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Avatar m tn She was diagnosed with sleep apnea in March but since having her tonsils removed this has been resolved. She continues to have excessive nightime urination, frequent headaches, elevated blood pressure and body odor. Could these symptoms be related to an endocrine problem? What should my next step be in finding answers for these problems? Thank you!
Avatar m tn Cardiac rhythm is normal sinus with frequent PVCs 5 of 16 LV walls indicated as hypokinetic. plant based diet last 10 months and kept LDL under 70 and TC under 130. TG is < 140. walk 1 to 2 miles daily with no problem and do 10 to 15 minutes of light weights in the morning. BMI is 25. sleep issues the last few years and attributed my being tired to that, but now cannot tell if the way I feel is due to a weakening heart, or if the meds are partly to blame. On coreg (6) and effient;.
Avatar n tn Many people do not tolerate atenolol and find metoprolol has less symptoms. frequent urination is a common problem with atrial fibrillation when the rate is not controlled. If someone has a 6 - 12 month run of only 5-10 short mild Afib episodes, is getting off coumidin a possibility. Talk to your doctor about the CHADS2 risk score. It stands for heat failure, hypertension, age greater than 75, diabetes, and strocke/TIA.
Avatar n tn You note frequent urination with a normal urinalysis, STD screen negative and negative ultrasound of your ovaries. There are a variety of causes that can cause urinary incontinence and frequent urination. I would first check a blood sugar level to make sure that diabetes is not present. Renal function tests, calcium, and a vitamin B12 levels are other blood tests that should be checked. Tests for a postvoid residual (i.e.
Avatar n tn an example of pulse pressure is 40 for the blood pressure 120/80) •Altered Consciousness ◦Syncope (*fainting) ◦Pre-Syncope (*close to fainting) ◦Seizures ◦Cognitive Dysfunction ◦Anxiety/Panic Symptoms ◦Disorientation ◦Aphasia (Speech Disturbances) ◦Lethargy •Digestive Symptoms ◦Nausea ◦Episodic Vomiting ◦Polydipsia (*thirsty and drinking a lot) ◦Frequent Urination ◦Food/Chemical Sensitivities ◦Delayed Gastric Emptying ◦Constipation ◦Diarrhea ◦Acid Reflux ◦Postprandial Hyp
Avatar m tn Also---my doctor has put me on lisinopril even though I don't have high blood pressure, he said this is a ACE inhibitor and will protect my kidneys. I have read BAD reviews on this medicine and I'm not sure what to do. I told my doctor yesterday that I was leery about taking this, but he seems to think this is a good medication to take.
Avatar n tn I have the same problem "My head feels as though I have high fever, but my body does not have a fever, I have taken my temperature numerous times without any indication of heat" and "Often I have a dizzy feeling after any type of labor" and "I also notice some floaters in my vision" i also have spots painful to touch on the head and i have different kinds of beeping sounds in my ears! i've gone to the doctor 3 times, 3 different doctors none of them could help me.
Avatar f tn * Muscle twitches * Weakness Psychological: * Apathy * Dementia * Depression * Irritability * Memory loss Skeletal: * Bone pain * Bowing of the shoulders * Fractures due to disease (pathological fractures) * Loss of height * Spinal column curvature Make sure they monitor your calcium on that dose.
Avatar f tn People who have frequent PVC's get used to what they feel like, and as a result of learning how they feel, notice every single PVC they have, even when their PVC rate drops to "normal" levels.
Avatar m tn First I had the fear of cancer, but now it's diabetes. im always so paranoid and just because I have frequent urination Im all worried thinking I have it. And to top it off I've had burning sensations in my legs today for no apparent reason. It just feels like sunburn and I look at it and it's not scratcher or anything! Then I go back and think OMG this could be a sign of of course I get freaked out all over again.
Avatar n tn in between my big toe of my left foot is numb when I wake up some mornings eyefloaters--seeing black spider looking things that appear and vanish burning and tingling in my legs-temporary chills-which was only temporary shaky hands left leg twitching and my right leg as well twitching when I sleep or at a resting state loose bowels frequent urination (not too bad it just seems that I go more than I use to) insomnia (interrupted sleep) and inability to stay sleep all night without waking head ac
Avatar n tn How reliable is that result since I usually have such a normal cycle? I don't have any other symptoms besides frequent urination and butterflies in my stomach that could just be from the excitement of the whole situation. So I guess my question is whether or not it is "worth it" to take another pregnancy test; if so, when; or, what else could even be the cause of such a delay in my usually predictable period? Thanks for any comments, etc! Katie L.
Avatar m tn my urethra burns when urinating frequently cant empty bladder slow urine flow swollen prostate. not getting much sleep due to frequent urination . i let the drs work on this for 10 yrs but never got any help on it . mostly they just told me yup prostates a little forgive if i get frustrated with them sometimes.
Avatar n tn What likely follows on a good regimen is less or no more discomfort, less anxiety, more energy and no more or less frequent afib attacks which is our goal. If your still with me here you have to also exercise good judgement and don't let over enthusiasm cloud your judgement. In your case for example you have a hiatal hernia (which by the way can even by some doctors admissions cause and or exacerbate afib) and your jumping right into situps and exercise was not a wise move as you found out.
Avatar n tn Yes i am from the UK and from my experience the medical system is rubbish, it didn't help that my mum never took me to the doctors about it when i was a kid. Its becoming more frequent as I'm getting older and the attacks are more severe, its driving me nuts!!
181575 tn?1250202386 Disadvantages of peginterferon therapy are parenteral administration, frequent side effects (especially flu-like symptoms, depression or irritability, and cytopenias), need for more intensive laboratory monitoring, contraindication in advanced liver disease, and higher cost.