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Avatar f tn After several complaints, he then placed me on 10 mg, and 50 mg of atenenol, is there any other beta blocker to take place of atenenol, it causes my legs to cramp and feet to swell.
Avatar n tn Wake up, take the Lisinopril around 7am, go to work, come home have a few drinks from 5pm-7pm then take my 10mg tablet of Bystolic. What I am trying to figure out is when to take all these pills without if affecting my ritualistic light beer unwinding time. I don’t know much about Coreg but the Bystolic obviously didn’t kill me when I mixed it with the booze.
Avatar n tn If my research is correct, Lisinopril can take about 7 hours to begin to work in the body and reaches it's peak potency after about 12 hours. If you were to look at my holter report, the heavy PVC's picked about 7 hours after taking Lisinopril and was really bad at about 12 hours after taking Lisinopril. I experienced about 3100 PVC's during this 24 hr holter report of which approximately 1600 of them came in this 5 hour period between the 7 hour and 12 hour mark post Lisinopril.
Avatar m tn MY bp off the Lisinopril is 145/85 and I see a cardiologist for the first time on Wednesday is it safe for me not to take the Lisinopril till then? MY kidneys are also fine and my Liver. Why would Lisinopril cause the Tach and then sudden increase. Asked a Pharmacist and he said that it is a downplayed side effect of Ace Inhibitors that it does happen. My Blood Pressure has been around normal all day the highest is 135/80 when I eat and my pulse is around 90-100 now 3rd day off of Lisinopril.
Avatar n tn I take 10mg of lexapro per day, plus 25mg of Hydrocklorothiazide, 50mg of Atenolol and 20mg of Lisinopril. When I started to take the Lisinopril, I would wake up in the middle of the night with my heart racing and feeling as if I had a panic attach. I sucked it up and got used to the med over time and it stopped happening. My blood pressure is still not really under control, at the doc's office I am slightly up 135/89 etc.
Avatar n tn If you can do that, your load road might be easier to take. The best thing you can do to protect your kidneys is to control your blood pressure, take ACE inhibitor medicines like Lisinopril, and continue to test regularly. You've got work to do to stay healthy, but it can be done. It sounds like you are taking the right steps. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Also If you change your WILL to leave everything to your best friend who is also a best friend of the doctor.. .. does this seem like a bad idea ? I am 75.
919623 tn?1258157930 Do not push yourself. If you feel you want to take a nap, do it. Try to keep your blood pressure down. Glad to hear that you are taking Lisinopril, which is one of the best ace inhibitors and has actually shown in studies to increase lifespan. In Europe, the people work less hours a week, get more paid vacation, get a year off of work after having a baby, etc. and they live about 3 years longer than we do in the US. Take off of work if you can.
Avatar n tn Hang in there and do your best to take care of yourself first!! If you end up with an EP study, try not to worry about it (yeah, I I was "asleep" for about 7 hours for each procedure...I guess some people are awake, but I was resting very, very comfortably somewhere on an island (that's what I told the nurse just before she administered the versed). Oh, you may find that the 20mg tablets work better for you...
460830 tn?1347222906 Right now I'm getting scheduled for cancer surgery again, so I'm taking Lortab or Tylenol for pain, and I'm supposed to be starting Omeprazole, too, for heartburn - I'm just trying to decide when is the best times for me to take all of these...and I do have a mild case of MVP.
1348086 tn?1370786785 Nurse's advise it the best for you. I am only adding a few comments to try to minimize the stress at your work as we do need money. Your are a very special person in that you have empathy for your fellow workers as you say most of your bosses behavior is not at you. Ive had jobs like you and the word dreadfull really describes it. Is there any way that you can get your boss reported for treating you all this way? Is there human resources where a confidential complaint can be made.
751197 tn?1270317756 I was diagnosed a week ago with hypothyroidism and have only been on the Armour Thyroid since this past Wednesday, so I'm new to this. For the last couple of days, I've been taking it sublingually rather than swallowing. I just read an article entitled "Should You Take Your Thyroid Hormone With Food vs. An Empty Stomach?" by Mary Shomon (Google to find it, since external links are apparently prohibited here).
1059594 tn?1261327566 She waited until I ran out of medication to tell me she would no longer be filling my prescriptions. I DID take Lisinopril for high blood pressure, I called and said I need a refill of that and she had the Nurse ask me "The doctor wants to know if you really still need the Lisinopril?" I said "Well why wouldn't I? I've been taking it for months, I would assume that if I didn't my blood pressure would go up again, right?
Avatar m tn I take flecainide (100mg twice daily), cartia (240mg daily), coreg (6.25 twice daily), and lisinopril. I really struggle with side effects too, but I stay on them essentially because they keep me in a rate controlled sinus rhythm. I guess there is no shame in that. I'm doing what it seems I have to to make my heart last longer. I hope others answer to this post and we can see some input.
Avatar n tn Can you explain how this can happen so quickly, and if this all makes sense to you and what the prognosis isbecause I dont understand it at all. Also I take stalol and lasix in AM. taztia at noon, and sotalol and lisinopril in eveneing (12hrs from prev). I am 63 and weigh 280 at 73" tall.
