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Avatar f tn Now, for the past few days I have numbness in the left side of my lips and sometimes left side of my tongue, it is worse some hours and better some other hours but it is gradually getting worse. Is it related to my diagnosis and if it is, what kind of pituitary adenoma might cause lip numbness? I will do another MRI next week, but my Dr usually doesnt explain much to me, would appreciate your recommendation.
935493 tn?1248800464 Hi Thanks for writing to the forum! Wisdom tooth, trigeminal neuralgia, Bell’s palsy, and compression of C2 nerve root of cervical nerves can cause one side or ipsilateral numbness of face. I think you should discuss these possibilities with your doctor. It is difficult to comment beyond this without examining. A comprehensive investigation is required keeping all the points in mind. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar m tn There was one week when I kept biting the same place on my lip. It would have hurt more if it weren't numb! Yeah, numb lips suck. When my lips are numb, not only do I have trouble talking without slurring, but I also drool! And when I take a drink, water runs out that side of my mouth.
Avatar n tn Recently I had an experience where the left side of my face went numb. It felt like someone shot me with novicane. Then about a half a dozen times my lip swelled up to about 5 times it size. Now sitting here typeing my chin is completly numb, with a dull ache. Please help! This seems more then just alergies to me! I am going to see an alergest on monday, but my gut is telling me that this is something more!
1142155 tn?1261770432 My left side causes problems--the point of my left shoulder ALWAYS feels bruised and tender and I cannot lie on it, more spasms in my left side than my right, and less feeling on the left side of my face than the right. Plus the left eye won't track the right eye very well anymore. But like you, my right side is my weakest side. I can no longer balance on my right foot. I'll fall over. The pain in my right hip is intolerable.
Avatar m tn I think it has something to do with tensing up the muscles on the left side. I dont really get it on the right side. So of course I always think its some kind of blockage but it really likely is not.
Avatar n tn I had taken a nap and woke up with all of my teeth hurting. Sunday, my top and bottom lip on the left side was numb and I had a nervous twitch in my left cheek near my bottom lip. I called the doctor Monday morning and called the dentist. The dentist wanted to see me immediately. She said that it was TMJ and gave me a prescription for a steroid and codeine to help me sleep. She fit me for a mouth guard.
Avatar n tn tingle in gums, inside lips, numb left side of lips, red raw looking line inside lips on top and bottom. left eye blury lips swell, face swell This happened to me. Then a week later, to my husband. Then a few days later it is beginning to happen to my son. Each of us have experienced similar, yet different. My husbands eye hurt, blurred, turned very red. I took Benadryl once I started swelling. I gave my husband Benadryl once his eye started hurting and lips started feeling weird.
492575 tn?1210796585 This went on for about a month, then a few days ago I felt something like a cold chill going up the left side of my face and a few minutes later the left side of my face went numb. It went away for about an hour and when it came back my lips and throat went numb also. I had an MRI done and it came back negative, I went to the ER and the doctor said since the MRI came back negative that basically the only answer was that my anxiety problem was causing it along with my blood pressure.
Avatar f tn Hi, I performed oral sex on my girlfriend. After my lips and tongue were numb. I could swear I tasted something very different in 5 years. Recently I have been suspicious of her cheating on me. Before I say something like, "my mouth was numb and only spermicide would do that" I want to make sure it couldn't be something else. Is there any way something else could have caused all of this.
Avatar f tn With good reason - when the left side of my mouth was numb, I kept having problems with that side closing properly. I think the worst part was that I kept biting that part of my lip, because I couldn't feel whether it was between my teeth or not.
Avatar m tn I have been having numbness in my left palm, left part of my lips, left side cheek, and in my left hand fingertips. It is not constant, it comes and goes when it likes. It is never all at the same time. today it is my left pinky and ring finger. The other day it was the left side of my lips and my palm. I also get dizzy on occasion, and sometimes see little stars. I have a panic disorder, when I tell doctors this they think the panic disorder sets off the numbness.
237053 tn?1258832026 I regularly get some loss of sensation and/or tingling/burning in my face, but do not go totally numb. I get it on both sides but worse on the left. There is a patch under my left eye that I can trace out that acts up the most. I also get weird sensations on my tongue, lips, and scalp. Tingling in my cheeks was one of my first symptoms. It did not cause me to go to the doctor, but was certainly weird and disturbing.
Avatar n tn Hey everybody, I got the same stuff on my lips as everyone of you mentioned above. Actually, it got even worse, it spread out on bottom of my nose, and lately I got blisters on top of my hand. I went to the doctor and she said: "POISON IVY". I told her that I wasn't doing anything outdoor before the bumps pop up. She said that could take 2-3 weeks to develop. I wasn't sure that she was right, but I remembered couple weeks ago I did remove some crawling plant off of my house.
Avatar n tn I recently have experienced the same symptoms of the weeping, yellow crust on lips. It started with cracked, chapped lips, and applied Blistex to help heal my lips. Only my lips did not heal. They started appearing swollen, with reddness on inner lips, yellow crust on tops of lips, no pain but about as uncomfortable as a badly chapped lip. On the 4th day I went to go see a doctor; he diagnosed me with a condtion called Impetigo which is a bacterial infection that is very contagious.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing numbness, tingling, picky feelings in my face. It always starts on the left side spreads to my lips, then goes up the face, over to the right side, then up across my head. I have been under an extreme amount of stress. I have had a MRI of my head and c-spine. Only showed a bulging disc in my c-spine (not exactly sure where). I have explained this feeling to my rheum, a neurologist, and internal med Dr..
