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339111 tn?1246470341 Hello everyone, I was just sitting there about 5 mins ago and my lips went numb. I'v been feeling very bad for the past few weeks and my doctor wants to check my thyroid. Is this another symptom of it? Its only happend twice but it freaks me out when it does. It lasts about 5 seconds.
1142155 tn?1261770432 Angie1960, I constantly have the sensation of electrical shocks running over my lips and around my mouth, so you are not alone. My lips will go numb. At first, I thought I was having a stroke, but as it went on for hours, without any sign that my heart rate had gone up or any other sign that I might be having a stroke, I realized it was just another symptom of the MonSter run amuck.
1535628 tn?1310113390 The surface skin on the lower part of my face is numb. cheeks, nose, chin, lips.
Avatar n tn lips and tongue are numb and tingly on the right side like they're waking up from a shot of novacane. My mom is been having this symptom for at least a week now and she wants to know what can cause this symptoms.She's only fifty years old and never had this problem before.She went to the doctor and he said it could be the beggining of facial paralysis. Could it be something else?
Avatar f tn has anyone had tingling around the mouth, inside the bottom lips, it feels numb and as though i am drooling (dont think i am though) Its like having an injection at the dentist thats just wearing off, feels weird numb and a little bit sore jean
Avatar m tn I am a 24 year old male and yesterday I woke up with my lip being semi numb and by that i mean i can tell its numb but i still have alittle feeling. I woke up this morning and it was still like this and it does not feel swollen. I am not sure what is causing it.
Avatar n tn Hello. I am a 40-year-old female. I woke about 10 days ago with numb lips. They were gone the next day but came back a few days later and have been near constant for about six days. The numbness moves around in my lips and also it moves around to various parts of my face. In my face, it's not full-on numbness, but more a stiff feeling, which comes and goes. It extends to the ears, the forehead, and to the chin.
980510 tn?1282014546 So last week at PT- the guy pressed his fingers into my cervical (neck) spine and upper back- within hours of leaving PT my nose went numb was the weirdest thing ever- so today i go back to PT (thinking he did it,so he might know) and he said nothing he done should have hurt me in that way and the numb nose is just weird...
Avatar n tn every once in a while, either my bottom lip or upper lip swells up on one side. It starts feeling tingly....then swells....then is kinda numb.....then starts to go down....sometimes lasting 5 to 6 hours..... Has anyone heard of anything like it?
Avatar n tn Skyhag, yes I do get the numbness thing on the tip of my tongue, and occasionally on my lips, I definitely have that symptom. Also, I do get the twitching of my lips, and I do know what you mean by the teeth chattering thing, even though it's mild, it is there sometimes, and I have experienced that feeling exactly as you describe. In fact, I had that a bit last night at the sleep study, and I thought it might be due to nerves. The sleep study didn't go too well.
Avatar f tn Hi all, I don't know why, but everytime I get a new strange symptom I feel the urge to share it with everyone on the forum. I guess I have gotten used to leaning on you guys, and it makes me feel better. As you all know, I have been having sensitivities to temperature change for some time now, but this symptom is new.
1396846 tn?1332463110 My ear is still numb and now hand is not numb it is just tingly. Red, My first symptom was vertigo, then numbness in my leg then it all went downhill from there, and YES I hate this kind of numbness. I am waiting for one day to see the entire side of my face go numb, then maybe my doc will give me the DMD's and stop waiting for more fricken lesion's.
Avatar f tn In the morning (4 - 5 am) while still in bed I am woken up by the feeling that my heart is racing and often my lips are numb. I also have muscle twitches which I attribute to having hyperparathyroidism secondary to low vit D. Trying to fix that by taking 2000iu D3. I am scared to spring one more symptom on my doctor who already doesn't know what to do about me. Is this dangerous? Am I overreacting?
956292 tn?1334058469 I always experienced my numbness and tingling on left side with the exception of my right thumb going numb for about 10 mins and then coming back but left feeling partially numb since...that was a while ago, months..Last night while watching TV my right thumb went numb again and my right hand got tingly and almost felt like it was pulsating, this lasted a half hour then went my right hand is feeling numbness and tingling.
Avatar n tn I just read the comment about NIACIN. I have the lip/toungue/facial swellings that happen when you least want them too. The allergy tests say "dust mites" which is like saying "air". because they are everywhere and how do you prevent them (i have all of the dust mite protectors for bedding). Everything that was described above, the symptoms, embarrassment, and trying to explain the condition to anyone that has never heard of it, is ever so frustrating..
Avatar n tn I bought some monistat 7 today. I showered and used it, but after using it my vagina lips swelled up and that has never happened before from using yeist infection cream. Its happened after rough sexs which is normal.But, do you have any idea why my lips swelled after using the infection cream? Is it supposed to burn and itch as well?
Avatar n tn Treatment of Fordyce spots includes CO2 laser or electro desiccation, TCA chemical peels(temporary treatment),diathermy or laser vaporization. For your dry lips, avoid licking the lips as saliva evaporates quickly resulting in them being drier than before. Drink plenty of water and take multivitamin supplements(esp vit B) and do not apply lipstick or other cosmetic products for some days. Use a humidifier to moisturize the air in your home and apply shea butter or Vaseline on your lips.
