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1911791 tn?1322379916 In the following months after the effects faded they came back when I had motion sickness, if I was drunk, or if I was just sick, however the effects weren't as strong and after a while only the odd sense of touch came back. About four months after the effects faded they randomly came back for about five days that time I wasn't sick or drunk.
Avatar n tn When I sleep I ALWAYS have to sleep on my right side because when I sleep on my left side i always get pains in my chest, and if i would happen to fall asleep on my left side(after doing this a few times i realized laying this way was causing the pain so i never do that anymore) I would wake up with horrible pain in my arms, chest, stomach it felt like it was numb kind of but dull pain at the same time.
Avatar n tn The vision, jumpy eyes, puch drunk feeling, coordination problems, dizziness, ONLY seem to be really bad when either my neck gets very stiff and sore or especially when I get an extreme pain between my shoulder blades, almost like a large burning knot. I initially had the symptoms continuously for a period of 3-4 months but then the back pain eased off along with a reduction in the vision problems etc.
1080243 tn?1262978963 the lips numb face drops, letside numb andcant talk nor walk good,, drunk here too with whatever i have
1268921 tn?1288922656 arm is numb, random thoughts, and now my lips are going numb...It makes me laugh a bit to think that a few months ago I would've been freaked out, but right now I am just thinking "Here goes a Chiari episode"...5 months makes all the difference, doesn't it??
539156 tn?1281821956 and keep it going in Word. My mouth feels funny again today. Had a dream last night that my lips were completely numb!
695116 tn?1261014096 I'm always lightheaded, in a dream like state, tingly/numb face and lips, my neck hurts, my face turns red alot and it feels as If I'm not getting oxygen to my head, I'm having memory loss too, It feels as If I am drunk or something. I get fainting spells. It's scary! At first she thought it could be my carotid artery but she did not hear a bruit when she heard my artery with her stethoscope. My blood pressure and pulse is fine. I hear a swoosh swoosh sound when I lay down though.
Avatar m tn The fever continued and I randomly started feeling tired, usually when I would come home from outside and get warmed up. The feeling of being tired was really similar to having a high fever, with chills and lack of energy although my muscles were strong as ever and I was quite able to move them rapidly etc.
Avatar n tn (con'td from Message 1) However, Saturday morning at 5.30 am I started to notice the left side of my lips, along with L cheek, were numb & I had strange vision, almost as if I had been drinking (I hadn't). Waited a few hrs & then called paramedics (I was concerned I had had a TIA and/or stroke) who checked me over & everything seemed normal (motor skills, glucose normal, grip strength fine).
Avatar n tn My tongue feels like it is too big for my mouth and I feel like it is swelling up, and my lips feel numb too. I feel like my speech is slurred, but others say that they can't tell a difference, which reassures me a lot....I would still go to your doctor (if you haven't already) and get all checked out just in case, but it sounds very similar to what I experience when I have a panic attack, as well as right before the attack happens.
Avatar n tn However, after the birth of my first child in 1991, I too have developed a severe reaction to alcohol. Sometimes just touching a drink to my lips causes it. The reaction is an immediate flushing feeling, heaviness in the chest, palpitations, heaviness in the arms and head, stomach cramps and a general feeling of malaise. It almost feels as if I have a rapid decrease or increase in blood pressure.
Avatar n tn for days after and will come on again with that same feeling starting my neck up left side of my skull. at its worst my face feels numb and tingling and droopy. I feel drunk i cant even focus. If you found out what you have will you please foward what you found out.
Avatar n tn I don't know where to start, but here goes. I'm a 41 yo white female, healthy, no past history of problems (except recently diagnosed with bilateral disc herniation at L5/S1). Smoker (25+ a day). I work from home as a medical transcriptionist. Firstly (and I don't know if this is related) I've had strange symptoms with my tongue for a few weeks - firstly like food tasted 'off' and secondly almost as if my tongue was slightly numb + tingling in fingers (very slight at 1st).
Avatar m tn I was also tested for chlymidia, HSV 1, HSV 2, HIV, gonorhea, syphylis -- all the usual suspects. I came back barely positive for HSV1 (as in 1.10 when the cut-off was 1.09 units). Negative for everything else. I had two courses of Valtrex, with no change in symptoms. I have since been tested for HSV about 3 more times -- all negative, and I never had any lesions. The symptoms seemed to change over about the first 30 days since presumed exposure.
Avatar n tn my lips swell and my nose gets numb 2-3 days after i have ingested alcohol could this be an allergy that is delayed
Avatar n tn Is it tough to get HSV2 on the tonsils only - didnt have any sores on my mouth, lips or tongue or inside of my cheeks. Thank you.