Avatar f tn The numbness is all the time, it started out where my teeth felt like they didn't belong to me but then it remained on my nose and upper lip on the right side. Nothing at all on the left. I guess I need to be patient and wait it out.... I hate to be a patient, LOL or be patient (you know what I mean) ha ha. Can't wait til it goes away, such a weird feeling!!
1287190 tn?1271968950 MRI's show multiple leasions on the right side of the brain and 1 larger one on the left. All of my symptoms are on the left side of my body. The sensations always begin with my foot and work their way up to the knee, the lower left arm and part of the hand, left shoulder, left side of the scalp, and left side of my lips, nose and a little bit of my cheek.
Avatar m tn Now the pain is gone and now I feel sensation on my left lips. I can feel it and I can see it in the mirror as well. Initially it was something like once every 1 hour, now it is there every 15 min or so. I tried to ignore it but now i can't. Please advise. Can this be anything serious??
634724 tn?1222808753 Well the results from my MRI re just as I though,inconclusive small white spots that he said everybody has for so many different reasons but doesn't think they are the cause of my symptoms, the Numbness is worse and so is the burning on the inside of my mouth and lips, the numbing is now from just above my left ear on the temple across under the left eye to include the left side of my nose down to the left side of my cheek and chin, does not include the forehead, my mouth burns so much at times
Avatar n tn For the last 5 days, I have had pain in the upper left side of my chest, numbness in the left arm, wrist and hand. I am also light-headed occasionally, have shortness of breath and dryness of the mouth. These symptoms occur mostly in th AM. Medical personnel suggust neuropathy-have not been examined for this ,yet, but did go to th ER to rule out heart attack and stroke, through diagonostic testing. What procedure to follow? Medication for pain and/or discomfort?
Avatar n tn I took a nap today for two hours and when I woke my bottom lip was numb on the left half. From the corner of the mouth to the center. My tongue felt a little swollen on that side, but not really numb. This is the first time it's happened to me. My psychiatrist put me on Remeron, 15mg, which I started 11/16.
Avatar n tn about 1 1/2 yrs ago my entire left side, including my face went partially numb, its was like the left side of my body was tingling and heavy. I have had numbness in my arm or leg from back problems but one or the other not the entire left side before. I started having chest pains and shortness of breath. extremely fluctuating blood pressure, going so low I would pass out. I have always been active, I have a teenager who is in sports and we are always going somewhere.
Avatar n tn upper shoulder muscle and a pressure feeling in the throat - all only on the left side. Sometimes this tingling feels almost like it is burning. This is accompanied with a painful sometimes stabbing headache. The numbness makes the left side of my face feel heavy, droopy, but it is not actually physically so. Many times I notice that I stretch my neck to the right trying to relieve the "tension", and stretch my jaw also to reduce tightness in the joint on the left.
1396846 tn?1332463110 Jemm, While I'm not positive I believe that with a stroke it effect the entire side of the body, or at least a larger portion or effects more functions. E.G slurred words and numb face. I have had my entire left side of my face go numb and it is the weirdest feeling ( sounds funny talking about feeling and numbness in same breath). At other times it is the top ( forehead) that goes numb, like right now. But I sure prefer the numbness to the TN any day.
Avatar n tn Over 30 days ago I took a nap on a normal day and woke up with numbness on my left side it felt as tho my arm and legs, feet on left side had gone to sleep however they never woke up. I tried to sleep it off that night but decided to go to the er the following am..they admitted me for fear that i had had a stroke and kept me for about 5 days. Mt neurologist stated that i had a million dollar work up..they did mri's,ct's,spinal tap and loottsss of blood work and they all came back fine.
Avatar m tn Have lingual nerve damage and right side of tongue is numb, burning/ 13 given Tergretol today. Dentist said could help with burning but have to get levels right, have blood test, keep going in to be monitored re: levels and it has some nasty side effects,,,suicidal ideation and being sleepy which is out of the question with me at work. I don't sleep we'll but will get sleep tabs if need be over these side effects. So is it worth it taking this ?
Avatar f tn Feels like the novacaine used by dentists. Its always a specic region of the lip, usually the right or left side. Either upper or lower lip. There is no itching, burning, or pus in the area. Only swollen lip that is numb. I have now notices the lower side of my face getting swollen accomponied with the side of of lip. I wake up around 4am and I can tell that my lip has started to swell from it being numb and by morning its completly swollen and numb.
Avatar f tn About 5 months ago I suddenly had severe headaches on my left side and constant, severe pain in my teeth (upper and lower-never consistent and only upper or lower at one time). My dentist ruled out dental causes. I took ibuprofen and Tylenol every four hours for a few weeks and then the pain just tapered off. A few weeks later, I got a chest cold that turned to a head cold and the head/teeth symptoms returned with the addition on face pain, also on the left side.