Liquid vitamins with mangosteen

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Avatar n tn s supposed to be good for you. Mangosteen -- never tasted one -- are loaded with a lot of goodness and some people tout the juice. Another good way to give your body vitamins that it needs.
Avatar m tn My neighbor and my father have both had unbelievable results with a natural remedy called Mangosteen Juice. The Mangosteen is a tropical tangerine sized fruit which has been found to have over 43 different Xanthones, Catechins, Polysacharides and it is, considered a Super antioxidant (ORAC value of around 17,000) a powerful anti-inflamatory and the list goes on and on.
Avatar n tn will Mangosteen Juice help? I am going to start taking Liv-52; as for nutrition, what should I stay away from and what vegetables/fruits (anything) would most help.
Avatar f tn Is it normal for the prenatal vitamins to make your stomach feel like butterflies?
Avatar m tn I was at dr. office with my fiancee today and read about mangosteen. Does this really help people with hep c? I need a life time supply if it does. Peg and ribavarin came close but didnt last.
1288945 tn?1271972452 Does anyone have any recommendations on a multivitamin? I have been taking a liquid multivitamin called Live The Source, does anyone else take this?
Avatar f tn I love my nature made liquid gels with dha and omega-3. Very easy to swallow and no nausea problems very important fir me as solid vitamins make me puke regardless if I've eaten. When I start breastfeeding I may switch to similac liquid gels these particular ones require two pills a day the vitamin abd a mineral supplement. Not sure though need to do more research on these brute I decide also will cost about 20$ more per 90 days.
Avatar f tn -) very gentle on tummy bc they are liquid gels and my pb was very happy and impressed with my choice on those she said they are a great brand :-)
4444857 tn?1383325813 Has anyone ever tasted or had to take liquid iron? I have low iron and since I don't take pills I have to do liquid..
Avatar f tn I switched to a liquid capsile with DHA/omegas. Still a huge pill, got them from a health food/supplemental store, but I'm not throwing them up. Lady at the store said the liquid is easier on your stomach than the chalky ones. I'm in Canada, have never seen the gummies.
Avatar n tn I feel like my vitamins and prenatals are making me nauseous and have headaches. All i wana do is sleep to forget. Dr gave me calcium 2 a day, ferrous sulfate for iron deficiency 3 a day,laxative pill, folic acid 3 a day, fish oil pills 3 a day... isnt too much iron bad for you? And i thought this was soo much. Iam 8 wks pregnant not knowing what to expect (my first child) iam 31yrs old. Omg my breasts are so tender and i have implants too. They feel so hard. Does anyone have this problem?
Avatar f tn I take my prenatal vitamins with different stuff but water like apple juice orange juice & yogurt cause when I take it with water it leaves a nasty taste in my mouth .
Avatar f tn t take the parental pills because they make me vomit so my doctor had me buy Flintstone Vitamins and I take those with a iron pill
1738923 tn?1327326669 Anyone tried mangosteen? Read that mangosteen has high levels of antioxidants called xanthones. Would u guys recommend it?
Avatar f tn Or try nature made liquid gels they are great I love them. I a day no chewing they are liquid gels so much easier on tummy and easier to digest.
Avatar f tn With both my kids I took gummy prenatal vitamins. 3rd pregnancy doing the same and they are super good.
12162520 tn?1426012596 The liquid that surrounds the baby is the amniotic fluid.the baby will get all the vitamins it needs from you and your body. The vitamins are there to replace what the baby take.
Avatar f tn I would check with your doctor to see if there is a liquid form of taking prenatals cause I asked mine for a smaller pill and they told me it's a one size pill
Avatar f tn I get the nature's blend prenatal vitamins because they're the cheapest. All prenatals supply you with the same amount of vitamins you need, so it's not really a matter of which one's "better". A lot of women prefer the gummy vitamins because from what I hear, they're less likely to make you sick and they don't taste nearly as bad as the tablets.
Avatar f tn You can get some excellent liquid vitamins at the health food store.
Avatar f tn What other supplements/vitamins are you ladies taking or suggest to take besides prenatals? !
Avatar n tn Not sure what you're referring to with hydrogenated in a vitamin. The cellulose is just plant fiber to hold the tablet together. The "cleanest" vitamins, meaning the ones with the fewest additives, will be found in your best available health food store. Cheap vitamins and drug store vitamins will contain more of these fillers and binders and use less well absorbed forms of nutrients. But there has to be something to make up the capsule or tablet.
Avatar n tn Anything to do instead of the prenatal vitamins? I hate taking pills and I always forget. I wish they had chewables. Thanx for any replies!