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Avatar n tn Well this morning I woke up fine and its like I thought about my lips and poof my lips feel like novcaine is wearing off again. But today I am seriously obsessing about it. It kinda feels like when you drink too much wine, how your lips and/or nose feels numb, thats what it feels like. I can completely feel my lips it just feels like novcaine or something is wearing off, feel kinda tingly. I feel no lumps or bumps anywhere on my neck or face or lips or inside my mouth.
1142155 tn?1261770432 Angie1960, I constantly have the sensation of electrical shocks running over my lips and around my mouth, so you are not alone. My lips will go numb. At first, I thought I was having a stroke, but as it went on for hours, without any sign that my heart rate had gone up or any other sign that I might be having a stroke, I realized it was just another symptom of the MonSter run amuck.
Avatar m tn I do not recall him biting my lips, just licking them with his tongue. An hour later my lips felt numb and tingling. When I woke up the next day they seemed to be very red around the interior of the lip. A week later my lip is purplish around the lips. We did not do anything sexual. He did smoke marijuana that night before making out with me, I did not. Do anyone know or had this experience? I am freaking out thinking I might have herpes now from this? I did talk to him and his lips were fine.
Avatar n tn Hello. I am a 40-year-old female. I woke about 10 days ago with numb lips. They were gone the next day but came back a few days later and have been near constant for about six days. The numbness moves around in my lips and also it moves around to various parts of my face. In my face, it's not full-on numbness, but more a stiff feeling, which comes and goes. It extends to the ears, the forehead, and to the chin.
Avatar n tn I wake up with an awful taste in my mouth. The other day I kissed my wife goodbye and when I got home she said I tasted of salt. I do have a salty taste or bitter taste quite frequently. I have been diagnosed as having a low white blood count now and then. I also had my gall bladder removed some time ago. I also had Helicabacta pylori and had 3 seperate lots of treatment for it... is this the afterburn from that treatment... is it some king of liver problem ?. Any ideas.
Avatar m tn At this point, it is happening once to twice a month including swollen lips and tounge. I have tried allegra, zyrtec, claritin and benadryl. It is now lasting 2 to 3 days. Does anyone know anything about something like this? My glands are not swollen. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I've tried perscriptive steriods, and every allergy medicine there is. When ever I swell up it seems like I have to let it run it's course before I can put ice on it. Therefore I miss more work. I can't have that anymore. If there are any questions, or if anyone knows how to control or stop this angiodema, please reply to my comment.
Avatar n tn I made an appt with my gyno the next day and when i woke up to get ready i went to the bathroom and fainted. I went back to emergency and he told me i had a urinary tract infection. When i went to the gyno she freaked out and tested me for std's and i have NONE. and she said i also have an olsar down there. I went to a different gyno and she told me it might be a weird case of mono or maybe herpes, so she put me on vantrax which i finished taking.
Avatar m tn The other day it was the left side of my lips and my palm. I also get dizzy on occasion, and sometimes see little stars. I have a panic disorder, when I tell doctors this they think the panic disorder sets off the numbness. It is the other way around, the numbness makes me have a panic attack. The numbness has only gotten worse since I got home from Iraq. I am only a 25 year old male, so it makes me worry cause i am so young to be having these problems. Thank you for any help.
Avatar f tn I talked to the dentist that did my surgery, he told me that because of that issue, instead of pulling the whole tooth out, he would break the wistom tooth (the one that was closed to the nerve) So I went for the IV sedation because i was too scared to be awaked during the whole process. after i woke up and the numbing agent is gone, i realized part of my lower lips and chin were numbed.
Avatar n tn Apparently poison ivys and mangos are in the same family producing the same allergen. I notived a chalky taste sometimes when I eat them..I don’t want to give them up!! But my lips rule so maybe bye bye mangos (or use Benadryl) 7) Posion ivy like commentor-dragulicious said, I live around a lot now but have had it once before. 8) Toothpaste with unnatural ingredients 9) ECZEMA! Use ointment a tiny dab will do it!
Avatar n tn Luckily, after two painful and embarrassing weeks, my lips miraculously cured. However, three days ago I woke up with the same condition without any clear reason. Afte two days, my lips got so yellow and painful that I visited another doctor. He diagnosed me with impetigo, just as in some earlier posts in this thread. He gave me a medicin called Staphycid (500 mg), which is a penicillin in the form of capsules. The active substance of Staphycid is natriumflucloxacillinemonohydrate.
Avatar f tn he did say I could go ahead with the two root canals I need so I guess when I get my nerve up I will do that, but that will take awhile for my nerves to get over this and trust another dentist.. my dentist said root canals are not near as envasive as wisdom teeth surgery so I hope he is right...thanks again to the responses...and hope that everyone out there gets 100% and me too...
Avatar n tn I feel like I have stuff in the back of my throat a lot, like I have to cough it up. Oh, and when I woke up this morning, my eyes were pink as hell with that crusty stuff in the corners." I have been experiencing those exact same symptoms for the past 5 years along with bumps (mucous glands) in my mouth. I've spoken to my family doctor about this a few times, each time he just tells me that some people produce more saliva than others. It all started at the same time....
Avatar m tn I do not recall him biting my lips, just licking them with his tongue. An hour later my lips felt numb and tingling. When I woke up the next day they seemed to be very red around the interior of the lip. A week later my lip is purplish around the lips. We did not do anything sexual. He did smoke marijuana that night before making out with me, I did not. Do anyone know or had this experience? I am freaking out thinking I might have herpes now from this?