Avatar n tn Seven years ago I was 250 pounds and had a lot less health problems. What I want to know is which of the meds I take now are causing me to gain weight. I take neurontin, 400mg, twice a day, zyprexa, 10 mg., one tablet at night, ambien 1 tablet, 10 mg. at night. Also I take klonopin on a prn basis, lately one tablet, .05mg at night. I also take glucotrol for diabetes, 10 mg. in the morning and lisinopril, 10 mg. one in the morning and one at night. The lisinopril is for blood pressure.
Avatar f tn Can you take the above medications at the same time or is it best to take them at different intervals?
Avatar n tn I used to get awful pains in my chest and my vision was affected (Blurry vision, and floaters appeared in my right eye) I also felt as if I wasnt here (Light headed and when I walked I felt as if I was veering to one side) The same thing happened when the Doc doubled my dose of Lisinopril to 5mg all those symptons came back again. Instead of making me feel better I felt a 100% worse, that is how I am only taking 2.5 mg Lisinopril now.
Avatar f tn Don't listen to render. He is just trying to scare you. It's a huge jump from having a headache to having cancer and everyone's symptoms are different anyway. Has your DH seen a doctor about it? Maybe the headache is due to anxiety. It could also be excitement. Stress from work can cause the tension and the release from ejaculation may be causing the headaches. Could it maybe be subconscious?
Avatar f tn Oxazepam has gone up so much in price I can afford to buy it any longer. I take 15 mgs. 2 times a day occasional;ly 3 times. My Dr. has suggested putting me on Ativan or Xanax. I am terrified of the change due to a possible reaction or withdrawel from the Oxazepam. I have suffered from anxiety for years and have been taking this med for at least 25 years.. Our medicare part d pays nothing toward this drug so I haver no choice to change over.I think my Dr.s thinking more toward Ativan.
Avatar n tn not cough medicine, not cough drops--nothing. In the mornings I'd cough till I puked, and would have coughing fits so bad sometimes I'd sweat. I turned 31 February 5th of this year, and a week after my birthday I started noticing that I was having problems with shortness of breath along with the coughing fits.
Avatar m tn Turning 50 has caused me to rethink my thoughts on taking meds and winding up like my most of my relatives who take 10 or so meds daily. Three to me is three to many. I was hoping my biggest mid life crisis decision would be what type of sports car to buy not this. Any personal experiences with being able to get off meds or not would be greatly appreciated.
1618806 tn?1304738077 I suffer from high blood pressure and am taking Lisinopril to control it. I have a blood pressure monitor and keep a close eye on it because the drug has a tendency to drop it too low. Lately I've been discovering that my blood pressure varies from right arm to left arm. For example I took it just now and on the left arm its 116/66 and on the right arm its 99/60. Just 2 minutes elapsed between the 2 readings.
179332 tn?1273250959 I'm about 150/92 in the morning which is usually a higher reading time...I am very much against having to take ANY meds what-so-ever. I've always been that way...I cannot believe how much BP meds ravage your body when going off them (feels like it's ravaging anyway!) I flat out asked my doctor if the BP meds decreased my morbidity rate and was met with a blank stare. Asked if there was a 'healthy' or holistic way to treat high BP and again - met with a blank stare...
Avatar n tn Hi. These are not easy questions. There are several angles to this. These days you can research people on the internet. Some potential starting points are the US news best hospitals issue which identifies high performing hospitals in several medical areas. Once you have a hospital, you can often go to their website and read about their specialists. Some web sites even feature video of their doctors.
Avatar f tn Your daughter needs to find a new doctor and kick this quack to the curb! I suffered from a severe cough, had to take Nyquil to get any sleep, for almost a year. Then while at my doctors office about this, the nurse told me that it may be my blood pressure medication. I asked the doctor, he didn't think it was but did switch me, and immediately the cough was gone! My husband was so angry at this doctor for not knowing this! He was his doctor also, so we immediately switched doctors.
Avatar n tn I am a 26 year old female with a hx of psvt, ablation done 5 years ago. Sense that time I have had hypotnesion. I take proamatine 5mg QID, florinef .1mg QD. My BP still ranges from 76/40-90/60. with a pulse ranging from 42-140. My usual pulse is normal and I only have the fast episodes a few times a week. The slow pulse is something that has started in the last 2 months, they last a few hours each time, and have only happend 4 times.
Avatar m tn …after couple of months one can change the 1600 mg sodium to 2000mg………….. Doctors often only say take the salt away from the table, it is NOT ENOUGH ! When you will read all food and how much sodium they have in only then you can see how easy to eat 3000-4000 or much more mg a day not even realizing it. Pretty awful thing. And very sad many people with falling heart do not pay attention to that very important factor. My EF went up from 20% to 35% about 3 months .. than 40% ..
Avatar n tn I wish you the best and possibly might be ovarian cyst? Vaginal ultrasound gives the best look of the ovaries to see if cysts/fluid in pelvic area.