Avatar f tn Similiar thing happened to me awhile back. Started with my lips going numb then was the left side of my face. I went to the ER and they all freaked ruling out a stroke, so maybe you should go check it out!! Better to be safe than sorry. BTW it wasnt a stroke, they had no clue!
1911791 tn?1322379916 and today I'm finally putting away all my stuff cause I am numb and it makes me more numb. And I keep feeling like I have a piece of hair in my clothes and I can never seem to find the culprit or relive the itch. I can't even feel the sensation of stretching my arms and legs...but I know I'm stretching them. It's the weirdest thing and I honestly feel like it might have started with the weed. But it really picked up when I got put on depression meds...which I ditched immediately.
Avatar f tn I too felt some sort of relief that only I knew that I had a numb chin and lips. The tingling does seem to indicate that the nerve is tryng to knit together again as I have definitely felt an improvement over the past few days so feel fairly optimistic that it will correct itself almost entirely. I have tried gently massaging my chin when I shower and although it may not be much help it feels as if I am doing something to improve things!
Avatar f tn 2/3 mins after my heart rate has calmed a little the fingers on my right hand tingle and go numb as do my lips! Worst of all I cant talk properly and its not because of the tingly lips, I cant form proper words and have to talk so slowly I feel like I'm talking to a 2 year old child! Sometimes I end up vomitting other times I just need to lay down and sleep in a dark room. Can anyone offer any help?
Avatar m tn I have been having numbness in my left palm, left part of my lips, left side cheek, and in my left hand fingertips. It is not constant, it comes and goes when it likes. It is never all at the same time. today it is my left pinky and ring finger. The other day it was the left side of my lips and my palm. I also get dizzy on occasion, and sometimes see little stars. I have a panic disorder, when I tell doctors this they think the panic disorder sets off the numbness.
Avatar m tn I don't know if these things are connected, but I have noticeable muscle spasms in my legs, less so in my arms and occasional desensitisation in my fingers and toes. My lips become numb, and my whole body aches! It feels like a bad case of influenza I have had my throat and tonsils checked by a specialist and they are normal. I have also worn an oxygen saturation monitor overnight with the results coming back from the doctor stating that my levels show no signs of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.
Avatar m tn My main symptoms right now are - 1) weird sensations in my face (both sides) but mostly on the right side from the corner or my right eye down to the corner of my lips on the right side. Feels like somthing crawling under my skin. 2) pins and needles and prickly feelings - these come and go and can be anywhere. One moment it is on my scalp, then in my fingers, then in my face next to my legs or where ever. It also makes me itch.
Avatar m tn It comes in bursts for a few days. I have moments when the area above and below my lips and my lips go sort of numb and I feel light headed and a bit nauseous. I have been struggling with chronic fatigue for 8 years but this is a new symptom. I typically have low blood pressure but have always had that without these symptoms.. I am currently on euyhyrox for low thyroid.. I have also just discovered I am pregnant (4 weeks) yet have had this issue before. Pls assist. Thanks so much!
645390 tn?1338558977 1st of all, I have been fighting with all these bizarre things since the end of September, have had a couple of better days mixed in , but not much. Bizarre= optic neuritis, numb/tingling arm, hand parts of face, lips, HORRIBLE calf and foot cramps all day and night, very painful, dizziness and very lightheaded. Now I am STUPID. Is this part of the whole thing or early dementia? I just turned 41 and it is like I am on some sort of a drug at times.
408312 tn?1202062473 Originally I was misdiagnosed as having cold sores, which meant about three weeks of having top and bottom lips covered in super dry, blister crusted lips and me not putting any chapstick on my poor lips and taking antivirals. Finally I went to a dermatologist who told me I definitely did not have cold sores. Got diagnosed as having perioral dermatitis because by this point I had a full on rash/pimples around my mouth and chin area as well as my lips.
Avatar n tn But after about a month, i noticed the symptom increased! so, now i stopped taking the homeopathic madicine. I am really frustrated. I am going to another regular doctor in a few days for another check up. I did notice from the other postings that we are all using the Crest Prohealth toothpaste. But my sympton has been there even before using the crest prohealth tooth paste. But it starts about an hour after brushing. anyone else has any other thoughts or ideas?
Avatar n tn Hi Mallory, I get a similar feeling around my lips and sometimes the left upper lip will twitch. This symptom usually flares with my numb/tingly left side of my face and lasts a few days. It can make you crazy. I also have not been diagnosed. Am still waiting to see the neurologist after my MRI showed hypersensitivities in the white matter that are "not typical of MS". I have found this forum very helpful. My suggestion for you is to keep track of your symptoms and dates.
Avatar f tn I've been extremely stressed out lately and have noticed what I believe to be a new symptom of my anxiety. Does anyone else ever get a numb/tingly feeling in legs, arms, chest and around mouth? I've never had this before, but from what I have read, it could be a symptom of anxiety? It is amazing how the minute I start stressing about something, my body feels that way.