 20 Mg/day (extrinsic asthma), Clonazepam 0.5 mg BID (anxiety), Valtrex 1 gm PRN (oral herpes), Ambien 10 mg HS (insomnia), Tylenol #4 PRN for headache pain (taken infrequently). During my flu and herpes outbreak, I took 400 mg Ibuprofen QID for achiness and fever, which I have now been able to discontinue. I also take Claritin-D as needed for seasonal rhinitis.
678635 tn?1226658474 Have had Migraines in the past with flashing lights, but not frequently and only treated with 2 Aspirin or 600mg of Ibuprofen. I have had 11 episodes since June. Test Reults: I have had an MRI with contrast and it showed several lesions on the left side of my brain, my EEG was negative, Ultasound of Carotid Arteries all negative, Heart Enzyme test neg, all blood work neg, EKG neg, MS ruled out.
Avatar m tn It could be meds as certain meds are filtered through the kidneys, such as ibuprofen and other anti inflammatories. Try not to take these, or take them as little as possible. Drink lots of clear fluids also. Kidney function can go up and down dependng on diet and medications. Right now are fine but you don't want this to keep progressing. I would try and get some answers a to whether this could be genetic or maybe diet is an issue. Good luck.
Avatar m tn Id been exercising for years and ate what I thought was a healty diet. Doctors told me it was just genetic. I was placed on 20mg of Lisinopril and it worked fine but the side effects were another story. I consulted with an alternative doc and was weaned of the meds in 6 months and today my BP runs about 116/62. What was the trick? My best guess is dropping meat, dairy and oil. As soon as did this the BP dropped quickly and my doctor had to reduce dosages every few weeks.
Avatar m tn Hi my boyfriend is 53 and has a thickened left ventricle which causes very high BP. He is taking metaprolol 50mg twice a day now and lisinopril / hydrochlorothiazide 20mg/25mg twice daily also. In addition he has been very depressed and has started taking SIX 300mg pills of St. John's wort daily. He just measured his BP because he didn't feel good and it was 170/95 and it's been higher than that. He will not listen to me or go back to his doctor, I feel like the St.
Avatar f tn We know that the drugs are causing me problems, BUT they are also helping keep a rhythm reeled in, keep me resting on my pacer, keep further decline in function at bay, en shallah. Flecainide, coreg, lisinopril, diltiazem. Aspirin, CoQ10, fish oil, cardiac vits. Magnesium, pottasium. occasionally- lasix, propranolol, metoprolol, labetalol. Ibuprofen, benadryl, ativan and frequently antibiotics. Obviously, the first 4 are the top shelf.
Avatar f tn I have pelvic pain most days of the month due to some still undiagnosed female issue, take ibuprofen every 8 hours for 10-12 days per month under dr supervision, and have extremely heavy periods. The doctor ruled out thyroid problems, anemia, issues with high glucose. My ob/gyn is still investigating possible endometriosis (I hope to get an official diagnosis about that in May). I am 36 yo, female, obese. Am on lisinopril for high blood pressure.
Avatar m tn While at the urologist, I asked him about removing my testicles, and he said that he doesn't recommend it because in many cases, even after removing them, the pain continues (I guess in the nerves that are still there? dunno). In the meantime, several doctors have ordered ibuprofen, ketoprofen, and naproxen regimens. I'm currently on naproxen. I have also been told to wear tighter underwear, which does seem to help (before I wore boxer briefs).
Avatar m tn A week later I came home from school and I was actually in a decent mood but I had been contemplating suicide for a month then, I do everyday but I was beginning to plan different ways, and I swallowed about 120 - 80mg aspirin, some of my fathers Lisinopril (for his heart), half a bottle of Ibuprofen, and some melatonin. I ended up feeling severely sick the next day at school and felt sensitive to light, nauseated, and my hearing started to alter.
Avatar m tn I had been complaining of back stiffness for a number of years (no pain). I had also been taking lisinopril, an ACE inhibitor, for blood pressure and recently learned that it affects muscles (my doctor never caught the connection). So I had him switch me to Cozaar. My back stiffness immediately got 50% better! The lisinopril had been causing muscle stiffness in my back all along. Don't know if it had anything to do with causing the A.S. or not, but I have other theories on that as well.
Avatar m tn I kicked Vicodin about 10 months ago and thought I had it beat and then a funny thing happened about a month later. I also take Lisinopril (for blood pressure) and one day I got a call from the pharmacy that my prescription was ready. I went to get it and there were two prescriptions waiting for me, which seemed strange. The punchline: my doctor renewed my Vicodin prescription on his own.
Avatar f tn When I was on THAT much, I felt like I was nailed to the couch. Now, instead I take coreg as a beta blocker and diltiazem, and flecainide and lisinopril. (Only the lisinopril is not for the rhythms.) I have struggles with the meds, but it is helping my heart. So, regardless of weight gain or tired or dizzy, I'm not in heart failure now... so I'll take it. I hope it all works out for you. Talk over your concerns with your md and what you are trying to acheive vs.