Avatar m tn I had a weird episode driving home from the hospital where my hands lips and abdomen went numb my hands went stiff in a weird claw like appearance and I could not speak correctly like I was drunk. I could not remember my ABC's past the letter P and repeated the ABC song the entire way home. I was scared to death. I also experienced severe spinal headaches for 10 days after the spinal tap.
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Avatar n tn I just had a left thalamus stroke on July 10, 2012 with tingling/numbness in right fingers, right cheek, and a numb feeling in bottom of ball of my right foot when I walk/ my writing is not the best yet. I tried doing 5 pound weight lifting plus other band exercises but found when I upped the reps to 10, it created an uneasy feeling in my chest and elevated my blood pressure.
Avatar f tn Cramps and stiffness - feet, calves, back thighs, shoulders (esp left shoulder where strap of handbag goes) Twitches/jerks - like when you are about to fall asleep – affect any part of body inc. face. I bit my inside lip earlier this week when I had one. Lips – if press lips together as if to put on lipstick or lipsalve when they relax again they twitch. Jelly-like legs (intermittent) – when I get this my legs feel really wobbly as if they are going to collapse beneath me.
660300 tn?1224793961 I noticed something different after 3 days, when my tongue and gums were still numb.. Called the oral surgeon, was told that I had "signed the waiver" and the feeling should come back... well here I am, almost a year later, an MRI done, to find out that severe nerve damage was done when they took out my right wisdom tooth. I was awake for the entire procedure, I know there were things that could have been done differently. It is a very difficlut thing to deal with...
Avatar n tn Back in 2011 or 2012, the left side of my face went numb. It felt like a buzzing battery inside, but I couldn't feel my face when I touched it. It really freaked me out. Ended up getting my arteries/veins tested in my neck--all clear. A bit later, it wasn't just my face, but spread down my neck to the left side of my chest. So, I was referred to a neurologist. At that appointment, I learned I couldn't heel-toe walk anymore and she asked if I was drunk and said I had trigeminal neuralgia.
Avatar n tn I have Factor V Leiden Defiency as well, hetero, coming from only my father. I have a history of migraines, maybe one or two a year. In aug I was watching TV and my vision in my left eye went out. I was seeing only double, it lasted so long, I just went to bed, thinking my eyes were tired. The next morning, I woke up with the left part of my tongue and lips numb, left arm partly numb and feeling "drunk" is the best way to describe it.
Avatar m tn Sorry again. I forgot to mention a hard pea sized lump on the roof of my mouth.
Avatar n tn The next time it happened was when I had all you can eat sushi (one of which had shrimp) and then last week at a sea food place when I ordered a pound of a shrimp. My lips began to feel numb and i felt dizzy as if i was drunk. (Benedryl to the rescue... i must be allergic to iodine and it's components which are found in some shellfish and sea food products!) I'm also never ever going to take bactrim again either i hate that thing!!!
Avatar f tn Hello. I am new to here, but I need some ideas on what is going on with me, because I am getting very frustrated. I am a 36 yr old. female and for the most part, have been pretty much healthy. Now, I have got so many symptoms going on that we don't know what they fit. My 1st issue started about 2 yrs ago with me noticing the top portion of my RT foot having lost sensation, which has spread to about covering 1/4 of my foot.
881205 tn?1240492106 Actually the vision symptoms have been lasting for about 6 months now. When i look at straight lines...blinds...door frames...they look like they are slightly vibrating or shimmering. Like heat coming off of a hot road. Anyway, I have had an MRI and had many vision tests and I have 20/20 vision and have checked out fine. He said my optic nerves looked a tad bit swollen, but nothing major. I also see a therapist and have been diagnosed with having a minor anxiety problem.
Avatar m tn I had protected sex with an African SW 104 days ago. Started to worry about HIV the next day when I saw a cut on my shaft(most likely from her giving oral and cutting with her teeth). About 8 days later I felt some inflammation in my forearms and hands and in my joints, low grade fever, night sweats, nausea, dry mouth and tongue and a general over cruddy feeling. It lasted for a little over a couple of weeks.
Avatar m tn I 'm living an hell for making a mistake on September 2015.. It only was 5 minutes of numb joy for months and months of pure terror and despair.. I had a high risk exposure after a binge drinking with a girl I know. It was vaginal and she is a drug addicted and a promiscuous girl who has a lot of unsafe sex and risky practices( she let her partners to come in her ***, swallows cum, etc.) She also had a bf who did IV drugs..
Avatar n tn my teeth seem like they might be coming around but the numbness of the lip behind them makes the sensation odd and indiscernible somehow. the numb lips feel like when you burn your lip or tongue and have a vague amount of sensory left but it is altered. and strangely, when eating, the numbness appears to be worse. occasionally lately the tingling is accented by a pins and needles feeling more like a pin is being stuck somewhere. i take that as a hopeful sign.