Avatar f tn When i woke up this morning they were swollen and the numb feeling was coming back. They also itch around the actual lip. I dont no if Im allergic to something or if something else is wrong.
408312 tn?1202062473 I was visiting my brother and when I was leaving I pet the dog. When I got in the car it happened so fast where my lips went numb after tingling and they had the little red blisters on the outer edges. I'm not allergic to dogs but the dog could've had a certain pollen or other allergen on her.
Avatar n tn I have been having this same problem for awhile now, but I use Aquafresh. I notice it when I wake up before I brush my teeth and after I brush. This morning when I woke up it was "a lot" of skin that peeled. I only saw a few comments where people was using Aquafresh. I use I stopped using Crest because it didn't lather enough, the Aquafresh does. But I'm going to stop using it and try Tom's or something else. Does anyone know if it lathers really good?
Avatar f tn I remeber one clear episode when i was staying at my boyfriend's house. I woke up to a man (in 18th century clothing might i add) standing over my boyfriend. He wasn't doing anything but i had this horrific feeling that he was going to hurt my boyfriend. I was terrified, i hid under the covers knowing this couldnt be happening but when i looked out he was still there, looking directly at me.
Avatar n tn I also read back through my posts and need to clear up my dates. I started with my doctor when I was 27 and am still with him. I see him next week. I drive two and half hours. He doesn't know I have moved out of the area, but I am going to bite the bullet and tell him. My worst fear and my GREATEST HOPE is that he cuts me off. That's how crazy this disease is. What about you Marcie, what brought you to this board, if you don't mind my asking.
Avatar n tn just this morning when i woke up i discovered this large lump under my skin on my vagina lip. it hurts really bad when i touch it. i know i dont have aids or an std because i have only had sex with one person and it was 2 months ago and he go checked after the last time we had sex and he was clean with nothing. but when i went to touch it hurt and it sorta fely like what was on my bellybutton after i got it pierced and it was infected.
Avatar m tn It began in 1976 and re occurs every 5 to 6 years. I get a sore throat (not tonsils but when you swallow) I now go straight on antibiotics and use Bricanyl inhaler although it doesnt seem to have much effect except to cause alot of mucus coughed up from the lungs. It causes me to have spasm coughing and if I cannot control this to 3 or 4 coughs my windpipe closes over making it hard to breath in or out.
645390 tn?1338558977 After verifying that she wasn't high, the doctor took her husband aside and told him she needed to be checked for MS. Hah! Did I ever tell ya'll I woke up one night and my right foot was cramping uncontrollably? My right toe kept pointing up - it was like it was trying to pull back toward my shin. I kept laughing, I guess because it was either that or cry. But it was certainly an inappropriate response to the situation. I've noticed other personality changes.
Avatar n tn Well Im 24 and the other day i stood up and blacked out.. when i got back up it was real hard for me to breathe.. I felt like I was dying.. I cant eat it feels like my chest is tight.. feels like my throught is closing. im dizzy lightheaded.. feels like there is a sharp pain in my heart..weak in the arms and legs, when i look around it seems like i have been drinking and all... I went to the er and they didnt check me for anything. they just told me i was having a panic attack...
Avatar n tn I prayed again, and the I could move and woke up. When I woke up, I found myself in the same position as before I woke up, and also found out there was plenty of space in the bed near for a person to sit. ( in the place where I felt the person sitting). I am now alone in my apartment. ( I called my friend to calm myself down) What is going on? I don't have a sleep problem ussually and I want to know, why is this possible? they are very distressing.
Avatar n tn And it was a rush I had to do just using my hands when feeling numb and fat. I could never explain it that’s why I don’t say much about it to family and friends but reading this and everybody’s input make me kind of tell what I went threw. Well please tell me there is somebody out there, that is in some what of the same boat.
14147412 tn?1434943045 My sister said she was numb/frozen hours after her surgery as well, and woke up the next morning fine. So I went to bed hoping for the best. Well, when I woke up, I was still numb/frozen. So I called my oral surgeons office and spoke to a nurse about my numb sensation. She told me it's not uncommon to go numb in the tongue, teeth, gums, chin and lips after tooth extractions. Simply, due to the nerve that runs in the lower part of your jaw.
956292 tn?1334058469 still tightness and squeezing feeling I thought maybe something I ate but then I had it when I woke up and it got more intense as the day went on (not enough that I felt I needed medical attention). I got home and decidied I was going to just lay down for a while and it semed to ease up and when I woke up the next day it had went away...I could breath while this was happening but it was just a very tight squeezing feeling.... Any thoughts would be great. I have a neurology appt.
Avatar f tn Two days ago I woke up with my lips feeling dry, numb and itchy. When I looked at them in the mirror they were covered in small bumps, almost like hives. I took a benedryl, which did not help. Later in the day I must have scratched at them a bit because a clear yellowish liquid was seeping out of them and it hardened over the bumps. The same dry and tingly feeling was on my lips. I normally use Vaseline as chapstick but I stopped doing that to let them heal, but they have not healed.
Avatar m tn My lips are swollen red on both top and bottom but just the middle part and they feel numb now. When I leave them alone they look red raw-ish but ten they form a layer of crust that's yellow. When I moisturize them with ointment or Lip balm Aquaphor they turn White.That's been going on since June 13. Also my face has been dry and i've been seeing pimples or zits pop all over my body.